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VN Wellness Webinar – 4-21-10 How to Initiate, Book, Market and Present a Nutrition and Fitness Seminar.

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1 VN Wellness Webinar – 4-21-10 How to Initiate, Book, Market and Present a Nutrition and Fitness Seminar

2 1.Knowing the Benefits of Seminars 2.Initiating a Seminar 3.Booking a Seminar 4.Marketing a Seminar 5.Preparing for a Seminar 6.Presenting a Seminar 7.Following Up after a Seminar 7 Skills to Succeeding with Seminars

3 Get your Message out Great Introduction Time Efficient Scalable Increased Exposure and Revenue Streams Expands your Skill Set Benefits of a Seminar

4 Know Your Offerings Formulate a Call List Local Businesses- Corporate Local Health Related Businesses Friends for a House Party Basically any where you can do a Presentation Be Clear on Your Objective for Seminar Practice Speaking? Health Assessments? Paid Wellness Programs? Corporate Wellness Retainers? Call Your List & Schedule Appt. Have 30 second pitch ready…..and answers to most frequent asked questions Set up meeting with Decision Maker Meet in person, if possible Initiating a Seminar

5 Schedule a 30 Minute Meeting Bring Documents Enforcing Your Objective VN Wellness Overview Taste of Wellness Sample Marketing Flyers Find out the ONE THING the Hosts of the Seminar Want Show them how that ONE THING can be Accomplished Lead them in the Path Register them on the VN Software with your Wellness Code – 30 Day Complimentary Trial Schedule 30 Minute Follow Up Call to walk them Through the Program Post Notes on VN Client Management on their Account Attempt to BOOK That day….if Complimentary If Paid Seminar…..send a recap of the arrangement and a contract – reach out to VN Contact Booking a Seminar

6 Coordinate with your main contact for the seminar….Your Logistics: Do you need a projector, screen, whiteboard, flip chart? Is a meal being served? Will they help you in promoting the seminar ? Choose a flyer to promote your seminar Post the flyer and/or poster in all relevant areas Send out emails to your distribution list Get an attendance check 3 days out….make another push to maximize attendance Marketing the Seminar

7 Choose Your Presentation….Adjust and Make it Your Own Practice, Practice, Practice…..Record your Audio or Video and Watch Yourself Remember to be Clear on Your Objective Know Your Audience Age, Gender, Goals, Lifestyle…. Decide if you are handing out Marketing Material? One sheet engaging them to TAKE ACTION? Create System to Get Leads Bowl to collect business cards for give away Sign in sheet Preparing for the Seminar

8 Tell a Story…a Beginning, Middle and End & Use Analogies… Introduce Yourself Give Thanks Share your Passion, why are you there? Have an Inspiring/Educational Story to Kick Off the Seminar Engage the Audience Ask questions Show the Possibility of What Can Be Achieved Ex. Higher quality of life, Explain What the Audience will “Get” The Tools to achieve their health goals….use info from asking questions Present the Bridge that Connects the Possibility with what they will “Get” Blood Sugar, 3 Step Process…….Depends on Audience Create a Call to Action To achieve your objective Thank the Audience for Their Time Presenting The Seminar

9 Depends on Objective If Complimentary Presentations Call Leads Schedule Assessments Enroll Clients If Paid Presentations Follow up with Attendees (amount depends on wellness program) If only a paid presentation & not wellness program, Call, Schedule and Enroll the attendees Follow Up After the Seminar…

10 Know Your Stand Possess Clarity Stay Structured Be Prepared Show Confidence Face Your Fears Take Action Take Action Basically….choose Greatness! Your Takeaway…..

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