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Creating a School News Show on the Web Presented by Robyn Ferrazzani J.W. Killam Elementary Reading, MA.

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1 Creating a School News Show on the Web Presented by Robyn Ferrazzani J.W. Killam Elementary Reading, MA

2 Lights, Camera, Action! Become the producer you’ve always wanted to be! Beginners will discover how easy it is to create password protected shows for schools or classrooms by using a web cam, computer and an exciting free web 2.0 tool called Ustream. Setting up accounts, creating new shows, broadcasting, recording, accessing archived shows and embedding them in blogs and wikis will be explained. Ustream is a powerful tool that captures your students in authentic learning experiences and then shares them with global audiences.Ustream

3 Setting up your account Creating new shows BroadcastingRecording Accessing archived shows Embedding into blogs and wikis

4 Setting Up Your Account

5 *These are required fields.


7 Creating a New Show Name your first show. At any point you can delete a show or create a new one.

8 This is the name of your show. You should customize these fields for each show you have. While in this tab, you can change the settings for your shows.




12 Embedding Your Show

13 Broadcasting and Recording Make sure your camera is plugged in and on before you choose broadcast.




17 1. Check your control panel to make sure your settings are correct. 2. You must be broadcasting before you record. 3. Make sure your subject is ready, then record! OR…. Forget about all that and download Producer to create AMAZING shows!

18 Use Producer and Enhance Your Show! Your original log in is still running, which will make it easy for you to view your recording. Log in again. This log in is for Producer.

19 If you have more than one show make sure that the correct show is being recorded.






25 When you are ready to record, make sure you select the screen you want. It is selected when it is surrounded in green.

26 1. You must be broadcasting BEFORE you record. Wait for the broadcasting symbol to go from blinking to solid red. 2. Click on record. You will have the ability to save your recording to archive it. When the record button turns solid red, you are indeed recording.

27 When you are finished recording you can click STOP BROADCASTING and it will stop both recording and broadcasting at the same time. You will not be able to view the recording unless the broadcasting is completed.

28 These fields must be filled out or your recording will not save.

29 Accessing Archived Shows Your saved shows will automatically be archived. They can be found under the Your Videos tab.

30 Embedding into Blogs and Wikis Decide who you want to view your videos. They must be viewable by Anyone if you plan to share them on blogs, wikis and even by password. If they are viewable by Anyone, they are also searchable in Ustream.

31 Copy this embed code if you are planning to embed the video into your blog or wiki.

32 Pitfalls to Avoid Choose a name that is not identifiable if you are worried about privacy.

33 These are my videos that I found searching Ustream without being logged in. These were set to be viewed by Anyone. The log on name is also available without being logged on.


35 Things I’ve learned…… Make sure that the site is not blocked by your filters or virus protection software. Always check your settings for video and sound. Good lighting makes the picture quality better. Sometimes you cannot connect to Ustream. Computers sometimes crash while you’re recording. The free version of Ustream now embeds ads into your videos.

36 Positive School Culture Powerful Learning Networks Publishing Sharing Collaborating Co-creating Cooperating Student Success Curiosity Enthusiasm Risk-taking Confidence Improvisation Public speaking Friendship Service

37 Ways to Use Ustream in School School News Show Auditions Class presentations School Meetings

38 History of Ustream 3 men from West Point invented it Stationed in Iraq, they wanted a way for soldiers to be able to speak to their families with very little free time available free- paid for by advertisers which are all over the website: CAUTION for kids Watershed is paid for by viewers- no advertising or you control advertising Twitter and UStream have teamed up and people were saying the the footage of the tsumani was better on Ustream than it was on CNN. Real people doing this from anywhere, including their phones. application/id301520250?mt=8 this shows that it’s compatible with iphone application/id301520250?mt=8

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