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Inventors Council of Central Florida Trade Show Preparation.

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1 Inventors Council of Central Florida Trade Show Preparation

2 Why Go? Get Exposure Make Connections Establish Credentials Increase Sales Gather Leads Get Feedback Market surveys

3 Get Exposure Big Sign Tells your benefits immediately Establish your brand Gain attention Attractive Display Themed Tablecloth Video Display Things to handle Organized Literature Stands

4 Make Connections Stand in front of the table Use name tags Make contact with visitors Use Business Cards Samples or Trinkets

5 Establish Credentials Professional Attire Logo Shirt Dress to: Match the environment Match the clientele Hand Outs Brochures Show experience Sell Sheets Show product benefits

6 Increase Sales & Gather Leads Sell Sheets Hand out as needed Lead Sheets Record contact information Raffle tickets Be sure to make the contact. Order Sheets Take orders if you can deliver

7 Get Feedback & Market Surveys Encourage Feedback Market Survey Forms Offer benefit for filling out Raffle type drawing $20 - $30 Gift Card Have drawings every 2 hours Make sure survey covers objective Read “Questionnaire Design” Use a helper

8 Signs are Cheap 24”x36” Full color only $25 at Office Depot Image 300 dpi (7,200x10,800 pixels) Composition tools online Preferred to use your own image editor

9 A Good Cheap Sign Support Many venues do not allow attaching signs to walls. You will need to provide your own sign support. PVC Pipe is your friend Lightweight Friction Fit Versatile

10 What it Will Look Like

11 Materials List All ¾” PVC 5 – 10’ Pipe 12 – Tee 12 – 45 bend 2 – 90 bend 2 – cross 1 – coupler 6’ - #12 Solid Copper Wire Cutter Total Total Cost $10.65 $2.40 $7.20 $0.42 $4.74 $0.26 $0.90 $15.00 $41.57

12 The Parts

13 Cut List Use 5 – 10’ – ¾” PVC Pipe No allowance for cut width 54” 1-1/2” 40-5/8” 23” 14-5/8” 1-1/2” 23” 18-1/8” 1-1/2” 23” 18-1/8” 17-3/4” 1-1/2” 14-5/8” 1-1/2” 75” leftover

14 Subassemblies

15 Checklist Signs Sign Stand Literature Stands Brochures Sell Sheets Business Cards Lead Sheets Survey Forms Computer Monitor & Chords Name Tags Tablecloth Raffle Tickets Pencils Clipboards Raffle Prizes Tape String Bungee Chords Scissors

16 Presented by David Woods, PE Vice President of the Inventor’s Council of Central Florida Owner of TECreation Development LLC The developer of the worlds most efficient recreational swim fin

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