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English 9 Warwick High School College, Career, & Citizen Ready.

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1 English 9 Warwick High School College, Career, & Citizen Ready

2 Introduction What is my plan for the future? Objectives 1.Establish short-term and long-term goals 2.Create a personality mandala 3.Research a Career Pathway and college of interest 4.Create a Career Pathways PowerPoint that outlines your post-secondary plans 5.Maintain and update your PowerPoint ending 2017

3 Introduction Internet Reminders 1.Do not visit other websites beyond the ones provided for this project. Failure to comply will cause your internet privileges to be revoked. 2.Take care of the computers. Do not damage them in any way. You will be held responsible for any damages. 3.Secure and conceal your electronic devices. This is not the time to charge your devices.

4 Career Pathway The Required Categories: Overview: Job description (What are your typical/daily duties and tasks? Where will you work? How many hours/days per week?) High School Preparation: Career Specific Courses (program of study), Extracurricular Activities, and Service Learning Entry Requirements: What do you need to do or accomplish before you enter your career? (Education, experience, training) Skills and Qualities: Which skills and personal qualities should you have? (Compare to your personality test results). Advancement and Promotion: How can you earn a raise? How can you advance? What additional training might you need?

5 Career Pathway Steps: 1.Select your Career Pathway by clicking here. Make sure you click on the “pathway map” or “” link. here 2.Write down or type your discoveries. 3.Remember, you are finding the following information for your Career Pathway: overview, high school preparation, entry requirements, skills and qualities, and advancement and promotion. 4.If you cannot locate all of the information, then visit US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook.US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook

6 Career Pathway

7 Occupational Outlook Handbook

8 College The Required Categories: Overview: Location (rural, urban, etc.), climate, type of school, athletic/academic programs, mascot, acreage, etc. Entry Requirements: What do you need to ensure your acceptance to this college? (GPA, coursework, SAT/ACT scores, number of recommendations, extracurricular activities etc.) Statistics: demographics, acceptance rates, graduation and placement rates, and tuition Major and Degree Information: How long will it take to earn your degree? What are the course requirements for earning a degree in this major? You must use the college’s official website.

9 College Steps: 1.To determine your current knowledge regarding the college experience, click here to take the quiz. Write down any new knowledge. here 2.After completing the quiz, read “Get Ready,” “Make a Plan: Freshman,” and “Costs and Financial Aid”. Write down any new knowledge. 3.Visit the website of the three colleges you have selected. Skim information regarding acceptance. You may decide that you no longer like this college. 4.Choose one college to research. This college should be the one that you will work to receive a letter of acceptance in 2017.

10 College College Quiz

11 The Product Minimum of 15 slides with Title Slide: must include MLA Heading, Career Pathway, and College Slide 2: Mandala Slide 3: Short-term Goals Slide 4: Long-term Goals Slide 5 and subsequent slides: Career Pathway and College. Must be in order Potential Colleges Slide (3) Resource Slide: Copy and paste your Career Pathway and College links; you should have no more than three links Include personal and academic goals.

12 The Product When you are ready to type your PowerPoint, go to “File: Save As.” You must save your document using the following file name: LastName_FirstName_2017ePortfolio It should look like this: Smith_John_2017ePortfolio Choose Hand Ins, then English, and Walker. Click and drag your document into your class’s ePortfolio folder in my Hand-ins folder.

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