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1 EBC Evolution Refresher 27 th May 2005 BT Wholesale 1, City Place, Gatwick.

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1 http://www.btwholesale.com 1 EBC Evolution Refresher 27 th May 2005 BT Wholesale 1, City Place, Gatwick

2 http://www.btwholesale.com 2 EBC Evolution Refresher Introduction and Welcome

3 http://www.btwholesale.com 3 Objectives of the day Understand the drivers behind EBC Evolution Understand EBC Evolution Understand where we are today and what you should do

4 http://www.btwholesale.com 4 Agenda 10.00Coffee and Registration 10.30Introduction & Welcome 10:40Brief history of EBC Why EBC Evolution ? EBC evolution - workshops with OfCom and Industry involvement What is EBC Evolution ? The importance of your Routing Plans The new EBC files Important next steps 11.45Questions 12.15Summary 12:25Introduction to a new BT Interconnect Telephony Tool – “SIMPLE” 12:40Lunch

5 http://www.btwholesale.com 5 Brief history of EBC 1/5 Before 1993 Conveyance charges based on retail model 1994- Consultation with the Industry 1994- System trialled by some Operators 1996- Distance component added in 1997- All Operator charges based on EBC methodology Charging scenarios catered for are: BT terminated geographic calls Transit calls BT originated IA,CPS,118DQ,NTS (CLI model).

6 http://www.btwholesale.com 6 Brief history of EBC 2/5 Based on least cost path principle Derived from network and number data Based on switches and distance Updated quarterly using network snapshot 1 month before the live date.

7 http://www.btwholesale.com 7 Brief history of EBC 3/5 Data is acted on by a set of rules based on Least cost path: Rule 1: LOWEST nos.of exchanges calls would pass through: derive Charge Band Local Exchange Segment Single Tandem & Single Tandem Transit If call would pass through more than one tandem switch:-

8 http://www.btwholesale.com 8 Brief history of EBC 4/5 For Double Plus Tandem & Double Plus Tandem Transit Rule 2: SHORTEST TOTAL distance from POC to Dest’n switch. Once shortest path is chosen then derive charge band. Use inter-tandem distance to determine:- <100km- Short 100km<200km- Medium 200+km- Long.

9 http://www.btwholesale.com 9 Brief history of EBC 5/5 There are three columns of information in the EBC matrix: 1311001 Unique NNI (Network Node Identifier) for any POC (point where a call can enter the BT Network) 020 710 The destination Number String reduced in length by “Number Retardation” 525 Three digit code represents the EBC Charge Band.

10 10 Why EBC Evolution? Large Complex Customer charging queries often received Uncontractual routeings shown Difficult to explain the different charging algorithms Result of many Industry workshops to address the above

11 11 What is EBC Evolution? 1/2 Removal of disallowed routing from EBC Instead of calculating where calls will exit the BT network, agreed EXIT POCs - as held in CP’s routing plans - will be used Creation of a new database to store routing plans Provide on-line access for updates to routing plans Provide two new files for CPs to use to decide where best to send and receive calls to BT

12 12 What is EBC Evolution? 2/2 No change to charging for BT-terminated traffic EBC Evolution will use Exit POCs shown in CP routing plans for IA, CPS, 118 and transit Least cost connectivity path to get to the agreed exit POC Changes to internal EBC systems, but not the use of EBC data

13 13 Importance of Routing Plans Use Routing Plans and DMAs (Data Management Amendments) The exit POC for a given origin will be that agreed to be in place when the EBC data goes live The Routing Plans will directly drive EBC Charge Bands via Exit POC These show BT Switches that will pass calls to OLOs by Number range Also show the “Catchment Area” of each such switch Include Dates for when submitted by CP, Agreed with TAM, DAM received and when DAM Implemented TAMs (Technical Account Managers) have loaded the existing routing plans into RPD (Routing Plan Database) and are now running in parallel with the excel files Direct access for CPs later this year (2005)

14 14 Importance of Routing Plans The information in your routeing plans will affect your invoice They should be reviewed regularly

