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VxIntelliview – Intelligent Video Surveillance system.

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1 VxIntelliview – Intelligent Video Surveillance system

2  Contents * 1.1- Feature Of DVR * 1.2- Network Mode * 1.3- Login to DVR * 1.4- DVR Main interface * 1.5- System Setup * 1.6- Recording Setup * 1.7- Right Setup * 1.8- Local Search * 1.9- Smart Search * 2.0- HDD Calculation * 2.1- CCTV Lens Calculation * 2.2- IP Camera * 2.3- Pin Hole Camera * 2.4- PTZ Camera

3 4 – 16 Channel PC Base System VX Intelliview Missing Object 1.1- Feature Of DVR :

4 1.2- DNS Server Work Mode :

5 1.3- How to Login to DVR : 1) Before run the DVR, Please check all connectors are firmly connected. 2)By default, DVR Server application will run and initialize cards automatically (total time is determined by the number of channel, about 4- 10s). Otherwise, you should Double-Click shortcut icon to start it.

6 1.4- Main Interface : This Partition mode including 1,4,6,9,13,16,20,25,28,33,36,40,49,64 partition. Select suitable partition according your need. Partition Mode Image Capture To save a still image of a selected camera in live view, and then review and print the image. Local Setting Press this button to enter the setting menu, in the setting menu u can do the DVR and camera setting. Local Search Press this button to enter Playback menu, in the menu u can playback and search for recorded video/audio from local host.

7 Once u click this icon the PTZ control panel will be come out. PTZ Control Panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 1) Preset Call ~This function is to operate the speed dome to the position we set. 2) Relay (On/Off) ~ Control the PTZ camera internal relay or decoder relay. 3) Wiper (On/Off) ~ To control the relay/wiper on and off. 4) Zoom in/out ~ To control the PTZ camera zoom in and out 5) Focus +/- ~ To control the PZT camera Focus Far and near 6) Iris +/- ~ Override the PTZ camera auto-iris and brighten and darken image Pressing and holding this buttons, the PTZ camera is moved up, down, right, and left as well as other directions

8 1.5- System Setup : 1) Click the local setting button to enter the setting menu. 2) You can do the DVR setup and add or modify DVR server at this setting menu.

9 1.6- Recording Setup : 1.1) Select Window ~ Select the window (channel) you want to set. 1.2) Record Type ~ Set the type of record, including Normal record, Sensor record, Motion record and Not record. Step 1) Select the type of recording want to use. Step 2) select the record time by press the grid or click mouse and drag for an area. If you want to set every half an hour every day, you may double-click the left up of the chart. *When you finish the setup, the grid will display the corresponding color of the record type.* 1) Click this button to enter the record setup interface 1.1 Step 1 Step 2

10 1.7- Right Setup : 1) Click this button to enter the record setup interface Add User/Del User ~ Click / icons to add /delete user for the Client, after that you can edit the information for the user to be added. Select User ID ~ Select a user that has existed in the system to be modified from drop-down list. Use Password management ~ Select a solution to determine if enable user password validation. When you select enable, when user login, password is needed. User ID ~ Input new User ID in this box when add a new user to system. When you select admin in Password ~ Set new user and selected user’s password. Auth. Level ~ Select user type. When you select admin in Select User ID ~ This selection is unavailable. Confirm password ~ Confirm password again.

11 1.8- Local Search : 1) Click button in main window to enter local search window Step 1) Select one window and click button to show the date.( Blue date contain recorded data,Green contain current data) Step 2) click or to change month and year of search date. Step3 ) Select the camera want to play. Step 4) Click button to show all the file of this camera. Step 1 Step 4

12 1.9- Smart Search : 1) This function allow users to draw a zone on a video image and do the motion, missing object, or unattended object occurred in that zone. 1) Press the button, then select a search data, the system will play all motion occurred within this area. Eg. 1 2 1.1) There is a telephone on the desk (picture 1) 1.2) But it disappeared now (picture 2) 1.3) If u wan to know where the telephone is, you can select this area on the image to do smart search when playback the video

13 Note: If Known the HDD Size, we can use this Calculation. Etc: 1)Time x Compression x fps x No Of Camera = Total Use Size Per Day 2) HDD Size / Total Use Size Per Day = Total Hour Can Be Record 3) Total Hour Can be record / 24Hrs = Total Days Can Be Record 2.0

14 Etc: 1) No of Camera x Compression Rate x fps x Hrs To record x 3600s x Days = Size Of HDD Required Note: If Known the Days of record, we can use this Calculation.

