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10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, 20081 CS-100 (CardioStation – Model 100) An ECG Acquisition and FCG (Frequency CardioGram) Diagnostic System A Preliminary.

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1 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, CS-100 (CardioStation – Model 100) An ECG Acquisition and FCG (Frequency CardioGram) Diagnostic System A Preliminary Screening Tool To Detect Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) Early Ischemia to Myocardial Infarction presentation

2 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, Cardiovascular Disease The #1 killer and cause of disability in the world - 1 million deaths in the U.S. and 2.5 million worldwide every year. - Debilitates more than 5 million very year. Approximately 23% of myocardial infarctions go undetected. - #1 cause of sudden death - Irreversible debilitating condition Over $30 billion in payments were made to Medicare beneficiaries for hospital expenses. CS-100 meets the need for a risk free and cost effective screening tool to detect ischemic heart diseases in its early stage. - Preventive screening tool for primary care physicians - Detect ischemic condition that is reversible by exercise and dietary change

3 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, CS-100 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT A Different Approach - More than 30 years research and development. - Heart is a dual functioning machine – electric generator and pump. - Change in heart’s physiology will cause change in EKG waveform. - Apply Digital Signal Processing Principles in digitizing and transforming 12-lead ECG into frequency components of energy value (uV) at frequency(Hz). - Algorithmic analysis of the ECG-derived frequency date with computer probability assessment; - With differential diagnosis to identify diagnostic indexes to detect ischemic condition from early ischemia to myocardial infarction.

4 Electrodes Time Domain Cardiac Electrical Currents Time Domain Cardiac Electrical Currents Complied and Recorded Complied and Recorded ECG Electrocardiogram ECG Electrocardiogram FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) Into Frequency Components FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) Into Frequency Components Digital Signal Analysis (1) Power Spectrum (2) Phase Shift (3) Impulse Response Digital Signal Analysis (1) Power Spectrum (2) Phase Shift (3) Impulse Response FCG Frequency Cardiograph and Diagnostic Indexes FCG Frequency Cardiograph and Diagnostic Indexes Index Value - Data Base (20,000 tests) Index Value - Data Base (20,000 tests) Schematic Flow Chart of CS /10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, 20084

5 For the last 100 years, ECG has been detecting and diagnosing heart diseases with an average of 50% to 55% in accuracy which means that every other test will fail. Other non-invasive methods such as Stress ECG, Echo-Cardiogram, and Stress Echo- cardiogram have been used with some success to improve the diagnostic accuracy. Test Average Test Risk Time Cost/Test Accuracy Limitation ECG None 2 min. $ % Low accuracy Stress ECG Moderate 20 min. $ % High false reading for abnormal ECG Echo-Cardiogram None 15 min. $ % Limited application – valvular, congenital, wall motion Stress Moderate 30 min. $ % Higher false positive if Echo-Cardiogram hypertensive FCG None 2 min. $ % Identify Ischemic area * The expensive and non-routinely used Ultra-Fast CT Scan & PET technology are not included for comparison. 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, 20085

6 CS ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS - Non-Invasive (No Injection or catheters required) - No Strenuous Exercise Required (Patient is at rest) - Safe and Easy to Operate - On-site Diagnosis for CAD in 20 minutes - High Sensitivity - High Specificity - Limited Training Required - Cost Efficient 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, 20086

7 What the Experts Say: “This technology (cardio spectrum diagnostic system) is a signature new method of early Screening for heart diseases. It is --- a very simple, fast, and non-invasive method and should be used in clinics where cardiac screening is performed, as well as by primary care physicians.” William J. Tenet, M.D., New York Hospital – Medical Center of Queens “This technology (cardio spectrum diagnostic system) will provide a significant new method of early diagnosis of heart diseases.” Marne Def. Gomers, M.D., Dean of Institute of Cardiology, Foundation University of Cardiology – Brazil “Frequency Domain FCG may index LVH with a high accuracy and the prediction of MID is largely superior (based on F statistics) to standard time-domain ECG parameters, either taking voltage alone or time-voltage integral into consideration. It may thus be a new tool to help indexing the probabilistic presentation of LVH.” Paolo Emilio Puddu, Institute of Heart and Great Vessels, Ls Sapienza University, Rome, Italy 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, 20087

8 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, CS – 100 FCG Spectrum Analysis A Unique and Valuable System - An Innovative and scientifically proven system of high degree of sensitivity and accuracy. - Cardiac screening for early diagnosis and preventive warning for CAD. - Detect ischemic myocardium injuries which may eventually lead to more serious heart problems.

