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BancPlus – Functional Architecture Features Brindley Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company Confidential 1 Brindley Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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1 BancPlus – Functional Architecture Features Brindley Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company Confidential 1 Brindley Technologies Pvt. Ltd © 2012-2015

2 BANCPLUS ® Brindley Technologies Core Banking Products & IT Services Features

3 Brindley Technologies is one of the emerging software and hardware banking solution house. Also they are part of the iSPIRIT product consortium. It has developed a well known software well known as “Bancplus” for all the banking services for Medium, Small & Cooperative units. Its world head quarter is in Mumbai, India with Sales offices in London, UK & Dubai, UAE. We have a state-of-the-art development center for BancPlus product in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It has adopted global quality assurance standards and ISO 9001:2008 and CMMi level 4 processes. BANCPLUS ® The Story

4 OUR VISION To build a solution not the product. OUR PHILOSOPHY –Technology Excellence –Flexible Architecture –Innovative Research –Result Oriented Approach OUR MISSION –To partner in growth with SMEs by providing low cast and highly advanced IT solutions. –To build long-lasting partnerships with our clients and their advisors, who value our personal services. BANCPLUS ® Operation Strategies

5 BANCPLUS ® BancPlus Products Market Reach

6 It is specially designed to undertake advisory consulting, analysis and strategic assignments, mostly for core banking systems and the vendors to that market. We recognize the value of the daily routine of collecting, analyzing, reviewing, and understanding all the data from and about the global banking technology market and reveal actionable intelligence. It’s unmatched security features also make it stand tall among its competitors BANCPLUS ®

7 To generate payrolls for the employees. It provides anytime, anywhere banking service i.e. Mobile banking Services. It provides immense help to SMEs, as before funding to their customers they can fully verify their customer’s financial records. It provides an innovative service E- Doctor i.e. provides you initial medical advice as your own family doctor a door step away. Continue… BANCPLUS ®

8 Simplified Vision for greater transparency Enhanced customer satisfaction Access to latest technology Increased process efficiencies Minimized capital outlay Decreased time to market BANCPLUS ® Why BancPlus?

9 Core Features Interoperability User Friendly Secure Incremental Build Model Time Boxed Real time based BANCPLUS BANCPLUS ®

10 Core banking It is business conducted by a banking institution with its retail and small business customers. Centralize operations and transaction information, automate core processes. Provide clients with real-time, efficient customer service and a variety of interactive, integrated Web services. Support end-to-end business banking products. Simplify security management BANCPLUS ®

11 Pay Roll In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. BancPlus offers a great ease to follow the long and lengthy manual / semi manual processes for generating staff salaries and other payables. BANCPLUS ®

12 Advisor Connect There are many advisors/ agents for CCS or such same-business organizations. These agents have large number of customers under them, so to manage this bulk of customers Newline has provided a flexible, versatile service to agents. It provides information about: Customers’ accounts- overdue/ renewals/ maturity/ loans etc. Business-commission statements/direct or referral business etc. Performance analysis can be done of whole team. BANCPLUS ®

13 Customer Connect This is the service provided by Bancplus to customers, so that they can get involved in and interact with Business Continuity. BANCPLUS ®

14 Micro Financing The software deals with maintaining of information with regard to all members and their various account transactions with the MFI along with other attributes. It provides powerful tools; our customers need to succeed in the modern Micro Finance environment. Custom Built for Micro Finance Institutions. Incorporates various Micro Finance models Offers customized MIS as per the requirement of the Client. Fully Supported by a Strong After Sales Technical Support Team. BANCPLUS ®

15 Mobile banking We provide our customers with a convenient, secure, anytime anywhere banking service i.e. Mobile Banking. Services such as: Funds transfer (within and outside the bank) Interbank Mobile Payment Services Enquiry services (Balance enquiry/ Mini statement) Cheque book request Bill Payment (Utility bills, credit cards, Insurance premium), Donations. Mobile Top up M Commerce BANCPLUS ®

16 Risk Management A very vital and useful solution provided by Bancplus i.e. risk management. The services monitors, identifies, and manages the risks that an organization faces and improves overall cash flow-with specialized management services. It help clients to calibrate a comprehensive range of risks i.e. o credit risk o price and market risk o exchange and liquidity risk o operational risk o strategic risk. BANCPLUS ®

