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2 Components of a good C.V. Style – the layout, formatting and headings you use Content – All good stuff about you Positives Points of agreement – Point out how and why you meet their requirements.

3 CURRICULUM VITAE Summary of one’s life –details of education, experiences and achievement Personal Details – Name and Address, Ph.No, and own home page or web page Easy to read language, design, focus on the job, quotes from people Look at the job(s) you apply Use font size 10-12, Arial/Times New Roman style Typed in A4 size paper

4 Importance of CV CV will give chance to evaluate yourself
CVs are mostly used to screen candidates for interview CVs are the first introducer to the interviewer and explains your complete background

5 Types of CV Chronological CV – Education and Training is given importance. The latest qualification comes first – reverse order Functional / Skill based CV- CVs are created with concentrate on skills and responsibilities or experiences. Usually meant for experienced persons Speculative CV - sent not based on any advertisement match your skills, experiences, education with the skills of the job requires Sent to right person if possible by name Emphasis on achievements and results. It should be given in quantifiable terms

6 Order of Contents in CV Name and address Contact Details
Career Objectives Educational Qualification Awards (if you have any) Skillsets and personal attributes Experiences / employment history Voluntary work (if you have done any) Extracurricular activities, interests and hobbies References

7 Career Objectives Your career objective tells the employer what you are really looking for in a position. For team work job: I want to work in a team where we can take on new and exciting challenges.

8 Educational Qualifications
Should be written in a reverse chronological order With percentage of marks and name of the Institution Year of passing

9 Awards Awards demonstrate your achievements to your employer
Forget about any awards you received prior to 7 years Give the award details with quantifiable terms

10 Skillsets This section tells the employer what skills you have that fit the position they are looking for. Try to describe the skill you have and how you have demonstrated it. For eg., Key boarding skill – with wpm Communication skill – I have been a member of the debating team at school Basic Computer Skills – I regularly use to communicate with other people and the internet to research topics of interest.

11 Employment history Part time jobs – tuition, data entry, etc.,
You may have taken a position during your holidays State your employer, position held, responsibilities, Duration and Key achievements For eg: Sales Assistant, Rama retails shop, to till date My role as a part time sales assistant, I am responsible for assisting customer with their enquiries and processing sale transactions. Key achievements: Demonstrated excellent customer service Communicated effectively with customers to ensure that their needs were met.

12 Voluntary Work Some activities that you may have done on a voluntary basis This area will help you to tell an employer how you have learnt new skills, worked with a team and learnt responsibilities for your assigned work. For eg., Volunteered library work Organising educational tours Mobilizing fund for some disaster areas Community based activities

13 Interests and Hobbies In this section you can demonstrate your strengths to an employer If you have a limited experiences, this is a valuable tool for demonstrating your abilities to an employer. For eg: Puzzle solving Playing Football / any team games Please avoid jokes and irrelevant hobbies such as sleeping etc.,

14 References This is the final part of the C.V.
Include the names, organisations and contact numbers of people who can act as referees for you. Give them a call and ask their willingness to act as a referee for you.

15 DO’s Be brief - a two page resume is ideal
Prepare CVs for individual companies Customize your resume for your job target Use action verbs/ positive words – it will create strong impact. eg. motivated, monitored, created, analyzed, coordinated etc.

16 DONT’S Avoid folding your CV
Don’t include irrelevant information – previous Salary, unproofed awards, prizes and publications etc. Say what you did, not what you think Personal information – marital status, religion, health, native place etc. Avoid unusual font size, stylish letters, graphics, underlining and unusual spacing etc. Avoid repeating information Avoid personal pronouns (I, my, me) Don’t outsource, do it yourself.

17 CV Writing Tips Focus on the job you want
Emphasis on achievement and results Easy to read design and language Spelling mistakes are unforgivable Education or employment first Quantify every statement Tips from websites ( and Ask someone to review your CV

18 Covering Letter The cover letter reflects your communication skills and to some extent your personality 1. Name and address - Left side top Date and Place - Right side top 2. Head the Letter - Subject and Reference 3. The middle paragraph – Brief description of your education and experiences 4. Closing - The closing in which you propose step for further action. Don’t end with hit the mark, use sentence with gentle and polite manner .

19 Model Covering Letter 18-11-2005 From Deepa,M 180,Kamaraj Nagar
Coimbatore From Deepa,M 180,Kamaraj Nagar Coimbatore – 2 To The Advertiser PO Box 1116 Times of India, Delhi. Sir, Sub: Application for the post of Junior Accountant Ref: The Hindu dated This is with reference to your above advertisement in the Wednesday ( ) edition of The Hindu for the post of Junior Accountant for which I would like to submit my application. As per your requirements, I am a graduate with a Commerce background and with Accountancy as my specialty subject. For the past one year, I have been working as assistant to a senior Accountant employed a reputed firm and gave gained a fair amount of experience in the above mentioned field. If you consider that my application is worth considering, I can be available for interview at any time to suit your convenience, even at a short notice. Thanking You, Yours Sincerely, (Deepa,M)

20 Model Curriculum Vitae
K.Venkatesh 2/14 Marutham nagar, Coimbatore –20 Phone: e mail: Job Title : Junior Accountant Objectives: seeking a suitable and challenging career-oriented job with an organization where my knowledge and skills could be utilized to the maximum. Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Completed in 2004 at Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore) Diploma in computer Accounting Management (DCAM) Experience: Presently working as System Administrator cum Accounts Assistants at Cheran Group of Companies - Responsibilities: Maintenance of all Accounts, Handle Central Excise and Commercial Tax, Rectifying the minor problems in computer both software and hardware.Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of Systems in Lan Environment (10 systems with printers). working in a financial company as Accountant (Part time job), Attended Advanced Accountancy Training during summer holidays

21 Skill Sets: Soft Ware Knowledge: Language: Visual Basic 6.0, H.T.M.L and Basic DBMS: Fox Pro, MS-Access and Fox base Operating System: Windows 98,ME,XP and Ms-Dos Server Based OS: Windows 2000 Server Packages: Tally 5.4., Ms-Office and WordStar Languages Known: Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and English Soft Skills: Good Communication, Key boarding skill, Commitment to the work and Adjustable with others. Achievements: Received a shield for standing FIRST in overall academics during the second year UG Best Cadet Award received in NCC for the year Participated in H.A.T Competition conducted by Christ College –Bangalore. Member of Anti Corruption Movement (Chennai) Minor Project about “Micro Credit for Rural Women Groups” done in UG Course. Signature

22 Thank You Questions?


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