9 CS-100 Important Features - This device complies with the regulatory specifications to provide the maximum safety to patients and operators; - A Window based diagnostic system with an easy to operate menu; - Two built-in cardio evaluation systems (ECG and FCG); - Capable to acquire 10 leads ECG signal simultaneously and continuously for up to one hundred and ten seconds to average out any artificial interference; - Provide conventional ECG reading and print-out in two different formats (12x1 and 6x2); - 12 power spectra (one for each lead of the 12 leads) on one page for an instant ischemic evaluation of the entire heart. - Advanced evaluation for cardio condition of the left ventricular. 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, 20089

10 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, FCG (Frequency Cardiogram) An Advanced Technology - Automatically amplify, filter and digitize the 12 lead cardio-electrical signals; - Transform those digitized signals into 12 individual frequency domain spectra; - Frequency range from 0 Hz to 25.6 Hz with much refine 0.2 Hz resolution - Algorithmic analysis of ECG-derived date with computer probability assessment; - Diagnose the stage (early or advance) of the ischemia not being detected by the conventional ECG; and - Locating the areas with the coronary artery disease.

11 ECG (Electrocardiograph) - CS-100 has the ECG data acquisition capability to acquire and record a conventional 12 lead ECG simultaneously; and - to display and print out the ECG graph in two different formats: 12x1 and 6x2 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, x1 ECG Wave Display 6x2 ECG Wave Display

12 12-Lead FCG Power Spectra with Ischemic Diagnostic Indexes FCG 12 -Lead Power Spectrum - CS-100 displays and prints out a power spectrum with all 12 leads on one page; - Each power spectrum lists five (5) ischemic diagnostic indexes 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech,

13 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, LEAD POWER SPECTRUM can detect - Insufficient myocardial energy caused by lack of blood supply (Early Ischemia) - Myocardium injuries - Ventricular hypertrophy or Ischemic Cardiomyopathy - Myocardial Ischemia - Myocardial compensation has set in for one or more years - CAD and its location

14 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, Frontal Plane Leads Horizontal Plane Leads Electrical events in the frontal plane and horizontal plane of the heart

15 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, FCG – 12-Lead multi-color CAD location Display Diagnostic Index Value ↑ { ← Frontal Plane Leads → } { ← Horizontal Plane Leads → }

16 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, FCG Two Lead (II and V5) Analysis - Apply the evaluation equations of phase shift and impulse response of the DSP to probability analyze the ECG-derived frequency data of Lead-II and Lead-V5. - Display and print out a two-lead frequency graph showing two power spectra (one for lead II and one for lead V5, one phase shift and one impulse response. Power Spectrum For Lead-II → Power Spectrum ← for Lead-V5 ↑ Phase Shift of Lead-II and V5 ↑ Impulse Response between Lead-II and V5

17 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, Poor blood flow to the heart, poor blood circulation and any change in blood dynamics. - Poor or defective conduction function, unstable cardiac electricity. - Left bundle branch conduction block. - CAD, coronary artery blockage, or myocardial infarction (MI). - Unstable latent cardiac electrical activities at the beginning of contraction. FCG Two Lead (II & V5) Analysis Can Detect

18 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, CS-100 Display and Print-out A. Print Individual Page (1) 12 lead ECG (12x1 or 6x2); (2) 12 lead power spectra with 60 diagnostic indexes (one power spectrum with 5 indexes for each of the 12 lead); or (3)2 lead (II and V5) frequency graph for power spectrum, phase angle shift and impulse response and their respective diagnostic indexes. B. Print All (3 pages) (1) 12 lead ECG (12x1 or 6x2), same as A.(1); (2) 12 lead power spectra with 60 diagnostic indexes (one power spectrum with 5 indexes for each of the 12 lead), same as A.(2) ; and (3)2 lead (II & V5)frequency graph same as A.(3) plus a multi-color CAD location picture, an diagnostic index table for all 12-lead power spectra and 2- lead phase shift and impulse response and comments. (see next page)

19 10/10/2014Copyright, Adams Meditech, The 3 rd page of CS-100 Print-All is one page showing a two-lead frequency graph, a CAD location picture, an index table for 12-lead power spectra plus one for the 2-lead phase shift and impulse response, and a comments box. 2-lead Frequency → Graph CAD ← Location Picture ↑ Index Table ↑ Comment box

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