15 15 The New EBC Files 1/5 Two New Files A new file to assist CPs receiving traffic from BT A new file to assist CPs delivering traffic to BT Standard EBC file format Standard naming convention Standard header and trailers Comma-separated format data records

16 16 The New EBC Files 2/5 File 1 – Receiving Traffic from BT A BT-switch-to-BT-switch matrix, with charge band Any traffic type Valid call routing scenarios E.g. a DLE origin would be shown against the following destinations: For BT-originated traffic, the DLE itself and all switches that could be Exit POCs For transit traffic, nothing Each data record will contain: origin exchange NNI, destination exchange NNI, EBC charge band Transit / Non-transit charge bands

17 17 The New EBC Files 3/5 File 1 – Benefits to CPs Transparency Trunk-to-trunk connectivity Routing plan applicability Mapping to catchment areas All possible points of connect covered

18 18 The New EBC Files 4/5 File 2 – Delivering Traffic to BT Point of connect to number block, with EBC charge band Full-length number blocks Valid call routing scenarios E.g. a WAT origin would be shown against the following destination number blocks: BT number blocks hosted on directly connected DLEs CP number blocks accepted at this WAT Each data record will contain: origin exchange NNI, destination number block (unretarded, charging level), EBC charge band

19 19 The New EBC Files 5/5 File 2 - Benefits to CPs Discrete number blocks Only valid routing shown Route Optimiser-friendly No need to expand out retarded number blocks Invalid routings will not be shown

20 20 Important Next Steps Next EBC matrix will use EBC Evolution You must review your routing plans as these will affect your bill When published run checks Open up new connections as necessary Use the two new files: Switch to switch file - where to receive calls POC to Number Block file - where to deliver calls to BT Talk to your TAMs

21 21 EBC Evolution Refresher - Summary Brief History of EBC Why EBC Evolution What is EBC Evolution Routing Plans New files Important next steps

22 http://www.btwholesale.com 22 EBC Evolution Refresher Any Questions?

23 http://www.btwholesale.com 23 EBC Evolution Refresher Thank you.

24 24 File 1 – DLE Example 0646006,0646006,520 0646006,0945010,521 … 0646006,1311001,525 0646006,1311618,525 0646006,1312997,525 … 0646006,1440182,521 0646006,1441455,521 0646006,1455134,525 0646006,1460128,525 … 0646006,4012629,525 0646006,4014559,525 0646006,4015916,525 0646006,4016350,525 … 0646006,5945021,521 Directly connected WATs WATs tandemed with directly connected WATs All SYSX DMSUs Itself Middleton Unit C (DLE) All NGS DMSUs Directly connected SYSX DLTEs Directly connected AXE10 DLTEs

25 25 File 1 – Trunk Example All SYSX DLEs and DLTEs All SYSX DMSUs All ASUs Ipswich Morganite (NGS DMSU) All NGS DMSUs … 4073327,0723111,524 4073327,0723118,524 4073327,0724119,523 4073327,0724166,523 … 4073327,1311001,529 4073327,1311618,529 4073327,1312997,529 … 4073327,1712241,525 4073327,1712300,525 4073327,1715359,525 … 4073327,4012629,529 4073327,4014559,529 4073327,4015916,529 … 4073327,5710060,525 4073327,5710312,525 4073327,5710360,525 … All AXE10 DLEs and DLTEs

26 26 File 2 – DLE Example 0973004,0120671,520 0973004,01206760,520 0973004,01206761,520 … 0973004,01394380,520 0973004,01394385,520 0973004,01394389,520 0973004,01394600,520 … 0973004,01473106,520 0973004,0147321,520 0973004,0147322,520 0973004,01473230,520 0973004,01473231,520 0973004,01473232,520 … 0973004,0172845,520 0973004,0172860,520 0973004,01728633,520 … 0973004,01787220,520 0973004,01787221,520 0973004,01787222,520 Unretarded BT number blocks hosted on DLE Ipswich Unit B (DLE)

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