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© 2004 Aggreko Aggreko Global Movex Implementation Tom Aitchison Hellidon Lakes Hotel 16 th November, 2005.

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1 © 2004 Aggreko Aggreko Global Movex Implementation Tom Aitchison Hellidon Lakes Hotel 16 th November, 2005

2 | 2| 2 © 2004 Aggreko Outline Introduction Aggreko - who we are and what we do? STI programme – Driving Business Change Movex at Aggreko STI IT project – a global implementation of Movex Business Intelligence at Aggreko Supporting the business - Applications Support Group I-support Questions and Answers

3 | 3| 3 © 2004 Aggreko Introduction Tom Aitchison Business Applications & Support Manager Core business applications Projects & Consultancy Development Support Business Intelligence (Reporting) Web services

4 | 4| 4 © 2004 Aggreko Aggreko – Who we are and what we do Aggreko provides customers with mission critical services Focussed on the rental of power, temperature control, oil-free air FTSE : Revenues £324, Operating Profit £46m £650 million of equipment Aggreko can provide it very quickly or for a short period of time We operate internationally-responding to events around the world Russian oil rig this week and in the Saudi desert next week Aggreko operates in all sectors of the market – covering major projects on an international basis (25%) Aggreko also provides high volume short term rental locally (75%) Typical local rental megawatts (6.5k UK houses for 9 months) Aggreko has 2000 employees around the world 108 Depots: North America: 46, Europe: 37, International: 25

5 | 5| 5 © 2004 Aggreko Aggreko - Our work is mission critical Military Support –Base-load power to major airbase in Afghanistan Utility Augmentation –Base-load power in Uganda, Venezuela, Sri Lanka –Summer peak power in Rhodes Emergency Response –Grid transformer failure – UK –Storm response to Katrina and Rita Events –Presidential Inauguration, Washington –G8 Conference, Scotland –US & British Golf Opens Factory maintenance & process augmentation –Petrochemical plant in Texas –Gold mine in Mongolia

6 | 6| 6 © 2004 Aggreko Customer base well diversified: revenue by customer Full Year 2004

7 | 7| 7 © 2004 Aggreko Customer base well diversified: revenue by geography Full Year 2004

8 | 8| 8 © 2004 Aggreko STI Programme – Key Objectives Create an environment to initiate and support core business Allow Global standardisation with improved business processes Global business system with full integration of processes Single database Provide consolidated, shared information Contain direct/indirect costs in line with increased revenue Economies of scale opportunities Utilise information as a real asset Business Reengineering to simplify, automate and standardise Replace ad-hoc local reporting with a management information and reporting suite

9 | 9| 9 © 2004 Aggreko STI Project - Timeline STI IT project began 2003 Proof of Concept for Benelux – SP8, implemented November 2003 Benelux implemented live - on SP12 – June 2004 Germany implemented November 2004 N. America phase1 implemented March 2005 France Implemented June 2005 N. America Phase 2 implemented July 2005 N. America Phase3 implemented October 2005 UK phase1 (Scotland & Ireland) October 2005 UK phase 2 (England and Wales) January 2006 N. America Phase 4 February 2006 Aggreko International Q

10 | 10 © 2004 Aggreko Movex Configuration at Aggreko Movex Business Engine (Java SP12) SMS (v5, SP4) Oracle 8i – Moving to 9i Sun Solaris 8 E-collaborator - v1.3 BPW Java Virtual Machine – 1.4.2_04-b05 StreamServe – v3 Movex Output Manager (MOM) Crystal Enterprise 9 (transactional reporting) Vertex Global user base, multi-language, multi-currency, time zones

11 | 11 © 2004 Aggreko Movex Modules at Aggreko Service & Rental Customer Relationship Management Financial Controlling Financial Management Product Data Management Manufacturing Maintenance Supply Chain Management Resource & Material Planning Procurement Business Performance Measurement (BPW) + Measurement Modules (Cubes) Value Chain Collaboration (e-collaborator) Web Services Application Connectors (APIs) Foundation Tools Source Code & Movex Adaptation Kit (MAK) Movex Output Manager (StreamServe) VERTEX – US Sales Tax

