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Installation of a Static Var Compensator on to an 11kV network Jonathan Berry 26.10.2011 Substation Technology 2011.

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1 Installation of a Static Var Compensator on to an 11kV network Jonathan Berry Substation Technology 2011

2 Content Introduction WPD Overview Understanding of the problem STATCOM Project Future learning and developments

3 Introduction Jonathan Berry – Innovation and Low Carbon Networks Engineer Background in primary network and substation design Focussed on generation inclusion Currently working on IFI and LCNF projects Working on DG inclusion and network optimisation to support the low carbon transition

4 Western Power Distribution 7.6 Million customers over a 55,300 sq kms service area Our network consists of 216,000 kms of overhead lines and underground cables, and 184,000 substations LV to 132kV Network ownership

5 Understanding of the problem As the level of embedded renewable generation and low carbon loads on the DNOs network increases a core problem is created; maintaining statutory voltage levels. Example: An overhead network with a high level of wind generation connected: At times of low load and high generation, network voltages move towards higher statutory limits, similarly at times of high load and low generation, voltages move towards lower statutory limits

6 Understanding of the problem


8 STATCOM Project Challenge Distribution Voltage Control to mitigate the voltage fluctuation caused by variations in Load and Generation Technology D-STATCOM (Distribution STATic synchronous COMpensator) Trans. X Q (reactive power) D-STATCOM V Q X Inverter DC Capacitor Distribution network Controller

9 STATCOM Project 4 Project locations: Agreed Tentative Goals Scope Benefits Trial D-STATCOM in rural 11kV networks to address voltage fluctuations Identify optimum settings to achieve optimum voltage regulation Development of D-VQC to optimise multiple networked D-STATCOMs Strand 1 – a single D-STATCOM as a stand-alone voltage control system Strand 2 – Three additional D-STATCOM units with a D-VQC (Voltage and Reactive Power (Q) Control System) to network devices and optimise across two primary substations Improvement of power quality, mitigation of voltage spikes issues Increase of network stability, efficiency and load capacity Learning process will have a direct impact on the operation of a DNOs distribution system Inform DNOs business case for alternative responses to network rebuild

10 STATCOM Project Substation 11kv over-head line Wind Farm D-STATCOM Network open point Strand 1

11 STATCOM Project Time (sec) Distribution Line Voltage (V) Q (kvar) Line Voltage with D-STATCOM D-STATCOM Q SVR2 tap Line Voltage without D-STATCOM (estimation) -195kVar -100kVar 60 sec 6250V 6515 V tap 4 tap 3 tap 2 D-STATCOM operation SVR operation DG sudden power change

12 STATCOM Project

13 Strand 2

14 STATCOM Project A supervisory and control system for distribution system considering distributed generators to maintain power quality State estimation - Load current - System voltage Optimal control parameter decision - Q(var), Tr.tap, … System modeling - Network - Load profiling Simulation/Analysis - Power quality - Power flow Monitoring - P, Q, V, I System DB - Line impedance, configuration - Load, DG, … Voltage controller - D-STATCOM - SVR - LBC Line voltage Feeder length S/S Voltage violation Time DG stop Voltage dip Flicker End Line voltage Concept of supervisory and control system

15 Future learning and developments Conclusion and next steps Voltage control is key to ensuring system stability in networks where there is embedded renewable energy generation and varying power demand Further development and product optimisation Policy discussions around network inclusion, ownership and operation

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