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The Lawson Performance Review

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1 The Lawson Performance Review
(LPR) Identifying quick wins and initiatives to maximise the M3 implementation

2 Professional Services Director
Fuaad Buras Professional Services Director

3 Presentation Aim Update you on the LPR product which I launched
in the LUA UK ... Key Lessons / Messages from a number of customers as a result of these M3 reviews

4 Presentation Content Totalamber Changes minutes The LPR Launch minutes Recent LPR Examples minutes Key Messages from LPRs conducted... 5 minutes Q&A minutes

5 Totalamber Support Centre
We have changed as a business ... Totalamber Lawson CoRE Totalamber UNIT4 CoRE Totalamber IFS CoRE WebQuarters® Totalamber Support Centre Software Vendors Technology Partners CoRE Consultants Clients Totalamber Pillars Think Implement & Support Productised Service Offerings Replace Market Research Products & Services Go To Market Workshops & Webex Onsite Review CBA Proposal Delivery Account Development

6 We have created a support centre ... Director of Support Services
David Hartshorne Director of Support Services Helpdesk Administrator System Administrator Technical Consultant Report Writer Business Analyst Full time staff Remote Support Onsite Support Systems Administration SLAs Working with vendors and users

7 Totalamber Lawson CoRE Team
Lawson Business Unit ... Nick Devine Director of Lawson Services Professional Services Sales Support Lawson Pre-Sales Market Researcher Totalamber Lawson CoRE Team

8 Presentation Content Totalamber Developments ... The LPR Launch... Recent LPR Examples... Key Messages from LPRs conducted... Q&A ...

9 What is LPR? LPR The Lawson Performance Review (LPR) checks if M3 is configured appropriately to meet the business needs – its strategy, processes and people. An impartial fit-gap assessment Roadmap for change – enhance, upgrade or re-evaluate Typical LPR Structure: One to two days on site (depending on scope / complexity) One to two days write up Half day Presentation & Agreeing Next Steps

10 M3 Landscape – Issues, Quick Wins & Initiatives
Business Market Strategy – Products / Services Customers Strategy Key Priorities Constraints Entities Performance Measures Processes Business Development Project Mgt Manufacturing Services Fulfilment Logistics Finance Customer Service Quality Assurance Human Resources People Local Culture Languages Skill Sets Buy-in Roles & Responsibilities LPR BALANCING ACT Lawson M3 Delivery Model – e.g. SaaS Modules Infrastructure Operating System Database Customisations Integration Information Reporting

11 The LPR Layers LPR Area LPR Validation Score BUSINESS
Model KPIs Sites Entities Local Regulations Priorities (1) Business Strategy Company Vision Market Strategy Functional Objectives Measures (2) Interaction Channels Customer Channels Employee Channels Supplier Channels Partner Channels PROCESSES Departments Policies Procedures Flows Rules Controls (3) People Buy-in Ownership Roles Structures PEOPLE Culture Roles Skill sets Training Buy-in Capacity (4) Business processes Definition Documentation Rules Controls (5) Information Management Master Data Meta Data Reports Business Intelligence M3 Modules Hardware Database Information Network Support (6) Integration Management Process Integration Data Consolidation Legacy Interfacing

12 The LPR Layers LPR Area LPR Validation Score BUSINESS (7) IT Strategy
Model KPIs Sites Entities Local Regulations Priorities LPR Area LPR Validation Score (7) IT Strategy Operating Models IT Architecture Hardware Databases Support Organisation PROCESSES Departments Policies Procedures Flows Rules Controls (8) Lawson ERP Modules Interaction Types Users Profiles Security Strategy Technologies Middleware Data Architecture Reporting Tools Development Configuration Upgrade Path PEOPLE Culture Roles Skill sets Training Buy-in Capacity M3 Modules Hardware Database Information Network Support

13 Customer Options Enhance LPR Upgrade Re-evaluate Quick Wins
Simplify GUI Smart Office Initiatives Search Module Implementation Queries Documentation Mgt Users Education Reporting Improvements Hours/Days Technical Tuning Process Streamlines Weeks/Months LPR Upgrade Define Set up Build & Test Rollout Support Feasibility Process Plan Governance Hardware Software Database Data Business rules Configuration Reports Customisation Integration UAT Training Data Cutover Live Handholding Helpdesk DR Operations Projects New Joiners Re-evaluate Requirements Evaluation Selection Contractual Business Process Technical People Plans RFI RFP Market Research Demos Due Diligence Negotiations Decision making Communications Terms & conditions Legal Payment

14 Presentation Content Totalamber Developments ... The LPR Launch... Recent LPR Examples... Key Messages from LPRs conducted... Q&A ...