15 2.1- CCTV Lens Calculation :

16 2.2- IP Camera : Sensor Type1/3'' Sony Super HDD High resolution CCD Lens MountM12 x 0.5 Resolution420 TVL Lens6mm (default) 3.6mm (optional) Maximum Resolution704 x 570 @ PAL 704 x 480@NTSC Frame Rate Bi-audio32K-2Mbps, adjustable (maximum 8M) Alarm Input1 Channel signal ( 0 ~DC12V) Alarm Output Power ConsumptionMaximum 8W Minimum IIIumination0.1 Lux @F1.2 (0 Lux with IR) 25FPS@PAL 30FPS@NTSC 1 Channel switch signal

17 Features : 1 channel H.264 video compression 4CIF real time 1 channel audio compression Support SD card for local recording Support dual compression stream Support motion detection Support both variable bit rate and variable frame rate Support TCP, UTP, RTP, Multicast, DHCP, PPPoE and HTTP, etc Support Internet Explore for network preview Support PTZ control Support sensor alarm input and relay output Motion, sensor and other events can be sent to remote host center Support network voice talk function Compatible with current SDK and client software

18 Back View IP Camera : 1) 12 VDC Power Input Socket 2) Network Input Socket 3) Audio In Socket 4) Audio Out Socket 5) BLC ON /OFF Switch, AES or AI ON/OFF Switch 6) Video Drive / Direct Drive Selector Switch 7) Video BNC Output Socket 8) SD Card Slot 9) Alarm IN and Out Connector, RS 485 Connector

19 2.3- Pin Hole Camera : Sensor Type1/3'' Sony Super HAD high resolution CCD Video StandardPAL / NTSC ResolutionPAL : 752 (H) x 582 (V) NTSC : 768 (H) x 494 (V) Auto Iris LensDC/ Video Horizontal Resolution480 TVL Power supplyDC12V +10% Video Output Signal-Noise RatioMore than 48db Power ConsumptionMaximum 2.5W Minimum IIIumination0.2 Lux @ F1.2 (0 Lux with IR) 1 Vpp Composite Output

20 Figure 3 : ① Level Adjusting: Level adjusting is valid for iris adjusting in DC drive mode,while invalid for Video drive mode. ④ Auto Iris Selecting: Auto iris lens of both Video and DC drive modes can match this camera. Please select DD mode for DC drive auto iris lens or VD mode for Video drive auto iris lens. ⑤ SW Dial Switch Functions. Back View Pin Hole Camera :

21 2.4- PTZ Camera : Specification : EngineSony 45 Sensor Type¼'' Sony Ex-View HAD High Resolution CCD Video StandardPAL / NTSC Resolution440,000 pixel Optical Zoom18x Digital Zoom12x IrisAuto / Manual (F1.4 ~F22& Close ) Focus4.1mm ~ 73.8mm Zoom Speed2.1 sec for lens total zoom, auto adjustable by focus value Electronic Shutter1/50 ~ 1/10000 (16 Levels) Horizontal Resolution480 TVL Video Output Signal Noise RatioMore than 50db ON/ OFF Horizontal Vertical 0~360 degree continuous rotation 0~90 degree rotation Minimum IIIuminationColor <= 1 Lux 1.0 Vp-p Composite Output Backlight Compensation

22 PTZ Internal View : 1) Alarm Input and output Connector ( 6 In 2 Out) 2) 12VDC Input Connector 3) Video And Data Signal (RS-485) Output Connector

23 Q & A Session


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