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 FIRST … founded the industry, leadership, innovation  FAST … our culture, our processes, our responsiveness  FOCUSED … on payments, on local needs,

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1  FIRST … founded the industry, leadership, innovation  FAST … our culture, our processes, our responsiveness  FOCUSED … on payments, on local needs, on solutions “Welcome to New VeriFone”

2 2 Presenters & Agenda Presenters: Karen Baker, Manager Alliance Sales Shantell Jones, RSAG Account Exec Agenda: The NEW Vx 570 The NEW 7000LE Questions & Answers

3 3 OUT with the OLD & IN with the NEW Omni 3750 Vx 570 EverestPLUS The New Omni 7000LE The new Vx 570 Going…, Going… Gone &

4 4 Improved Downloads  Streamlined download process Applications bundled for one step download process Downloads done via VeriCentre IP Download takes 2-3 minutes Dial Download takes 10 minutes  USB Downloads We are working on releasing USB Jump Drive downloads – Download completed in 3 minutes!

5 5 Vx 570 - Enhancements Over Omni 3750 New look and feel  Larger, white, easy to read display  Improved paper open latch  Enhanced ergonomics on card swipes High-contrast white backlit display with larger display area Recessed lens for reduced reflection

6 6 More Vx 570 Enhancements Enhanced performance  Faster transactions  Faster printer – 18 lines per second  Faster Ethernet & concurrent communications Enhanced security  PCI PED certification  VeriFone secure scripts New applications  Larger memory -12MB standard for First Data  USB peripherals External USB port  USB download; 3 peripheral ports Optional oversize paper roll accessory  Less time spent changing paper rolls  Improved diagnostics  Print function to show IP settings  Compatibility with more VAPS CommServer 3.0

7 7 Familiar Interface with New Design USB Optional door for longer paper roll Side-mount twist-locking power cable Ethernet Recessed keypad area with larger keys Familiar ATM-style interface Internal PIN pad supports debit

8 8 Vx 570 Features & Benefits FeatureBenefit 2 nd generation IP productPeace of mind buying a tested solution from the IP innovator White backlit screenEasier to read in all lighting conditions PED compliantDevice tamper resistant PCI compliant Meets all industry standards; no data stored in the device; more secure True Multiple Application Support Provides options of over 30 independent value added service providers ATM-style interfaceFamiliar, easy to use; more durable than touch screens Read only USB port Prevents virus and hacker interference, making it more secure than standard read/write USB ports Verix V proprietary OS Proprietary OS less likely to be hacked than off-the-shelf operating systems Standard paper roll (2 ½ inch wide)Cheaper supplies, easier to purchase Dial Back Up StandardNo interruption of service if IP connection goes down Supports Omni 7000LE customer facing deviceBetter customer experience, potential cost savings Wall mounts and accessories availableSaves Space Ethernet Port Lights Shows link and activity lights for IP connection for easier troubleshooting Supports VivoPay contactless solutionFaster transactions and increased revenues

9 9 Coming Soon Telecheck ECA Stand-alone application direct to Telecheck IP or dial connectivity *Anticipated release date Summer 2007*

10 10 Key selling features  Industry Leader Over 23,000 units installed with First Data alliances in 2006 IP certified for more than 3 years  IP Capable Speeds check out process & saves merchants $$ Automatic Dial Back Up (transactions & settlement)  Supports Customer-activated PINPad Increases PIN-entered debit penetration – potentially lowering interchange fees Provides a better customer experience – faster checkout lines; more secure Handheld PINPad 1000SE and Integrated PINPad options also available  Spanish language prompts (Key 7) Toggle between English and Spanish with the touch of a button Prints receipts in English only  Multiple Application Support 30+ VAPs available Provides additional services & revenue streams to your merchants  Quick Setup – Communications (Key 6) Toggle between IP and Dial with the touch of a button Easy fix if communication problems arise

11 11 SoftPay 2.9 Features  Credit, Debit, & EBT  First Data Gift Card  Telecheck Warranty  Debit with Cash back  Contactless Payment Support  Pre Sale Cash Receipt (Key 9)  Auto Settle  Excellent Reporting  Receipt suppression for QSR  IRS TRAC Reporting  Tip % or Gratuity Guidelines  Demo Mode  ECI indicator  Am Ex Split Dial, EDC or Reverse PIP (EDC only for IP)  Recurring Billing Indicator  Password Protection  Address Verification  Card Verification  Consecutive Tip Adjustment

12 12 Cash Receipt Benefits of a Cash Receipt: Eliminate costly downgrades Auth and Settlement always match Merchant time is reduced Fraud is Eliminated To Generate a Cash Receipt: Press the 9 Key Enter the sale amount Present the Cash receipt to the customer Customer completes receipt Merchant picks up the completed receipt and payment Swipe the card Enter the base amount in the terminal Terminal will then prompt for tip Terminal then calls out for an authorization Present approved receipt to customer for signature

13 13 Spanish Support  Benefits of Spanish Language Support: Easier operation for Spanish speaking merchants Simple toggle process supports needs of a multi-lingual staff No programming required. Function embedded in SoftPay application.  To Change the Prompts from English to Spanish: Press the “7” key Press “F2” to Select Spanish Process Transaction Toggle back to English the same way *Receipts print in English only!

14 14 Configurable Receipt Printing  Supports two printing sizes 32 Column 42 Column  Receipts optimized for customer & merchant  Disable customer receipt for telephone orders 42 Column 32 Column

15 15 SoftPay Reports Settlement ReportIRS Tip ReportServer Detail ReportTotals Report

16 16 Omni 7000LE  Omni 7000LE Customer Activated PINPad Replaces EverestPLUS PINPad Gift card prompts on the PINPad 50% of consumers prefer PIN based Debit because it is faster more secure and convenient. Trends show that within two years Debit transactions will surpass Credit payment and 77% of account holders in the US will own Debit cards.

17 Contact Information Shantell Jones Account Manager Cell: (214) 497-0805 Office: (972) 624-8216 Karen Baker Manager Cell: (724) 612-4886 Office: (724) 444-1053

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