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What does it entail and how can we prepare? Written in July 2010 by TH.

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1 What does it entail and how can we prepare? Written in July 2010 by TH

2 A Pole Shift is when the earths rotation is stopped briefly and the poles move. What will cause it? A nearby massive planet passing through our solar system in 2011. An extra planet outside of the range of telescopes, hypothesised in 1821 that was affecting Pluto’s orbit. Discovered in 1983 by NASA Kept secret from the populace in order not to create worldwide anarchy and panic

3 Before the existence of Planet X was classified, the December, 1981, issue of Astronomy magazine announced that, "Astronomers are readying telescopes to probe the outer reaches of our solar system for an elusive planet much larger than Earth. Its existence would explain a 160-year-old mystery.... The pull exerted by its gravity would account for a wobble in Uranus' orbit that was first detected in 1821 by a French astronomer, Alexis Bouvard. Beyond Pluto, in the cold, dark regions of space, may lie an undiscovered 10th planet, 2 to 5 times the size of Earth…."

4 Then, on January 30, 1983, article in the New York Times declared, "Something out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Some gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object that may be the long-sought Planet X…. In the 19th Century, two American astronomers, William H. Pickering and Percival Lowell, predicted the size and approximate location of the trans-Neptunian body, which Lowell called Planet X."

5 Called either Planet X or Nibiru. It is referred to in the bible and other ancient religious texts as Wormword; Marduk; The Destroyer; etc. A large (5 times earth) sized planet on a highly elliptical orbit than passes by Earth every (approximately) 3600 years. It’s mass is 23 times that of Earth owing to larger amounts of iron in its core and a lack of silicone in the crust.

6 Due to its hugely magnetic nature, as it comes toward earth it causes geological problems such as massive earthquakes & tsunami – which you have sadly just witnessed at the end of 2010. This is barely a taste of what is to come. Once it comes to its closest point to earth, it will stop the Earths rotation for a period of several days and cause catastrophic damage to the planet. Once it departs our solar system, the Earth’s rotation will once again commence, the continents having been realigned and a new equator having been drawn (90 degree shift) and the poles having shifted.

7 On March 27, 2009 Planet X showed up on SOHO as a Winged Globe (centre image). What is astonishing is that this is the exact depiction of Planet X by the ancients.

8 Following the appearance of Planet X as a Winged Globe on March 27, 2009, it appeared a second time on April 19, 2009 at 23:42. This time it was a bit further from the Sun. By moving further to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth, the angle is optimum for Second Sun sightings, and these likewise appeared. Both images of the Winged Globe showed the immense tail of Planet X drifting down below.



11 2011 ! As early as April 2011 and late as December 2011. (The government believes it will be in 2011 see Norway polit’n ) The exact time is not known as the governments want to keep the populace under control so they go to work, pay their taxes etc. whilst they enlarge and stock up their underground bunkers and military control. The following timeline (over page) has been prepared to assist with knowing when it will take place. We still have time to adequately prepare to survive and even thrive after the shift, but we need to start taking action NOW !


13 Planet X grips the Earth, causing rotation stoppage, well before being between the Earth and Sun. It does so because it is approaching from the south, it's north pole to the Earth's south pole, at an angle such that the side of the Earth facing the Sun is more affected by the approach. Thus, while at some distance from the point of passage, it has gripped Earth to the point of not letting the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift go. During this week, the size of the approaching Planet X horrifies those on the daylight side of the Earth. At first a reddish blob only a fraction of the size of the Moon, it grows in size and appears to twist and turn like a dragon in the sky. The ancients recorded this as a fire dragon in the sky, as the tail of swirling moons gave this appearance. When approaching the point of passage, the shift suddenly happens, and this is before the point when Planet X is actually between the Earth and Sun. After the passage, Planet X exits as quickly as it approached.

14 Due to the huge array of effects the approaching magnetic field will have on the earth, by the time it comes close enough to see millions of people will be dead from earthquakes; tsunamis; sinkholes; food shortages; rioting; and so on.. Crops have already started to fail and global food shortages are only going to get far worse. Noticed the sinkholes opening up across the globe? The volume of earthquakes increasing? Flooding in Pakistan as the plate it’s on is sinking? List goes on...