12 | 12 © 2004 Aggreko Movex Modifications - Summary Global –Logistic Lite (Automatic Check In / Out) –Short Term Rental – Expanded functionality & Invoicing changes –DO Triangulation –Uprent/Downrent –Package Pricing –Best Price –Service Scheduling –Deferred Revenue –P-Card functionality (procurement cards) –Accrued Revenue –Web Rental North America –Sales tax (via Vertex) Local –Configuration, tax, regional/bank specific payment templates

13 | 13 © 2004 Aggreko Business Intelligence at Aggreko Unleash the benefit of STI Better planning Better management decisions A flexible solution which meets current and future needs A solution, that will last for at least the next 3 years Integrates seamlessly with the Financial Blueprint Consistent with technology and market Secure, and protects the ERP (Movex) investment Deploy a proven BI methodology (Gartner) BI tools represent value for money – Microsoft blueprint Products and tools align with the overall ATS technology blueprint Resource available on the market to support the technology & tools

14 | 14 © 2004 Aggreko BI Strategy at Aggreko

15 | 15 © 2004 Aggreko BPW- Analytical Reporting

16 | 16 © 2004 Aggreko

17 | 17 © 2004 Aggreko Business Performance - Dashboards Sales Dashboard Service Dashboard Rental Centre Dashboard Logistics Dashboard KPIs Business Drivers Business Coefficients Analysis of trends

18 | 18 © 2004 Aggreko Sales Dashboard

19 | 19 © 2004 Aggreko Support at Aggreko - Mature Support Model

20 | 20 © 2004 Aggreko Applications Support Group - ASG Coordinate and manage operation of the Movex ERP Deliver day to day support to the business – issue resolution Provide a natural escalation point from the help desk (2 nd line) Help coordinate and manage applications incidents Ensure releases are managed and coordinated Manage Change Vendor Management – interface for I-Support from Intentia Manage the I-Support contract – SLAs, KPIs Manage performance of the vendors Provide 1 st line technical help 24x7 Ensure the application is secure, stable and reliable Point of contact for the Aggreko user base Chair of the Aggreko Movex User Group

21 | 21 © 2004 Aggreko Service Level Agreements Key Performance Indicators and measurement tools Quality (Test strategy, Change Control, Authorisation, Reporting) Response (Reporting, Account Management) Resolution (Test strategy, customer [user] acceptance) Priorities Facilitate continuity of service to end customer (Resolution within SLA) Support and maintain stable application platform Deliver final solutions to prevent issue recurrence CategoryResponseResolution Critical1 hour24 hours High4 hours48 hours Medium2 working days15 working days Low10 working days30 working days

22 | 22 © 2004 Aggreko I-Support from Intentia i-Support from Intentia - giving us 24x7 access to online support resources Enables ASG to: –Report new incidents (TellUs, not Implex) –Monitor existing incidents –Research fixes included in Service Packs –Interface to other Intentia resources –Scan FAQs Plus –Issue investigation –Resolution development and testing –Telephone support covering your business hours –Out of hours cover for critical issues –Technical audits –General advice

23 | 23 © 2004 Aggreko Managing ChangeManaging Change for the Future ASG will help drive Change Control –Prioritise change –Identify and pre-empt risk –Monitor quality –Member of change review team Release Management –Define difference between Managed Release and Fix For Fail –Minimise change between major releases (stability) –Influence the inclusion list for next release

24 | 24 © 2004 Aggreko Release Management

25 | 25 © 2004 Aggreko Aggreko – next steps Realise the benefits of Movex Implement Aggreko International – Far East & Australasia (Q2-2006) Upgrade to Oracle 9i/Solaris 9 - planned March 2006 Upgrade to SP18 – 2007 Upgrade BI to MS2005 Reporting and Analysis Services Business Performance Dashboards – phase2 (MS KPI accelerator) Self service BI – evaluating products BI portal on Sharepoint Ongoing Movex enhancements as requested More tools – Concorde, Auto testing tools, MAK debugger Develop Work Request System to manage ongoing pipeline See healthy Aggreko Movex User Group and BI group

26 | 26 © 2004 Aggreko Questions

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