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Homework: OL 10.1 for Friday FrontPage: NNIGN. Chapter 8, Section 1.

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1 Homework: OL 10.1 for Friday FrontPage: NNIGN

2 Chapter 8, Section 1

3 Role of the Vice President  What are the Constitutional duties of the VP? Have VP’s had much of a role throughout history? How has the office of the VP changed in recent years?


5 “Balancing the Ticket” What does it mean for a VP to “Balance the ticket”?  Geographically  Politically  Personality / Personal characteristics –  VPs also may be chosen to fill a perceived weakness with presidential candidate. 

6 “Balancing the Ticket”  Can you figure out how these VP candidates “balanced” their “tickets”?  Geographically?  Politically?  Personality/Personal Characteristics?

7 A Heartbeat Away…  So the VP is next in line, and one of his major functions is just to be ready in case the President can’t be President.  But what happens if both the President and the VP are unable to serve at the same time?  We have a plan for who would take over if that should happen…  What is this plan called?

8 The Order of Succession to the Presidency  What does “Order of Succession” mean?  How was the order determined?  Article II of the Constitution  Acts of Congress  The 25 th amendment.  Constitution- Article II, Section 1  What does this part of the Constitution say about what will happen if the president cannot serve for any reason?  What is the problem with this part of the Constitution?

9 Presidential Succession Act (1947)  Why is the time period significant for the passage of this act?  What did this act of Congress do?  What is the current order of succession? 1.Vice President 2.Speaker of the House 3.President pro tempore of the Senate 4.Secretary of State 5.Secretary of the Treasury 6.Secretary of Defense 7.Attorney General - 11 other Cabinet departments follow, last is dept. of homeland security

10 Line of Presidential Succession 1. Vice President – Joe Biden 2. Speaker of the House- John Boehner 3. President pro tem of Senate – Daniel Inouye 4. Secretary of State-Hillary Clinton 5. Secretary of the Treasury- Timothy Geithner 6. Secretary of Defense- Robert Gates 7. Attorney General- Eric Holder 8. … …

11 25 th Amendment (1967)  How did the 25 th amendment “fill out” the remaining issues with the order of succession?

12 Fun Game:  What are the original 3 “formal” Constitutional requirements for the President?  List 4 common characteristics of past presidents.  Name 1 government position that many presidents have held just prior to becoming president.  What is the salary, and how long is the term of office of the president?  What are the only 2 constitutional duties of the Vice President?  After the VP, list the next 3 positions in the OoS.  Describe what happens if the VP position becomes vacant.  **Bonus Question:…

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