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CV Staff Development Paul Snape. Personal Profiles.

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1 CV Staff Development Paul Snape

2 Personal Profiles

3 Who gets the job? What stood out? What did you remember? Why would you take them through to interview?

4 10 – 15 seconds Eye catching Something to capture readers imagination Examples, not “what” but “how” Unique Name, company, qualifications Roughly 150 words in length

5 What to include Follow 3 rules who, what and where. How you did it, examples Changing to the job you are applying for. Use wordings from person specs. On average 46 other people will be applying for the same job

6 What to leave out Age Negatives Reasons for gaps in employment Don’t just state “givens” Spelling mistakes Punctuation errors

7 Task Create a personal profile no longer than 5 -10 lines for someone within the room, without using the following words: Committed Hardworking Reliable Flexible Time keeping

8 What is the most important part of a CV All of it!!

9 Types of CV’s 1.Skills based CV 2.Chronological based CV

10 Skill Based Key Points The main focus is on the person Ideal for someone with little to no work history. Follows no particular pattern

11 Chronological Based Key Points Information in a logical order Easy to follow Ideal for people with a consistent work history or specific career path

12 CV Do’s and Dont’s Do include information that matches the vacancy and the business of the employer. Do make sure you tailor the CV to the vacancy, one CV definitely does not fit all. Do make sure you do a final check of the spelling, punctuation and grammar of the CV before sending it, and then check it again. Do keep track of the CVs you’ve sent, nothing shows lack of interest more when the employer rings than not knowing you’ve applied. Don’t make it too long and repetitive. Don’t forget to include a covering letter. Don’t forget to do your research on the company and what the job role is, important for your CV, but also for your potential interview

13 Task Look through the CV’s and pick two positives and two negatives from each one. Which CV would you take through to interview and why, which ones would you discard.

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