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An Autopsy of Chikun Gunya Cases. Chikun Gunya DRUGS MEDICINES REMEDIES.

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1 An Autopsy of Chikun Gunya Cases


3 Heroes of CG Eupatorium Perfoliatum Bryonia Ledum Pal Belladona Rhus Tox Ruta Etc…………………..

4 Unfortunately all are Medicines Fortunately Medicines are giving better results that Allopathic Medicines.

5 Unfortunately We followed the same medicinal treatment for Allied complaints too.

6 Unfortunately Such medicines are also giving Results But we are badly missing ideal cure

7 RUTA is a proven Drug for Pain Ankle & Wrist Colchicum is a proven drug for pain in fingers Chammomila is a proven drug for Numbness of fingers Bryonia is a proven drug for pain Knee

8 Apis is a proven Drug for Swelling Ledum is a proven Drug for Ascending Rheumatism Acid Nit is a proven drug for Apthae

9 So The Following Drugs Are Medicines for Allied Complaints of CG Ruta Colchicum Chammomilla Bryonia Apis Ledum Acid Nit…………………………

10 Medicines for CG Total Eupatorium Perfoliatum Gelsemium Ledum pal Bryonia Belladonna Rhus Tox Apis Covered the totality during fever

11 Drawback of Medicines Chance of Recurrence Covering only Disease symptoms Doesn’t cover Sequale, Complications & ALLIED COMPLAINTS Need other medicines Partial cure Physician Will be over confident

12 Partial Similimums Rashes with Joint pains Urtica Uren Finger pains with nausea and vomiting Colchicum Fever with bone pains, nausea and vomiting Eupatorium Numbness & Ascending Rheumatism Ledum

13 Drawbacks of partial Similimum Shifting of Disease to deeper organs. No feeling of well being Seesawing of Symptoms Simultaneous intake of allopathic medicine Physician’s confidence Killer

14 The Need of the hour is Either remedy remedy or DRUG DRUG!

15 Remedy Large No. of patients under Homoeopathic (Constitutional Treatment) are not affected. Though they are affected 100% cure with the same constitutional Remedy. It is a reactive arthritis to some unexpected changes happened in the body. So that reactions should be under control to lead the system to ease.

16 Criteria for selecting remedy Symptoms considered should not have any relation with the disease. Symptom should be a General. Better to have a symptom that can represent the whole patient (Unique) Symptoms having multiple system involvement shall be considered

17 With out any relation with the disease. Nausea with arthritis – COLCHICUM Bitter taste in mouth with arthralgia – PUL Intolerance of pain at night – Syphil Ascending Joint pains – Ledum Black Discoloration of nose with apthae – Merc Sol Loss of Libido after fever – Lyco

18 To Reach in to a Remedy Reach in to A General at First

19 GENERAL SYMPTOMS Rest - PULS Wandering pain Jts. – Formica Absolute Rest > - Bry Trembling with pain – Nat C Well Selected Remedies Fails – Op

20 Symptom that can Represent the Whole Patient (Unique) Intolerance – TUB Sensitiveness – ARNICA Despair about recovery – Syph Demanding – Puls Lack of initiation – Symphytum Jesting – Tarentula

21 Symptoms having multiple system involvement Rashes + Jt. Pain – Urtic Urens Vomiting + Myalgia – Eupatorium Perf Pain Wrist + pain ankle + Eye pain – Ruta Pain Both shoulders + Night< - Syphil Pain finger jts. + Nausea - Colchicum

22 100% Effective Remedy His/Her Constitutional Remedy Possible only in existing cases (If treated Constitutionally)

23 Scope of Drug in CG

24 Why Drug? Heros in chikun Gunya are Practical Homoeopaths (They know how to manage 200-300 OP) True Hahnemannian Homoeopaths (They have to manage few people only and they know how to manage their patients)

25 Why Drug ? Medicines are failing to establish permanent cure. Selection of remedy Impossible

26 Logical Prescription of Drugs Reasons for Post CG Arthritis and Arthralgia

27 Logic = Reasoning What Happened After CG A reactive arthritis Unnecessary Amino Acids Antigen Antibody Complex Viral Infiltration in to muscles.

28 What is to be done? A reactive arthritis Reactions Should Be controlled Unnecessary Amino Acids Antigen Antibody Complex Viral Infiltration in to muscles.

29 2 Arthritis Reactive & Foreign Body

30 Reasons for Prolonged Arthritis Investigation Schedule CRP X- Ray ( for Ankylosing Spondylosis) HLA b 27 Platelet Count Constitutional Treatment only

31 Symptoms of Reactive Arthritis Pain Sensitivity Redness Inflammatory Swelling Rapidly increasing symptoms Intolerance Restlessness Complaining

32 Medicines to control hyper reaction Coffea – Pain Paroxysms, excitability Chammomilla – Pain with Anger Nux Vom – pain with irritation Bell – Pain with Violence Bry – Pain with Tranquility Ig – Pain with Weeping Aur – Pain with Depression

33 Way Outs for Unnecessary Amino Acids Antigen Antibody Complex Viral Infiltration in to muscles Natural Way outs Burn Excretion – Stool, Urine, Perspiration & Respiration. Artificial Way out Expulsion by the body by Constitutional Remedy Expulsion with Drugs

34 Scope of Logical Prescription No Scope for Natural Way outs in Allied Complaints Scope for Natural expulsion is limited to Constitutional Treatment only Ample Scope for expulsion by Using Drugs

35 2 Set of Drugs Drainage Drugs Enhancers of Expulsion

36 DRAINAGE DRUGS Berberis Vulg Q (Numbness Radiating Pain, Pain Soles of Foot) Sarasaparilla Q (Doubtful About Recovery) Aegle Folia Q (Want of Appetite, Loss of Libido, Gen.swelling) Hydrangia Q (LBA, Vertigo)


38 Arnica Drug to Medicine to Remedy H/o Crops of rash During fever Sensitive to Agreeable Impressions and Opinions Numbness of painful parts Preventing from examining the site of lesion & Expulsion of Foreign bodies

39 Hepar Sulph Complaining with out hearing physicians explanations H/o Sudden prostration and repeated episodes of weakness every day. Chilliness and bitter taste in mouth persists Walking with much care & Expulsion of Foreign bodies

40 LOBELIA INFLATA Pain under scapula when bending forward Think that he will die < from Physical Exertion Abusive off allopathic medicines Suppressed secretions (By medicines) < from pressure & Expulsion of Foreign bodies

41 ANAGALLIS ARVEINS Pain little Toe Numbness with prickling sensation Increased mental power Weakness with trembling Metastatic arthritis & Expulsion of Foreign bodies

42 SILICEA Not arguing despite of his conviction Fear of injections Ankylosis (Stiffness) Knee Voluptuous tingling of soles of foot. Pain on one leg and numbness on other. Burning pain and perspiration of soles of foot.

43 Either a Drug or a Remedy is to be selected in Post chikun Gunya Arthritis and arthralgia. In Chikun Gunya cases we shall select a medicine that covers the totality of epidemic fever.

44 Never select a genius epidemicus that cover the whole symptom of CG, select GE on the basis of symptoms of CG patients in the beginning of the disease.

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