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Introduction and Welcome

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1 Introduction and Welcome
EBC Workshop Introduction and Welcome

2 Objectives of the day Report progress since the November workshop
Understand the EBC Solution Understand progress on other issues raised Outline BT’s plans Next steps

3 Agenda 10.00 Arrive & Coffee 10.30 Welcome
10.35 EBC Solution - Routing Plan Database 11.20 EBC Solution - New Files 12.05 Break 12.20 EBC Solution & NTS 12.50 EBC related activities 13.30 Summary & Close 13.45 Lunch

4 EBC Solution – Routing Plan Database
EBC Workshop EBC Solution – Routing Plan Database

5 EBC Solution – Changes to Routing Plans
The Contract Prov Manual “Forms” required for the exchange of information Appendix 24 shows the Routing Plans

6 EBC Solution – What we do now with Routing Plans
Routing of traffic to the POC Agreed with the TAM Data Management Amendment

7 EBC Solution – Routing Plan manual activities
Not everyone is skilled in using spreadsheets A consistent format is not always used Human errors Incorrect information Ambiguous Dates are not shown

8 EBC Solution – What do we need ?
We need a system with…… A uniform presentation and feel Ease of use Accessibility Validation of information DMA dates

9 EBC Solution – Routing Plan Database (RPD) System

10 EBC Solution – Routing Plan Database (RPD) System
Benefits Improved production and change control Storage on a centralised date-stamped database Replace spreadsheets for Ingress Routing Plans Web-based interface Opportunity to track changes Provide agreed Exit POC information to the EBC system

11 EBC Solution - Routing Plan Database (RPD) System - Interfaces
Intranet Operator TAM Fault Reception Read-Only Routing Plans DMA Reception BT Wholesale Portal Network Implementation Data Validation

12 EBC Solution - Routing Plan Database (RPD) System – Stages
Initiated Rework Submitted Data Validation Agreed Raised Implemented

13 EBC Solution - Routing Plan Database (RPD) System – Data entry
Look & Feel of the data entry will be similar to that of the existing spread sheets Drop down lists will be provided to simplify choices Validation will be provided where appropriate On-line help will be provided

14 EBC Solution - Routing Plan Database (RPD) System – Features
Routing Plan changes will be tracked Routing Plan information will be provided to BT Fault Reception to aid network problem investigation Automatic notification will be provided to the Operator and the TAM at key stage

15 EBC Solution - Routing Plan Database (RPD) System – Change
Change in the current Routing Plan process You will have to change how you submit Routing Plans BT will have to change how we process the Routing Plans Getting your Routing Plan requirements implemented on the BT network will be much improved Using the DMA date stamps will improve the alignment of charging dates for EBC

16 EBC Solution – New Files
EBC Workshop EBC Solution – New Files

17 EBC Solution – Routing Plans
Routing Plans and EBC Operator issues from previous workshops Ingress Points of Connection Direct Feed from Routing Plans Database System Relationship with BT PSTN Design Visibility for Operators Dates

18 EBC Solution – Operators’ Perspective
Alignment of agreed Routing Plans and EBC charges Charges that are more predictable Closer alignment of EBC and NIPP Clarity of how Number Ranges and Switches map to charges Operators optimise routing with BT based on EBC

19 EBC Solution – System Relationships

20 EBC Solution – System Relationships
Routing Plans (Agreed with Operator)

21 EBC Solution – System Relationships
Network Design (Policy) EBC Routing Plans (Agreed with Operator)

22 EBC Solution – System Relationships
NIPP (Current) EBC Network Design (Policy) Routing Plans (Agreed with Operator)

23 EBC Solution - BT PSTN Structure
Main Tandem Switch Types Other Services & Platforms Main Tandem Connectivity DSSC DMSU Stand alone 999 DMSU IN DISCs 192 ASU NGS Retained DMSU NGS (Hybrid or Big Bang Narrowband) Phased Unit NGS DMSU NGS (Hybrid or Full Connectivity Narrowband) Main Tandem DMSU DMSU DMSU Not all connections or services are shown in this diagram. Switching Layer Local Switching Layer inc Local Tandem Switches DLTE DLE Conc UXD5 WAT or DJSU DLE DLE Conc Conc

24 EBC Solution - Network Description & NIPP
BT’s Network Description provides: High Level description, including outline planned changes Operators access and download BT’s network description from: NIPP provides Greater detail of planned changes including detailed data files Details of traffic types that can be exchanged at different types of POI Registered users can access NIPP at

25 EBC Solution– Two New Files
Existing files will continue BT Wholesale will publish two additional files: A file showing switch to switch to EBC charge bands Used for planning where to connect Little variation between matrix builds A file showing EBC Charge Bands against valid number blocks Used for planning where to pass traffic Non-Retarded Number Ranges

