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Unify Your Teams. Agenda Introduction BT INS Market Drivers for Unified Communications Unified Communications Delivers Unified Communications in Action.

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1 Unify Your Teams

2 Agenda Introduction BT INS Market Drivers for Unified Communications Unified Communications Delivers Unified Communications in Action Roadmap to the Solution Next Steps 2

3 BT profile More than 30,000 people based in 50 countries delivering services in over 170 countries Over 10,000 customers - including 20 of the Top 50 Fortune 500 Recent acquisitions add to BT’s capabilities: International Network Services (INS), Counterpane, Radianz, Infonet, i2i Enterprise Solutions in Convergence, Security, Mobility, Collaboration, Next Generation Contact Centre and IT Transformation Presence in Americas since 1988. Currently 4000 professionals –$1.2B revenue from US corporations with 50% Revenue growth in the Americas reported year-end 31 March 2006. –Network Operations and Customer Service Centers in Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Los Angeles CA, Princeton NJ, Oakdale MN and Nutley NJ A global leader in the digital networked economy

4 87% of workers work outside their headquarters building Globalization Increased Mobility 78% of CEOs say their companies are going global to find new customers Changing Workforce Talent shortages, ageism, and culture clash among them will force employers to rethink acquiring and managing talent. CXO Impact 24% Global region companies expecting senior management would receive significant benefits form UC Sources : Aberdeen Group, BCR, Forrester, Gartner, Sage Research, Intellicom & MSFT Communications In Today’s Workplace Environment: Chaotic, Cost-conscious, fragmented, and demanding Tag! ~60% of enterprise phone calls go to voicemail, driving additional phone calls, emails, IM, etc….. Process Inefficiencies 93% organizations missed deadlines resulting in loss revenue to competitors Customer Facing Impact 43% of Global region firms expect biggest impact on sales & cust. service personnel Communication Chaos Average information worker gets >50 messages/day in up to 7 different places

5 What is Microsoft’s Vision For Unified Communications Increased productivity through communications convergence Instant Messaging Application Integration Team Workspaces Identity & Presence Across Networks Across Devices E-Mail Calendaring Conferencing VoIP Served Users Served Users Under Served Users Under Served Users Un- Served Users Un- Served Users

6 Examples of UC&C In Action Cross-firewall workspaces to share information with customers Mobile access to workspaces and corporate data Portal w/ Wiki’s, Blogs to capture and share ideas Search for knowledge experts Version control of whitepapers, publications Workflow and forms to standardize deal flow cycle Multi-modal communiqués via common user experience Back / Middle Office Clientservice/support Research Bid Process CustomerAcquisition TransactionProcessing Rich collaborations tools across the enterprise Line of Business Application integration Compliance

7 Maturity Model for Supporting UCC Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization Unified Communications Collaboration Business Intelligence Enterprise Search Enterprise Content Mgmt Business Productivity Infrastructure BasicAdvancedRationalizedDynamic Cost Center Efficient Cost Center Business Enabler Strategic Asset

8 8

9 The Business Issues: Collaboration Collaboration within the enterprise Speeds innovations, makes best use of (expensive) human resources Collaboration outside the enterprise Support dynamic supply chains, effective customer engagement Collaboration between systems Essential to enable collaboration inside and outside the business People Systems Organizations

10 UCC Journey Infrastructure Real-Time Communications Unified Messaging Telephony Integration Security and Management LOB Integration UCC Solution Assessment Unified Communications and Collaboration is determined by careful assessment of your business; delivered in a phased approach to maximize your assets. It is a customized solution based on your existing infrastructure and your unique business goals. People Systems Organizations

11 Tangible Benefits of UCC 11 Saves an average of __ minutes per employee, per day Enables staff to reach one another on the first try Presence Enabled Workforce Mobile workers save __ minutes per day with greater communications convenience Productivity gains of ___ days per year Productivity / Business Continuity Employee save __ minutes per day from more efficient message management Mobile workers save ___ minutes per day Unified Messaging ___% reduction in conferencing expenses (by making integrated conferencing capabilities available in-house and on-network) Average saving of $____ per month in travel costs Web Conferencing

12 UCC in Action Problem: An automotive engineer is working on a brake system for a prototype vehicle. Solution: UCC enables the engineer to collaborate with the lead engineer from the vendor of the outsourced part. Result: The solution to the issue is identified and put in motion immediately. Benefit: The automotive company reduces costs that result from product development delays.

13 DEMONSTRATION BT INS Unified Communications and Collaboration 13

14 UC Market Opportunity – 2010 Massive move from TDM to IP Approaching e-mail penetration and criticality Mobile workers demand productivity E-mail is mission critical On-premise conferencing compelling UM $750 $750 Voice Voice$21,700 Messaging$14,300 EIM $830 $830 Conferencing $7,800 $7,800 Total Available Market $45.4B

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