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BY CASSIDY, EVHAN, AND JESSE Computer Generated Animation.

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1 BY CASSIDY, EVHAN, AND JESSE Computer Generated Animation

2 History “Invented” around the 40s-70s by Edward E. Zajac, Frank W. Sinden, and others Short titled “Hummingbird” (1967) by Charles Csuri and James Shaffer  active&safety_mode=true active&safety_mode=true University of Utah developed a short titled: A Computer Animated Hand’ C.G Animation was also used in Star Wars (1977)

3 History Continued (2) Other films include The Black Hole (1979), and Alien (1979) In 1974, Alex Schure established a computer graphics laboratory at the New York Institute of Technology, which attracted George Lucas In 1986, a few members of the group spun off into a smaller company called Pixar Meanwhile the use of CG Animation was becoming popular in live action movies

4 History Continued (3) Tron (1982) utilized C.G Animation for it’s overall look Y Y Toy Story (1995), was the first fully computer generated animated film

5 Influence CG animation development kicked off in the 80s! Computers became more accessible/affordable There was a much higher demand for CG animation in movies Hardware/software developed at a rapid rate  ie. Autodesk was developed in 1982 1991 is considered a “breakout year for CG animation” as 2 major blockbuster films feature CG animation heavily. (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Beauty and the Beast)

6 Influence (2) Invention of CAPS (Computer Animation Production System) in late 80s through a collaboration between Disney and Pixar  Drawings and backgrounds are added into the computer for painting and other effects ie. The Little Mermaid (1989)

7 Steps to CG Animation Basic Steps 1. Create a character’s simplified anatomy 2. Use avars (animation variables) to determine the segment of each skeletal piece 1. Different avars are also used for the face/facial expressions 3. By changing the avars, the character changes from frame to frame 4. There are two diffierent ways to maniupulate avars 1. A) Keyframing (traditional) B) Motion Capture (live)

8 CG Animation Continued Since CG Animation is 3D, it is done using an X, Y, and Z axis Animators then use mathematical algorithms to add in the movement/manipulation of the character/object. Popular Programs:  Maya  Houdini  Lightwave

9 Sources http://3d-animation-software- http://3d-animation-software- _animation _animation #Methods_of_animating_virtual_characters #Methods_of_animating_virtual_characters animation2.htm animation2.htm

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