17 It offers a broad range of research, strategy and analytics. Using a consultative approach, it provides customized insights and prudent solutions to reduce credit giving risk. It provides a framework, which typically involves identifying particular events or circumstances relevant to the customers objectives determining a response strategy, and monitoring progress. It offers a very innovative service i.e. credit information sharing through which lenders have the information about their customer’s bank records. Risk Management BANCPLUS ® Continue…

18 Innovations Customization Interest rate flexibility Flexible Customization Agent Entry Scroll Collection Center flexibility Officer Portability Proactive services ATM Interface SMS Interface Plug & play BANCPLUS ®

19 Banc Plus Core banking Operations Pay Roll & e-TDS Risk Management Agent Connect Customer Connect Services BANCPLUS ®

20 SERVICES WEB DESIGN Inclusion of compelling graphics optimized for visitor responsiveness and brand recognition. Home page design that quickly engages the visitor WEB DEVELOPMENT It enables website functionality, as per the customer’s requirements. It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup.. CUSTOMER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Customer e-business & e-commerce solutions Customer Relationship Management Solutions Supply Chain Management solutions Web Portal Solutions SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING It create online public interaction platforms to market a product or service. It has increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service.. BANCPLUS ®

21 Differentiators Optimum integrated outsourcing seeks to deliver much more than just cost Savings Enhanced customer satisfaction Access to latest technolog y Increased process efficienci es Minimize d capital outlay Decreased time to market BANCPLUS ®



24 Real Time system & Remote Operability Application Server Back up Server Access: Office, Home, Mobile Phone (VPN protection) INTERNET/ VPN Branches First time activation Key is generated Production environnent Head Office BANCPLUS ®

25 Functional Design Architecture Create/ Maintain Products Create /Verify Transactions View/ Analyze Reports Utility Module TD Closure Interfaces TD Renewal ATM Handheld SMS Bulk Entry Interest Application Deposits Term Deposit Share Transfer Create/ maintain Ledger Office Use Agent Scroll Loan Disbursement SI Execution Utility Scroll Dividends System console Daily Reports Alerts Agent Reports Branch MIS Loans-Interest SlabsPre-Maturity SlabTD Interest Slab Agent Commission Agent promotion Day open/close Branch Authorization Balance Sheet Design Charges Slabs Reconciliation S I Design User maintenance System Parameters General ParametersNPA management Branch Merging Process Branch Parameters Maintenance Year End Activity Business promotional Activities Loan Application Share Application Sanction Employee Maintenance User Permissions Loans & Advances Provisional Interest Calc Create/ maintain Ledger Customer Statutory Reports Employee Transfers Salary Scheme Employee salary generations Statutory Reports Income & Expenditure Sundry Debtors & Creditors Fixed Assets Provisional Ledger etc. BANCPLUS ®

26 Segments MASTER MANAGEMENT It caters all the necessary information about the customers for opening of accounts and many more. TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT This is useful to maintain transaction or voucher entry at various levels. REPORT MANAGEMENT This section is valuable for Total Report Management i.e. Viewing, Archiving, Distributing and Printing of Reports. BANCPLUS ®

27 Master Management This section is set up to create various schemes like Interest schemes, Loan Schemes etc. It is used for creating users and defining their working permissions and roles. BANCPLUS ®

28 Customer Management Interest Rate Management NPA management Advisor management Master Management Balance Sheet Customization Membership Maintenance Security Stock BANCPLUS ®

29 Transaction Management Transaction Management is the important section in which all the voucher entry goes through two level verification process for authenticity before being effected in relevant account ledger. BANCPLUS ®

30 Entry Scroll Inter Branch Scroll Account ledger Remittance Admin Utilities Transaction Management Reconciliation Registers BANCPLUS ®

31 Report Management Report Management segment is highly customized and user friendly. This is very flexible system which is capable to retrieve all the reports. BANCPLUS ®

32 Alerts Daily Reports Agent ReportsMIS Error Check Reports Miscellaneous Reports Report Management BANCPLUS ®

33 Know more about our banking product at: Know more about our Financial Services solutions at:

34 Next Step

35 Thank You Brindley Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Brindley Technologies Pvt. Ltd © 2012-2013 Company Confidential

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