26 File 1 – Planning Where to Connect to BT
From switch NNI, to switch NNI, EBC Charge Band Only valid combinations shown Contractually valid call routing Transit or Non-Transit

27 File 1 – Planning Connect to BT – Trunk
Ipswich Morganite (NGS) , ,521 , ,523 , ,523 , ,524 , ,529 , ,529 , ,525 , ,525 , ,521 , ,529 , ,529 , ,529 , ,525 , ,521 , ,523 , ,524 All SYSX DLEs and DLTEs All (non-paired) DMSUs All ASUs All NGSs All AXE10 DLEs and DLTEs

28 File 1 – Planning Connect to BT – DLE
Ipswich Unit B (DLE) Itself , ,520 , ,525 , ,524 , ,521 , ,521 , ,525 , ,525 , ,525 , ,521 , ,521 All (unpaired) DMSUs Directly connected WATs All NGSs

29 File 2 – Optimising Traffic Delivery to BT
NNI, number block, EBC Charge Band Valid combinations only How do you use this file? Match number block Find CB and NNI combination appropriate Valid for the existing EBC matrix

30 File 2 – Planning Traffic Delivery – DLE
, ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 , ,520 Ipswich Unit B (DLE) Unretarded BT number ranges hosted on DLE

31 File 2 – Planning Delivery – Trunk
Ipswich Morganite (NGS) Numbers on DLE , ,521 , ,521 , ,523 , ,523 , ,523 , ,523 , ,523 , ,523 , ,523 , ,524 , ,524 , ,524 , ,524 , ,524 , ,529 , ,528 Numbers on DLE Numbers on DLE Numbers on DLE Numbers on Other Networks

32 EBC Solution – EBC Modifications Summary
Routing Plans These show agreed routing arrangements DMAs These effectively tell BT to put Routing Plans into effect Dates These are needed for any system that is going to feed into billing EBC will be modified to use the dates built into Routing Plans and DMAs from Summer 2004

33 EBC Workshop EBC Solution & NTS

34 EBC Evolution and NTS: INCA/CLI proposal
BT’s proposal (included in the response to the Oftel NTS con doc) for per- call EBC charging of NTS traffic is based on EBC evolution principles: exit POCs used for charging will be identified from the routing plans.

35 NTS: using EBC Evolution
Two new “planning” files RPD to identify exit POCs Planning files used to determine where to collect NTS traffic at least cost, update routing plans Two new NTS charging files

36 INCA/CLI NTS and EBC Evolution, detail
This presentation deals solely with identification of EBC charge bands OLO-BT-OLO Transit, representation as currently, change to method of identifying exit POC. EBC charge band is cheapest connectivity path from entry POC to the agreed exit POC identified in the routing plans for that entry POC and the destination number range

37 INCA/CLI NTS: BT-OLO traffic
Two new EBC Files: Destination number, linking key Origin number, linking key, charge band The charge band represents the retention to be used when calculating the BT outpayment. If CLI in BT range, a BT-originated charge band will identified; exit POC used from routing plans If CLI is in a non-BT range a single “transit” charge band will be identified, corresponding to ONO retention.

38 BT-OLO NTS: TWIX verification
GenIUS will provide TNOs with data showing for incoming-to-BT NTS transit traffic, amongst other things: TNO NTS range Entry POC Time period Number of calls starting in this time period Number of minutes in this time period TNOs may use the entry POC and NTS range with the “normal” EBC matrix to verify the TWIX charged by BT.

39 NTS and timeliness of POC inclusion in EBC
The use of the Routing Plan System reduces EBC build time. Two new EBC files should reduce OLO EBC timescales. In order to reduce time lag for POC changes to be reflected in charging data BT proposes a monthly EBC as this is now practical.

40 EBC related activities - CPL
EBC Workshop EBC related activities - CPL

41 Key CPL Points from the EBC workshop
Duplicate numbers EBC/CPL – different Operators Oftel and BT number range data synchronisation Historical CPL data on web site CPL Guidance Process for mid-period rate changes Browsable / Downloadable CPL Synchronization Process document for the CPL Relationship between bill references and BT products

42 Completed and Planned Activities
Audit of number ranges Timeliness of updates Notification of price changes Standardising formats in CPL entries Extra guidance and written process Price change registration Web site development

43 EBC Related Activities -Update
EBC Workshop EBC Related Activities -Update

44 EBC Workshop Summary & Close

45 EBC Solution - Summary Routing Plan Database New Output Files
NTS alignment with the EBC Solution Other Activities CPL NIPP Communicate progress on delivery Extend the principle to other developments

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