15 How did the LPRs go? Met the business and IT managers / sponsors for an hour Set up interviews (1 hour long) with each business key user / process owner where we: Asked about the processes and related issues Checked the M3 configurations – check data / screens / outputs Highlighted potential alternative solutions – quick wins / initiatives Day 1 Documented the quick wins and 4-8 initiatives with estimates and owners Validated the quick wins and initiatives list with the business and IT sponsors Documented the final report giving improvement plan and costs Day 2 Present the full report to stakeholders Commence improvements – quick wins / plan initiatives Day 3

16 LPR Output 1: Validation of AS-IS & TO-BE

17 “AS IS” – Understanding & Capturing the landscape
EXAMPLE Implemented M3 few years ago with promise to enhance usability after Go-Live Business changed since initial implementation – e.g. Becoming more project based No KPIs agreed – too many reports but little measurement and improvements Inconsistency of implementation between sites / regions (moving away from blueprint) Business People Processes Technology Diamond Methodology No process flow, maps or docs Teams working in silos Limited appreciation of process and M3 touch points No up-to-date mods documentation Difficulty in audit trail – back tracking a process / data Very few people know how the current system is set-up Key individuals left the organisation No formal training was provided to the workforce Limited level of confidence in data / M3 – slave to system M3 is under utilised: 50%-65% of functionality is still unused Several major and relevant M3 modules & features not understood (e.g. MOM) Too many manual systems and interventions – spreadsheets and databases still used (Finance Controller) spends too much time consolidating data and filling gaps

18 “TO BE” – where the organisation needs to be with M3?
EXAMPLE Senior Sponsors – Introduce and cement the right management and culture (e.g. Project Oriented) M3 for new business model - Redefine and re-configure M3 to support new changes Measure & manage each business activities - Formalise KPI and link to new processes Regional capabilities - Group standards vs. Local site requirements Business People Processes Technology Diamond Methodology Efficiencies - Streamline processes between teams Update guidelines – update manuals to meet new approach Integrated Plan - Process to manage a single plan detailing all project activities Track project time - Time recording policy and processes to calculate true project costs Raise M3 Confidence - Raise team awareness of what is available in M3 M3 Training - full team and develop tailored training sessions (2-3 hours each session) Involvement – Get more people involved in shaping M3 and its use going forward Automation of integration - Automated feeds between M3 and external systems New Modules / Capabilities – Implement new capabilities to minimise manual interventions (e.g. E-Invoicing) Shop Floor Data Capture - Implement the M3 data capture (touch screen)

19 LPR Output 2: Quick Wins & Initiatives Summaries
What? Benefits? How? Effort? (Cost)

20 20 to 30 Quick wins / 4 to 8 initiatives Implementation Benefits
EXAMPLE 20 to 30 Quick wins / 4 to 8 initiatives # Quick Win Quick Win Description Implementation Benefits Set Up / Activities TA Effort Business Priority 1 Demand Planner – a number of (12) customers not coming through Review of setup/config to identify why these customers do not get included from Sales Statistics Full, complete Demand Planner database to support forecasting Investigate Communicate Correct 4 hrs 2 Orders via Ability to order confirmations through appropriate Streamserve setup Improved efficiency reduced postage/stationery costs. Set up server / Educate users / Configure / Test Script / Engage supplier xx Total man-days

21 LPR Output 3: Improvement Approach & Roadmap

22 Role-based Tailored Training
We proposed two strands of work – (1) Quick Win Strand - to raise confidence and improve M3 usability in the short term and (2) longer term Improvement Initiatives Strand to implement necessary M3 functionality/modules (e.g. Upgrade Initiative) “Raising Confidence in M3” Role-based Tailored Training “Streamlining Processes” Process Definition Additional Quick Wins (Based on priorities) “Improving M3 know-how / Raising user confidence / Simplifying processes / Implementing new functionality Quick Wins: Part 1 Quick Wins: Part 2 Quick Wins: Part 3 Strand 1 Improvements Initiative Kick off (Based on priorities) Improvement Initiatives Review and plan M3 improvement Initiatives Strand 2 EXAMPLE

23 M3 Training – Tips & Tricks (3 hours) Role-based Tailored Training
Everyone would benefit from an overall M3 presentation to show what is possible and how best to navigate and simplify the M3 tool. EXAMPLE “Raising Confidence” M3 Training – Tips & Tricks (3 hours) Target Attendees: All M3 Users Type: Presentation / Demo / hands-on Aim: Raise Awareness / Confidence Topics Covered: Structure of M3 Workplace Working with Workplace User Settings Using the Navigator Launching and working with M3 Content M3 Companion Working with User Personalisation Defaults Working with Basic Panel Functions Working with the “P” Settings Panel Sequences Panel Actions Working with Text Panels Exercises “Raising Confidence in M3” Role-based Tailored Training ! A set of eight (3 hour) sessions would be scheduled to allow the users to book into a suitable slot during week 1.

24 Overall Quick Wins & Initiatives Roadmap
EXAMPLE 1st Sep10 8th Sep10 15th Sep10 10th Oct10 16th Mar11 Project Mobilisation Quick Win Part 1 Quick Win Part 2 Quick Win Part 3 Improvement Initiatives £1.5K £3.9K £4.1K £7.8K £17.5K Total Investment: £34.8K

25 Presentation Content Totalamber Developments ... The LPR Launch... Recent LPR Examples... Key Messages from LPRs conducted... Q&A ...

26 My Messages & Lessons... 1) Initial Implementation is not always perfect! – calibration is needed 2) User Training is not sufficient – targeted role/task based education is needed 3) M3 is not appreciated – not surprise because of the above two points factor 4) Key users need coaching and training – as key implementation personnel left 5) End to end process need streamlining to remove duplication and redundancy 6) Still too many spreadsheets and manual interventions 7) M3 support need to be enhanced to deal with business demands and expectations 8) Senior management and sponsors needed to secure improvement and M3 direction 9) M3 Inductions to new joiners is hardly given – so no wonder bad habits being picked up

27 Presentation Content Totalamber Developments ... The LPR Launch... Recent LPR Examples... Key Messages from LPRs conducted... Q&A ...

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