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OBDII Bluetooth Dongle

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1 OBDII Bluetooth Dongle

2 OBDII-BT Dongle - System Diagram
Targeted to extract ECM network data from OBD-II port of vehicles and transmit it over Bluetooth to Mobiles/Tablets. The OBD-II application software installed on the Mobile/Tablet can process the data and make it available to the end user. OBD II BT Dongle Vehicle Data Bluetooth ISO 15765(CAN) J1850 ISO 9141 J1939 J1708 / J1587 Application Torque Proprietary USB Device access Off Line Logging

3 Hardware Architecture
Hardware Block Diagram OBD-II CONNECTOR OBD II DC/DC Regulators Transceiver Classic/Smart Bluetooth module Microcontroller TIVA TM4C1290 SD Card USB port Accelero -meter OBD to UART STN1110 Buzzer LED’s RTC

4 Software Architecture

5 Feature set CAN protocols supported ISO 15765 J1850 ISO 9141 J1939
J1708 / J1587 Critical PID monitoring Boost, Fuel pressure, ECT, EGT, RPM, Throttle, Calibrated values Logging of requested PIDs based on scheduled interval (in SD card) and transfer via blue tooth based on paired device availability Clearing of the Diagnostic trouble codes on restart and start scanning for the same on periodic basis, buzzer alerts and led indication if any raised DTC Offline Data logging with Time Stamp (based calendar information)   Configuring and monitoring of threshold values for the PID and buzzer alerts or LED indication Support for Standard applications like Torque along with proprietary applications Power Saving mode Firmware upgrade through SD card External interface support for SD card USB device functionality for data retrieval

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