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2 To Teachers: For Part I, use a rating with 1 as slowest and 4 as the highest. Rate yourself along the indicators under each performance standard. Circle the appropriate rating that applies to you in every item. For clearer understanding, refer to the expanded rubrics for the holistic description/interpretation of the rating values.

3 4- Highly Proficient (HP)
Teacher performance consistently exceeds expectations. Displays at all time a consistently high level of performance related skills, abilities, attributes, initiatives and productivity. All assignments/responsibilities are completed beyond the level of expectation. Self-direction of the teacher is evident.

4 3- Proficient (P) Teacher performance often exceeds expectations. Displays a high level of competency related to skills, abilities, initiatives and productivity, exceeding requirements in many of the areas.

5 2- Basic (B) Teacher’s performance meets basic expectations based on standards. Displays basic level of work and performance outputs as required outcomes or expectations of the job.

6 1- Below Basic (BB) Teacher performance on the job and outputs frequently fall below standard. Work outputs consistently low, regularly fails to meet required outcomes needing repetition of duty or by completion of others. The teacher may need immediate instructional support.

7 Part II, the PLUS FACTOR shall be used for Summative Appraisal at the end of the school year. It’s a list of performance beyond the call of duty which are not included in the indicators of Part I. Every Plus Factor item has a value of .04 and a teacher may earn a maximum of .4 point during the summative appraisal period. Check the item being claimed. Duly certified evidences of the plus factor claimed should be found in your Teacher’s Portfolio.

8 Only teachers who have an overall rating description of Highly Proficient, Proficient, or Basic shall claim the Plus Factor component in the appraisal system.

9 I. Instructional Competence
_____ 1. Acted as a mentor/coach in professional development to at least 2 peers. _____ 2. Served as demonstration teacher at least once in a rating period, for peers, cooperating teachers, resource teachers in the in-service and pre-service students on innovative teaching strategies, classroom management.

10 _____ 3. Conducted one (1) action research whose findings and recommendations have been adopted by the school (district or division) _____ 4. Acted as coordinator, chairperson in activities, projects that relate to Instructional Competence. _____ 5. Innovated teaching strategies, classroom management and assessment to enhance learning.

11 _____ 6. Increased the difference in the achievement rate of the division post test over the pretest by 2.5% or higher on all classes taught. _____ 7. Maintained zero drop out rate or reduced drop out rate in the class.

12 II. School, Home and Community Linkages
_____ 1. Organized and implemented at least one (1) home-school-community project in a rating period which resulted to enhanced learning outcomes. _____ 2. Established a model that exemplifies a learning environment conducive to teaching and learning (i.e. Science Gardens, Mathematics Laboratory, Model classrooms, others)

13 _____ 3. Made at least one (1) best practice on how to involve majority of the parents in the education of their children. _____ 4. Conducted at least one (1) action research and shared results to peers on problems related to learning environment, home, school and community involvement.

14 _____ 5. Conducted at least two (2) home visitations to encourage parents to support their children in their school activities; to reduce absenteeism and tardiness. _____ 6. Others not included but related to school, home and community involvement.

15 III. Personal, Social Growth and Professional Characteristics
_____ 1. Received award(s) for exemplary personal and professional attributes such as honesty and integrity, leadership, dedication, initiative, courtesy, fairness of an outstanding teacher from recognized academic institutions and other award-giving bodies. _____ 2. Acted as coach or trainer to award winning students in academic and non-academic contests recognized at least at the division level.

16 _____ 3. Earned a relevant professional trainings (an aggregate of at least 60 hours) or graduated from a higher relevant degree. _____ 4. Received scholarship awards, educational exchange, educational observation, study tour and the like which have competitive screening process. (Claim can only be made after the award has been enjoyed) _____ 5. Others not mentioned but related to personal and professional characteristics.