15 As can be sensed from the Earth changes that are already surprising scientists and weathermen, the Earth does not simply wait until the passage, until the moment of the shift, to begin expressing what it will do during the shift. Stretching of the Atlantic has already been expressed with train derailments along the East Cost of North America and parts of Europe subject to the stretch, such as the UK and Spain. Buildings collapse in Texas, a bridge dislodges in Kansas, and a factory suddenly is engulfed in explosions not experienced or expected in its lifetime, unexplained. The North Carolina factory explosion was not caused by rubber dust, as this would have been a constant factor during the life of the factory. This is no more the reason for the explosion than a hot day causing trail derailments in Maryland. These types of building implosions, structural movements that cause anything likely to collapse to do so, or likely to explode to do so, will continue apace. Weather irregularities, with sudden deluges rushing water down ravines and rivers, or developing into hurricane force winds with little warning off the coasts, will continue to become more extreme than the past few months and years have led man to expect.

16 Earthquake will increase in both number and severity, such that they will start to occur in areas not expecting them, thus most devastated by their occurrence. We have pointed out recently that the quake patterns now are not simply domino, where one plate pushes another within a day, but almost instantaneous in this push on the other side of the plate affected. Likewise, that these quakes are exhibiting a pole shift pattern, with a stretching of the Atlantic and a compression of the Pacific along the lines of the plate adjustment we have predicted. This will continue, with Hawaii rising, Japan exploding, Indonesia erupting, and Australia tilting. The Rifts in Africa and the Red Sea will spread, Pakistan experience precursors of the rip to occur there, and India finding itself particularly vulnerable to unexpected flood tides.

17 To prepare for what might happen to your locale, read the Scripted Drama page we have presented previously, and memorize this. Expect, in small part, what we have described for your locale to occur early, so you will not be surprised. If you are in an area that can be flooded, due to tides or a deluge, then mentally prepare for this. If you are in an area that has never experienced quakes, then read a book or watch a movie to get acquainted with what this is all about! If you have never had muddy water rise up in your plumbing, taking the city water supply for granted, and this suddenly happens because of Earth movements in your area, you have only yourself to blame for not having spare water at hand for such a situation! Rather than expecting someone to knock at your door and inform you when your life will not plod along as usual, take some responsibility for this!


19 The incredible devastation you have just witnessed which was the long predicted Japanese earthquake / European Tsunami / USA New Madrid earthquakes is the final nail in the coffin. As horrific to contemplate as it is...this is happening! We must start preparing now!! (Now view 2010: 7 of 10 predictions document)

20 As you have seen there is approximately 50 days when Planet X will appear and be visible to the naked eye. When this happens we must immediately go to the Safe Location. In order to prepare for this, we need to purchase a house and piece of land and start filling it with food, supplies and equipment. I have created lists of essential items and already purchased thousands of dollars of equipment. I have located the optimum area to survive the months before and the Pole Shift itself. In a place at least 100 miles inland and over 200 metres in elevation (to avoid the tsunami).

21 We need to buy a house on land in: xxxxxxx, or failing that prepare to take a camping trip to xxxxx Buy 4wd vehicles, one per couple (or 2 people). Equipment is the most important. Fishing and hunting gear; durable clothing; fire lighting; shelter; seeds for replanting gardens; medical supplies. Tent living will be the only option as the magnitude 9+ earthquakes will completely destroy all standing structures. If possible have bags of cement; lumber and building tools in safe house to rebuild with. Start selling financial products (shares etc) and assets NOW! Electronic wealth such as bonds will soon be worthless so need to sell and start buying gardening tools, water purifiers, medical equipment., etc. Imagine permanent camping with no electricity! (Now view: “help and 7 steps to preparing” document and “Why xxxxx”)

22 The reason I’m presenting this to you today is two reasons. 1: I am your friend and have a deep desire to see you survive the coming calamities. 2: It is my desire to establish a group of good hearted people with diverse skills who will: a) survive, and b) be able to start afresh in the Aftertime having prepared all that is necessary for a simpler life. What do you think ? ? Care to join us ? ? (have a think about it – if you think its all complete crap – no problem! Lets never speak of it again )

23 Further note: This is a one time offer! We will be keeping our ‘safe location’ house a closely guarded secret so that the hoards of people who haven’t bothered preparing don’t turn up demanding to be let in. If you think this is all a crock of shit that’s fine, but don’t expect any mercy when the time comes. (sorry but that’s the cold hard fact of it!)

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