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Syndicate A - Issues Geographic nos: –DLERange changes re:parenting & DLE closures DTS, some DTM Solution: correct grid reference and Audit overrides Invoice.

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1 Syndicate A - Issues Geographic nos: –DLERange changes re:parenting & DLE closures DTS, some DTM Solution: correct grid reference and Audit overrides Invoice show different Charge Band

2 Syndicate A - Issues Transit – Operator 4 NGS Lowest NNI Resolution : To include all NGS that have direct connectivity with the operator Confirm with TAM ingress routeing Use all NGS ingress routes

3 Syndicate A - Issues CLI Based NTS –BT originated call are being rated as transit calls IA/CPS –No Issues

4 Syndicate A Issues 118 DQ Operator can not reconcile invoices Importance Accuracy of EBC more important than consistency with NIPP Unanimous view Flaws in EBC Anomalies notified to OLOs e.g Gloucester Coral BT needs to advise whether to route using EBC or NIPP

5 EBC Review Syndicate B Remove Redundant Data WATs, and other units, have chargebands for traffic they cannot carry. Limit length below which NRs can be retarded. If you follow EBC slavishly you are encouraged to send BT inappropriate traffic types, particularly via DLEs. Inconsistencies in successive issues of EBC, unexpected chargeband changes.

6 EBC Review Syndicate B Remove Redundant Data Duplication of data due to listing both NGS and original DMSU, these could be merged. Errors in CPL, Nos in EBC but not in CPL. New NRs not reflected`in CPL. Frequency of update CPL, NIPP, EBC, INCA, desire to align these.

7 EBC Review Syndicate B Remove Redundant Data Web based tool where you could select set of POCs and produce an EBC Matrix for those POCs. Similar for IA codes. Discrepancies between OfTel SNS and EBC. Old operators, eg Ionica, Atlantic NRs merged into another Operator, which terminating rate applies?


9 EBC Matrix ‘v’ CPL Would like to see how the relationship fits & carries down to BT invoice Flow Chart Link identifier No consistent identifier & reconciliation Naming conventions between BT and Oftel Have some sort of timelines /tables for EBC, NIPP & CPL

10 Why Important Less BT queries raised by operators Help disputes Help transparency

11 Retardation Issue Cannot expand it back out Prefer un-retarded personal EBC Provide way of expansion back (algorithm required) Give option to the operator type of EBC file At Switch or POC level

12 CPL File N/A Split up for geographic codes Would like historic info Two operators with same number range Same operator/number range with two different effective rates

13 Implication Issue Any changes & implications for BT Operator needs to be highlighted & addressed. Any structure format would require long timescales

14 CPL CPL Issue Diff rates for same effective date & operator Policy do OLOs get back dated charge/invoice if rates are higher Sol two columns real rate potential rate

15 BT Invoice issue Does not show the effective rate change, just multiple lines for same operator Known EBC error file SLA around EBC/CPL How can BT communicate their method of resolving these “inconsistencies”

16 Other Issues Process & methodology Contractual & SLA (incl. Accuracy) Transit charging Time delay on new POCs Operator specific EBC Retardation Billing BT for NTS calls. Number portability

17 Process & methodology - may be high priority and relatively easy Agreed set of principles which are adhered to NNI tables incomplete in a recent issue. Format changed without warning. Not aware of network issues driving change. Some changes are advertised by e-mail & letter - will this capture new operators? No required notification period or process for changes No central resource or reference information - eg web-based description of what changes have been made. What changes might be coming up Need explanation of process, including timetable. Need description of methodolgy including principles, how it is constructed How are errors notified? To whom? Strategy and what is coming up Similar considerations apply to number portability billing (TNO does not know anything about ONO - only CLI is available.

18 Contractual & SLA No contractual definition of EBC. (Not specified in information provisions) SLA could be route to specification of what BT will deliver SLA should contain provisions for errors What would BT would be willing to accept as an error What would be needed to trigger a re-issue of EBC Advance warning of snapshots and notification period Dispute process? Regular Forum to review EBC once issued? Definition of how/who to raise issues with? Audit rights should extend to EBC

19 Transit Charging Some instances of OLOs being overcharged for another OLO call termination. (Far-end handover principles). Not least cost routed? Principles & methodology not transparent. No method of resolving disagreements First step is clarity of understanding - is there a different long term solution later. There is an issue about where theoretical least cost routing differs from actual - can create charging anomolies

20 POCs When will a new POC be included? What has to happen before it is? What is the process? Frequency of snapshot - more regular Monthly EBC may not be answer - something about newness of information Proposals being suggested in NTS forum (CLI) This point may need a session on its own.

21 Retardation Retardation is this necessary? Want to put in full number string Some operators may be happy with retarding it now File size may not be an issue now. Processing time – un-retarding increases processing time for some operators

22 Operator specific Would it be it be possible at an operator at a nominal fee? SOR as a mechanism? Operator specific would probably be outside BT’s obligations - would become a commercial issue

23 Billing BT for NTS Some operators use EBC matrix to generate an equivalent for NTS charges for billing BT. Clarification on how EBC should be used to apply NTS CLI charging. Principle accepted by BT - issues are around implementation.

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