17 CB-PAST Summary of Ratings Template
Criteria Assigned Weight No. of Terms Score Mean (Score ÷ no. of items Description of the TPI Weighted Average (Mean x Weight) I. INSTRUCTIONAL COMPETENCE (60%) A. Diversity of Learners 10 % 7 B. Curriculum Content and Pedagogy 30% 12 C. Planning, Assessing and Reporting 20% 9 Sum of the Weighted Average of A, B and C

18 Mean (Score ÷ no. of items Weighted Average (Mean x Weight)
Criteria Assigned Weight No. of Terms Score Mean (Score ÷ no. of items Description of the TPI Weighted Average (Mean x Weight) II. Home, School and Community Involvement (20%) D. Learning Environment 10 % 6 E. Community Linkages 10% Sum of the Weighted Average of D and E

19 Mean (Score ÷ no. of items Weighted Average (Mean x Weight)
Criteria Assigned Weight No. of Terms Score Mean (Score ÷ no. of items Description of the TPI Weighted Average (Mean x Weight) III. Personal Growth and Professional Development (20%) F. Social Regard for Learning 10 % 4 G. Personal, Social Growth and Professional Development 10% 10 Sum of the Weighted Average of F and G

20 Formative Performance Rating
(Sum of the Total Weighted Average of I, II and III) Description for Overall Performance Rating in TPI for Formative Appraisal Plus Factor (for the Summative Appraisal) (Each item gets A maximum of 0.4 will be added to the Total Weighted Average) Summative Performance Rating (Sum of the Total Weighted Mean from I, II, III and the Plus Factor earned) Description of Overall Performance Rating with critical requirement for Summative Appraisal


Teacher Personal Profile/ Personal Data Sheet Teacher’s TSNA Result Purposes of the Portfolio to include among others (a) Targets Set for the Students Learning Outcomes and (b) Individual Plan for Professional Development (IPPD)

Evidences for the Instructional Competence Evidences for Home, School, Community Linkages Evidences for Personal, Social and Professional Development Evidences for Plus Factor Evidences of School Outcomes: Achievement Rate, Participation Rate, Drop-out Rate

CB-PAST Form 1 for TEACHERS CB-PAST Form 2 for MASTER TEACHERS CB-PAST Form 3 for TEACHER PERFORMANCE OBSERVATION GUIDE FORM 3A- Observation Guide for Instructional Competence FORM 3B- Observation Guide for School, Home, Community Linkages FORM 3C- Observation Guide for Personal Growth and Professional Development

Teacher’s reflection may also be placed after every component of Portfolio evidence in Part II or should be collectively placed in this section as a summary reflection.

26 V. REMARKS School heads, instructional leaders and other observers are encouraged to write remarks which are valuable to the teacher in this section.

27 2. Monitors, assesses and evaluates pupil’s/student’s progress.
Teacher I, II and III with Salary Grades 11, 12, 13 (Including substitutes, locally funded and volunteer teachers) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES UNDER GENERAL SUPERVISION: 1. Facilitates learning in the elementary/secondary schools through functional lesson plans, daily log of activities and appropriate , adequate and updated instructional materials (print and non-print) 2. Monitors, assesses and evaluates pupil’s/student’s progress.

28 3. Undertakes activities to improve performance indicators. 4
3. Undertakes activities to improve performance indicators. 4. Maintains updated pupil/student school records. 5. Updates parents on pupils’/students’ progress regularly. 6. Supervises curricular and co-curricular projects and activities. 7. Counsels and guides pupil/students.

29 8. Conducts action research. 9
8. Conducts action research. 9. Maintains cleanliness, orderliness, safety and upkeep of the classroom. 10. Participates in staff development activities and utilizes KSAs gained from seminars, trainings and scholarships. 11. Maintains harmonious relationship with fellow teachers and other school personnel as well as with parents and other stakeholders. 12. Supports activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations. 13. Does relate work.

30 Master Teacher I, II, III and IV with Salary Grades 18, 19, 20, 21
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. Assumes leadership in the environment of instructional programs and preparation of instructional materials as in the following: MT I: in at least 2 grade/year levels MT II: in at least 3 grade/ year levels MT III: in at least 4 grade/ 3 year levels MT IV: in all grade/ year levels

31 2. Conducts instructional training programs in the school, district or division. 3. Provides professional assistance to teachers like coaching and monitoring. 4. Develops and/or implements innovative and functional teaching approaches and strategies every school year, as follows: MT I-II: at least 1 MT III-IV: at least 2

32 5. Serves as demonstration teacher and/or consultant MT I: at least school and district level MT II: school, district and division levels MT III: school, district, division, and regional levels MT IV: school, district, division, regional and national levels 6. Conduct action research. 7. Leads in the analysis and utilization of test results. 8. Does related work.


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