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By Ogbekile Emmanuel Chiedu. Section 1 Definition of CV Why do we need CV How do we organize our CV Characteristics of a good CV Section 2 Meaning of.

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1 By Ogbekile Emmanuel Chiedu

2 Section 1 Definition of CV Why do we need CV How do we organize our CV Characteristics of a good CV Section 2 Meaning of interview. Relevance of interview for both employer and employee. What to say and how to say it in interview. Section 3 Short Business/Marketing Tips for self employed.

3 A CV(Curriculum Vitae) is a document that detailed the description of an employee as will be appreciated by an employer. The CV is a marketing tool for an employee.  Why do we need CV. In the absence of an employee, the CV represents the employee before an employer. 1.1.3 How do we organize our CV? The CV should be organized to look attractive before an employer. When preparing a CV, it is important that recent developments and achievements are always on top of the list in every segment of the CV.

4  Personal Data: Names Sex Contact address Date of Birth. Email address Phone number. State, LGA, Nationality, Religion, Marital Status etc.  Professional Membership if any. Eg ICAN, CIPM, ISACA etc NOT ACA, CPM, CISA - ask the audience for other professional bodies.

5  The recent qualification and date comes first. E.g  Qualification Date.  FCA2012  ACA2011  CCNA2009.

6  Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso2006-2008  University of Benin, Edo state2000-2004  Federal Government college, Ado –Ekiti1995-1999.  Qualifications Obtained with Dates- it must start from the recent.  MBA(Marketing)2008  BSC Economics(Second Class Lower)2004  West African School Certificate (WAEC)1999

7 Starting from the recent  1.  2. etc  BSC Project work.  Additional Skills if any

8 NOTE: Sometimes people write “Working experience” instead of “WORK EXPERIENCE”. Please be mindful of this correction. The work experience in CV can be arranged as follows:  Equity Investment Ltd(Account officer ) - 2009-Date  Duties:  Cash collection and payment.  Account reconciliation.  AIICO insurance PLC (Marketing Officer) - 2006-2008.  Duties:  Prospecting customers for insurance policy  Product sales.  NYSC-Ebonyi State Secretariat, Abakaliki. 2005-2006.

9 Reading, Cooking etc  Reference: The reference should include name of referee, Address and phone number. E.g Mr. Tony Ilemi SIO Limited Asaba 08043312711  Characteristics of a good CV Must be concise and contains all relevant details. Well formatted

10 First impression matters a lot. Greet “Good Morning or Good afternoon or Good evening). You don’t need to bow while greeting. Do not sit until you are given a seat. When offered a seat, DO NOT drag it or rearrange the seat. Do not place your hand on the panel’s table. Speak good English and be current.

11  Browse the company website to get some detailed info about the company.e.g, MD, Chairman and every other relevant info. The knowledge of company’s recent achievements is very key.  Can we meet you?- here you have to paraphrase your CV.  What can you do for us- In response, make reference to your training in school or in your previous employers which have given you the necessary skill to add more value to the organization. See yourself as someone who has been equipped to add value to the organization as well as a learner who is desiring to lean more, increase your strength and add more value to the organization. You may be asked to give details of your current job specification for those who have experiences.

12  For fresh graduate, you may be ask how you intend to achieve a stated goal in the organization.  Your may be taken up in your field of study irrespective of what you are applying for. Please take time to read most of your school materials.  Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? – Here, let your career path direct your response.  Do not sound so pathetic when you are asked question about your family. You will not be employed on pathetic ground. Sounding pathetic may give the employer the impression that you could be a threat to the company when employed.  What are your strength? – your are honest, hard working, and receptive to new ideas.  What are your weakness?- be careful here not to give bad impression of your personality.  Please ensure that your are well grounded in the position applied for. For entry, ensure that your memory of course of study is still very fresh. Any applicant should be ready to read and make research.  Cash negotiation: For experience in most cases, it will depend on the position you are applying for which you must have known the package.  For non experience or entry- Your response could be “I know that you have a package for entry which I believe will be ok for me” but if you have idea of what entry package is, you may make a demand. Be careful not to over or under price yourself.

13 What do you know about us?- here you need the information gotten from the company website. The recent achievements of the company. Who is your role model?-Your role model is the person you know very well and you can say much about him. Don’t sound so religious. Why are you not yet Married? – This question can come for those who may be getting delayed in marriage. In response, give short duration on when you intend to get married. You may say that “Preparation is already on ground”. the progress made so far In your relationship is required and not the difficulties the relationship has suffered. Do not give excuse or give a pathetic reasons. Any question for us?- you are free to ask questions that are very relevant otherwise, say no.

14  Dress professional in your jacket and well knotted tie for men.  Polished shoes.  Comb your hair, wash your mouth and have a clean shave.  Avoid putting on sandals.  The color of your shoes must be the same with the color of your belt.  Do not use pattern tie on pattern shirt.  Pattern tie should go with plain shirt.  Plain tie can be used on both pattern or plain shirt.  It is not advisable to use pattern tie on stripes suit.  Avoid Color riot.  Use admirable perfume if you have.

15  Dress professional in your trouser or skirt suit.  You may need to visit the salon if your hair is old.  Your make up should not be a “shouting” type. It should be moderate and attractive.  The color of your shoe must agree with the color of your hand bag.  Use admirable perfume.  Carefully select an attractive camisole  More contributions on ladies dress here please……

16  The goods in your store should look clean, attractive and of good quality.  Ensure that after sale service is your priority- for vendors.  Give every customer a memorable experience.  Don’t sell sub standard product.  Have a good knowledge of your product.  Your ambience must look very tidy and attractive especially for those that are into consumable and edible e.g caterers.  Always call your client to know if he/she is having challenge with the service you have rendered.

17  Pray for God of perfection to do the rest. Wishing us all success in our careers.

18 Thank you

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