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What is B R Solutions? B asic information R apid S olutions.

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2 What is B R Solutions? B asic information R apid S olutions

3 Current Information Gaps People rely on adverts through print and broadcast media to receive information. The current practice has the following setbacks: Low circulation Does not always reach people who are in need People may not be listening or watching during the advert play time Media adverts are normally costly and thus not all are able to pay for the adverts (Lot of information not given)

4 Current Information Gap (Cont) Some adverts are not given at the right time when one is in need of the information Adverts during the prime time are normally very expensive and this restricts the amount of information given There are too many media channels to pass the information to the public Data collection is a big problem Availability of power is problematic to many areas in our country

5 Founder’s Vision  Means for Provision of demand driven information which is focused, rich, fast and reliable to assist people in making informed decisions before they use their meager resources ( i.e. money, time, assets, material and people)

6 Why BR Solutions BR Solutions was brought about by the vision to provide information services under one roof in a manner that is: Cost effective Time convenient More friendly Focused to one’s needs Rich and reliable More Elaborate Geared to facilitate - quick solution

7 Objectives of BR Solutions Ltd  To assist those with information like sellers to provide the information in a cost effective way and also in a user friendly manner;  To assist those in need of the information to get the information in a convenient manner before they make decisions;  To add some value to mobile service providers by maintaining a robust, reliable and dynamic database;  To add some value to mobile phone owners by assisting them to access needed information in a more convenient way with less cost before they make a decision to invest;  To facilitate creation of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in all works of life

8 Fields currently in Application Houses for sell Houses for rent Taxi /Transport services Employment opportunities Entertainment programmes Wholesale and Retail Prices for Food Items

9 One of the services; Taxi/Transport Services

10 Current Approach Current approach to pick a taxi One should go or send somebody to the nearby taxi station physically and get the taxi Stand along-side the road waiting for any taxi to pass by Call a taxi number already known who could tell you that he is not in service or he is on the other side of the city One could wait for hours to get the service especially from areas outside the city centre

11 BR Solutions approach to pick a taxi B R Solutions Ltd has created a robust database that contains particulars of registered taxi drivers or service providers within the city, municipals and towns. The person in need of the service will then send a message through his or her mobile phone specifying location he/she is in need of the service, and type of service needed eg. Transport Taxi Mwenge or Transport taxi Masaki, Transport wastewater Kunduchi etc

12 BR Solutions approach to pick a taxi (Cont) From the database the sender of the message will receive details of two particulars from the nearby area where the service is needed with details of e.g. Taxi number Plate, name of the driver and taxi registration number and their mobile phones for the sender to discuss actual place he/she is situated and price details before they reach an agreement

13 Example A person needs a service at Magomeni and he needs a taxi transport, All he needs to do is to send a text message saying: Usafiri taxi Magomeni, Reply will be: Plate No. T 244 BLN Juma Rajabu Taxi no KNO 304 call 0765 345456 or Plate T 455 ARL Paul John taxi no KNO 200 call 0784 673620.

14 Short Code Used For All Services you send messages through 15450

15 Essentials Know and Follow the Format Specifying Key Words – Service needed eg. Transport Service Type – Taxi, Location - Magomeni

16 Operating Mobile Phones Companies VODACOM AIRTEL TIGO Agreement with ZANTEL is underway

17 Challenges Culture to adopt new technology Create awareness through training the various holders of information and the general public Reliability of Data Require operators in different sectors to register as members of various associations by law e.g real estate agents, taxi association, Agents for food suppliers etc Data Collection We have developed a mobile phone data collection software tool for all services Software will be installed to all our data providers

18 Thank You and Welcome to HUDUMA FASTA

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