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CorVision to VB or Java Migration Technologies can convert and deploy your CorVision applications to thin client VB or Java with 100% run-alike guarantee,

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Presentation on theme: "CorVision to VB or Java Migration Technologies can convert and deploy your CorVision applications to thin client VB or Java with 100% run-alike guarantee,"— Presentation transcript:

1 CorVision to VB or Java Migration Technologies can convert and deploy your CorVision applications to thin client VB or Java with 100% run-alike guarantee, quickly, at a fixed price.

2 Why was CorVision popular? Rapid Development Repository-based Automatic Documentation Standardized Methods Robust Apps for large numbers of users. Reduced backlog Prominent Firms: DuPont Michelin Reynolds & Reynolds Norandal Georgia-Pacific International Truck & Engine CEPSA Kodak Maytag It has worked well but technology stopped at the 1-tier, green screen app

3 Migration Technologies Success Story: Marsh Management Conversion Multi-client, multi-currency reinsurance management application for subsidiary of Marsh McLennon 155 Forms 224 Customization files 180 Tables 80 Reports 14 Batch Procedures Complete conversion to VB, now in acceptance testing. Both Rdb and SQL server deployments.

4 Marsh Application – Lines of Code Hand-Built code is 6% of total.

5 How does a CV2 conversion work? CorVision uses repository specs to generate Builder code, and event triggered hand-built customizations to make a one-tier app. CV2 converts hand-built code to a neutral form, then performs a table-driven conversion of that neutral form to Java. CV2 extracts the CorVision specifications into XML, and moves the XML to a new CV2 repository within Websphere Studio or Visual Studio. CV2 generators use Best-Practice Java/VB Code Patterns to generate the 3-tier “plumbing” for the Persistence, Business Logic, and User Interface layers, and a HELP system. The Result: A 100% run-alike application, in a 3-tier, thin client, web-enabled app, expressed in Java or VB.

6 CV2 handles all CorVision Customization Points Before Screen After Painting Before Field When Field Accept Field Load Row Enter Row Leave Row Accept Field Accept Row Accept Screen Reject Screen Start of Function End of Function Database: Read, Write, Update, Remove Screen 1Screen 3 Screen 2 Field Rows… Subroutines - Overrides

7 Alpha/RdbApp Server Client PC Browser Persistence DBMS Business Logic User Interface HTML-wrapped XML and Javascript ODBC/JDB C Frames & intermediate updates for field by field interactivity. Layer2 to GUI Interface here. State/Session maintenance to layer 3 and to layer 1 here. Final commit done As a single transaction having multiple updates using optimistic locking. (similar to CorVision) Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1 CV2 Thin-Client Architecture

8 Migration Technologies – CorVision & Rdb Skills Mike Lowery was an original developer and VP for Product Development for CorVision. Bruce Evans was VP of Professional Services for CorVision. Lori Hennessey is the author of the CorVision Rdb Interface. MT’s team has four other Senior CorVision software engineers, and its HELPDESK manager. MT has the best-equipped team to understand and convert your applications – and we’ve proved we can do it.

9 CV2 Process is NOT a Re-write MT is not rewriting these applications. MT’s tools convert the hand-built logic to Java or VB and generate the equivalent best- practice Java or VB application from CorVision specifications. Result: a 100% run-alike application, modern UI, maintainable on modern platforms, accessible data, familiar to users

10 During the Migration: Client’s Staff Roles Organization of the Effort Teams by Application, Client provides application knowledge At the start Assessment – identification of non-CorVision elements Architecture – development & deployment tool choices Establish development, testing, acceptance environments During the Migration TESTING, issue reporting to web accessible bugs database Interfaces for email, printing, other OS services Refinements of User Interface forms and report appearance Supervise user TESTING Implementations Install, User support, issue tracking

11 Project Timetable & Tools 8-12 months duration Project Manager: BRUCE EVANS Account Manager: MIKE LOWERY Internet Communication tools we use: Web-based bug/issue tracking Share Point website for reporting/status Web access (MS Terminal Server) for testing Video-conferencing, IM, Shared Desktop Bi-weekly project status reports

12 Post-migration: Your IT Staff & New Applications Structurally Familiar Application and Processes Same database fields, same variables Same form names, report names, same hand-built logic names Same event-triggering of hand-built logic Same menus, same security 90%+ can still be generated Best-Practice Java/VB Optional CV2 Generator & Code Pattern in an IDE Optional CV2 Repository contains migrated CorVision specifications Documentation & Support Routine and Variable cross-reference browser Generated online HELP system. On-line repository of rules, data, logic MT mentors, Helpdesk, consulting available

13 Low Risk: The Contract Fixed Bid Late Penalties 100% Run-Alike Guarantee, including security Milestone Payments Simple Success Criteria Mid-project Progress Previews, each Application

14 Low Risk: Conversion Process Conversions are not re-writes, MT doesn’t need to learn the applications in detail, Less work to revalidate than a re-write. But we will need your help testing Client Staff involvement gives visibility MT has completed a successful conversion MT has deep understanding of CorVision. Bugs fixed once are fixed everywhere – both in generated and converted code.

15 Quality Delivered Result Best Practice Java/VB – generated from code patterns created by experts. Low bandwidth thin client without sacrificing interactivity. Converted apps are organized like the original apps from a developers view – a comfortable transition Optional-use development tools delivered in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) A Repository of your IT Intellectual Property Built-in Documentation generation.

16 Low Risk: Cutover & Deployment Converted apps run in parallel with legacy apps – against the same database. Implement one desktop at a time – or all -- whatever makes sense. No BIG BANG – you can fall back if a problem arises. One user can even run both apps. Connect to Oracle, Rdb or SQL server Makes use of existing hardware resources

17 Low Risk: Continuity No “Conversion Latency” Application Development doesn’t have to stop while MT converts! You can give us each development area twice. MT was formed from a 20 year-old company of developers with long-term relationships to our customers. You can reach when you need us. Digital and COMPAQ have been absorbed, the VAX is dead, the Alpha is disappearing, Cortex is gone. We’re still here, and still having fun.

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