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Welcome delegates - MGI Conference 2009 Limited Presentation 27 th November 2009 1 Pay As You Go Applications and Hosted Applications - the.

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1 Welcome delegates - MGI Conference 2009 Limited Presentation 27 th November Pay As You Go Applications and Hosted Applications - the future of buying your practice software?, providers of innovative pay as you go applications discusses how this works and why its so cost effective for so many firms. Oh, and what is this cloud that everyone is now talking about – the myth cleared up.

2 Why are we here today? 2 o We have been hosting the IT infrastructure of Professional Services for 10 years o We know the Accountancy Sector ;- 100% of customer base can be referenced High client retention

3 – Introduction Formed 2000, profitable, cash generative, VC investor Private company, 60% management owned, 40% VC Managed Services and Hosting Solutions Provider with over 250 clients spanning 20 countries attention to service o High level of client retention o Long term relationships o Understanding client needs o Friendly service Telford based multiple data centres Highest levels of security and resilience to provide business continuity and DR Professional Services represent 70% of revenues Household customer names include o e.on o Aston Martin o Pertemps (ESOS) o Buyagift o GE o Cable & Wireless o many more... 3

4 - Introduction Already host and deliver solutions for many respected firms within the accountancy industry;- o Accountax o AGS o Ascendis o Bright Partnership o Charles Stuart o Probiz 4

5 Solutions 5 The Cloud SaaS (single Pay-as-you-go Managed Applications) IaaS (Pay-as-you-go unmanaged Servers) Fully Managed Services Pay-as-you-go Applications Hosted Applications

6 BBC News Microsoft to battle in the clouds - Video Vs Google Cloud Computing - Video stm 092.stm

7 So what's is this Cloud that Microsoft, Google, BT and Amazon are all talking about? 7 o Servers, sitting in multiple data centres, delivering services via the Internet, in a highly secure and resilient fashion o So whats new? o Nothing. have been delivering this for 10 years o The big boys have now recognised that this is the future for software provision o Therefore, a massive marketing drive is creating a new terminology called cloud computing o Microsoft Azure o But this is nothing new! o If your computer is not connected to the Internet, it is broken!

8 Software as a Service (SaaS) 8 Tends to be one application delivered by specialist vendor Tends to be a self service provision Tends to be web based or local client interaction IT user provision and management remains with customer Support is mainly via help pages, help videos etc Standard solution not tailored to each customer Multi tenanted platform Access anywhere 24x7x365 Phone support is often an optional upgrade Application specific support only No need to purchase or track own licenses Per user per month pricing, scalable Tends to be lower cost service for providers but high volume Short term flexible contract, often 30 day trails

9 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 9 Rent a platform Pay per resource not per user The customer manages their own applications on the platform Customer needs IT experience The Provider just supplies the virtual servers, the customer manages the platform and application deployment Access anywhere Removes need for capital purchase of hardware Removes need to backup hardware or keep it secure Increases flexibility and resource availability 24 x 7 Operating System only support

10 Fully Managed Service 10 Fully managed desktop Customer specific solution Delivery of all business applications Hosted applications Pay as you go applications No servers at customer site Simply internet connected PCs or terminals Access anywhere Total support of all applications or issues Outsourced IT department 24x7x365 support, web based and telephone Full SLA providing 99.9% uptime with performance guarantees Pay per user per month

11 Re-cap 11 The Cloud SaaS (single Pay-as-you-go Managed Applications) IaaS (Pay-as-you-go unmanaged Servers) Fully Managed Services Pay-as-you-go Applications Hosted Applications

12 Cloud Features & Benefits Features Benefits No capital outlayFrees up working capital Fixed monthly charges per user per monthFrees up working capital and known costs for forecasts and budgets Scalable up and downFlexible so can grow with the business. No step costs. Costs can reduce with lower numbers – not stuck with the overhead. Prime contractor roleOne point of responsibility for hosted environment and communications Fully managed and monitored NetworkNo surprises Network managed against spam and virusesReduced exposure Stable operating environmentHappy users Rapid system/application deploymentSupports business agility and facilitates quicker growth and development 12

13 Cloud Features & Benefits Features Benefits Managed SolutionLatest releases and updates managed by Hardware replacement programmeCentral hardware refresh at no extra cost Service Level guarantees 99+% uptimePeace of mind and compensation Any time, anywhere accessAllows staff access to the system worldwide for flexibility and utilisation 365 days x 24 hour support with real people. Skills and knowledge. Allows IT resource to focus on added value activity. Clear understanding and sympathy. Resilient systems and back up for networks and infrastructure More uptime – gives compliance to rules and gives ability to increase utilisation and meet customer needs DR and replicationAs above plus additional peace of mind SecurityReduced exposure to data and environment 13

14 Security 14 All data is held securely on servers in the cloud o No need to take sensitive data from the office o No remote pools of data that are not backed up o Remote wipe of lost Blackberrys Anti-spam and anti-virus firewalls Resilient environment Full Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Fully compliant solution

15 Cloud Cost Savings TangibleIntangible Eliminate the need for expensive hardware maintenance contracts Purchase of software licences and updates/renewals all included in in monthly fee Back ups - reduces the cost of hardware for performing backups and IT resource time spent on performing them. No huge up-front capital required No loss of cash flow from using upfront capital to purchase/replace an in-house system Reduced insurance fees Savings in floor space with no need for computer room No capital spend on SPAM and virus software Improved efficiency - access data from anywhere anytime Redeployment of IT assets Time and money saved by reduction in IT downtime Fixed monthly costs enabling accurate budgeting 24x7x365 support / peace of mind Flexibility - your IT spend will always be in line with your business, a fully scalable solution. Leading edge disaster recovery procedures, meeting Frees up time to concentrate on your core competencies Guaranteed services levels State of the art security systems - peace of mind 15

16 Accreditations & Compliance 16 Meets Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity legislation

17 Added Value Services For The Accountant Share data Resell to generate recurring revenue Create sticky customers Offer additional services through great accessibility of customer data Payroll Bureau Management Accounts Quasi FD 17

18 Case Study 18 AGS Steve Aston, Partner

19 References 19 o Press Room Press Releases White Papers Press Coverage eNotes - Podcast Series e-knowledge Bulletins eTouch Newsletter o Customers Case Studies Testimonials Survive and Thrive Guide

20 Questions………..? 20

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