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I don’t like what I do… 3 options: Change my job – life’s too short Analyse why I don’t like it and change my attitude towards it Focus on the things.

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2 I don’t like what I do… 3 options: Change my job – life’s too short Analyse why I don’t like it and change my attitude towards it Focus on the things I do best and like most and bring them to the job CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

3 Career Management Cycle Where are you now? A self-awareness review. Think about your career priorities and values. Evaluate your current skills and abilities, experience, work-life balance, family commitments and constraints. Where do you want to be? Explore your options - anything from improving as a researcher to a complete change of career and life pattern. How will you get there? Make plans. Decide how to achieve the desired career outcome. Set manageable objectives and be prepared to revise these plans if things change. Getting there Take actions to fulfil your plans. What have you learned? Achieve your goal - celebrate! Begin the new cycle with a review and record of your completed activity: evidence of what you did and what you learned to use in the future.

4 CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3 Capitalise on career enhancing moments Planned happenstance Make your own luck Responsive to change ….. actively encouraging change Embrace new ideas Explore different opportunities Awareness of the big picture Interest in others


6 So you’ve got an interview… Types of interview - Find out how to deal with various interview types, from telephone to panel interviews. Preparing yourself - Steps you can take to ensure your interview goes smoothly. Making an impression - How to present yourself in the best possible light in graduate recruitment interviews. Interview questions - Tips on answering even the most difficult interview questions, as well as questions for you to ask recruiters. Interview problems - What to do if you’re not getting interviews or job offers. Job offers - Great - you've got a job offer so how do you respond?

7 Interviews

8 Interview answers - STAR Step 1 – Situation or Task Describe the situation that you were confronted with or the task that needed to be accomplished. Step 2 – Action This is the most important section of the STAR approach as it is where you will need to demonstrate and highlight the skills and personal attributes that the question is testing. What you did and how you did it Why you did it Step 3 – Result Explain what happened eventually – how it all ended. Also, use the opportunity to describe what you accomplished and what you learnt in that situation. Situation Task Action Result

9 Interviews Interview Skills Give examples USPsConfidence Know yourself Application form/CV Preparation Dress Smartly Body Language CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3



12 Building Confidence Recognise your strengths What do other people value about you? What do you like about yourself? What are you naturally good at? What have you achieved? Posture power Chose your role model And finally…… CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

13 Say it with Confidence 1. Know yourself 2. Think Positive 3. Talk Positive 4. Act Positive 5. Look Positive 6. Live Positive 7. Be Confident

14 Emergency Action Stand upright Check your posture Are you frowning – try to smile Link your fingers Yawn, deep breathing Shake your arms, hands and fingers Try to think of something funny Watch your body language Remind yourself of your motivation

15 Communicating with Confidence? CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3




19 Adapting your style MORE Control, LESS emotion Talk less, control your enthusiasm, make decisions from facts, acknowledge the roles of others MORE emotion, LESS control Express feelings, pay personal compliments, spend time on relationships, engage in small talk, socialise, use friendly body language Tell MORE, Ask LESS Get to the point, volunteer information, be willing to disagree, act on your convictions, initiate conversation Ask MORE, Tell LESS Ask for others’ opinions, negotiate decisions, listen without interrupting, adapt to the needs of others, let others assume leadership role When you’re with TASK people When you’re with PEOPLE people To INCREASE your assertiveness To REDUCE your assertiveness


21 Listening Skills When you listen do you really HEAR what the other person is saying? Devote you attention to listening – not thinking about your response Use attentive body language Use checking questions ‘Listen’ to their body language too Be comfortable about responding later CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

22 Negotiation

23 Preparing for Success Goals Trades Alternatives Relationships Expected outcomes Consequences Power Possible solutions CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

24 Making requests…. Signposting ‘In order for me to..’ WIIFM (What’s in it for me) ‘See how I can save us time …’ Make your request ‘I need to ask you about..’ CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

25 A Positive Approach How could we improve upon our outcomes What would you like to achieve from this meeting? What could we do differently next time? What is currently working that we can build on? CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

26 Handling objections Use FEEL, FELT, FOUND CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3 Your PI/Boss is reluctant to let you have time off to a development workshop I understand why you FEEL that I should not go, other PIs in the building FELT the same at first, but what they FOUND was that their staff identified their priorities and needs and their productivity and output increased

27 FeelFelt Found SaySaid Realised Think Thought Discovered CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3

28 Useful resources Career Trends – Building relationships booklet New Perspectives for Women workshops Interview Skills

29 Acknowledgments CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3 Laura Thompson Vitae Ros Taylor Shape Personality Type Profiles Mindtools

30 CamAWiSE Career Workshop 3


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