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New MS (CS) IBA Philosophy and Objectives.

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1 New MS (CS) Program @ IBA Philosophy and Objectives

2 Problem Formulation Any academic program can be considered as a function of three important parameters: i.Norms ii.Professional Growth of a Student (measured by his/her readiness for job market and/or higher education opportunities) iii.Availability of Human Resource The same can applied to the new MS(CS) program, i.e., MS(CS) = f (Norms, Professional Growth, Human Resource)

3 Problem Formulation (Cont’d) Norms – # of Credit Hours (30/36) – Guidelines provided by Standardization/Accreditation bodies, etc. (ABET, ACM, HEC, etc.) Professional Growth – Job Market Local International (Middle East, Western) – Higher Studies Within Pakistan Outside Pakistan Human Resource – Human expertise available within the institute and within the industry.

4 Job Market Local Job Market (popular jobs based on – Web Development – Database/Information Systems Management – Software Engineering – Network/Systems Administration – Software Quality Assurance – ?? International Job Market – ??

5 Higher Studies (PhD) Within Pakistan – Students should be prepared for GRE(CS) as is required by the HEC Outside Pakistan – Due to a lot of emphasis on multi-disciplinary work, GRE (CS) is not a requirement in many programs. – Students can still survive without having a good background in theoretical CS courses.

6 Current Human Resource Within IBA – Computer Networks (Dr. Ghani/TR Lab) – Web Technologies (Dr. Khoja) – Management Information Systems (Dr. Asif) – Software Engineering (Dr. Wasim) – Algorithms (Dr. Touheed) – Artificial Intelligence (Dr. Haider/AI Lab) Within Local Industry – ??

7 Proposed Program Core Courses – Advanced Web Technologies (Dr. Khoja) – Advanced Networks (Dr. Ghani / TR Lab) – Advanced Analysis of Algorithms (Dr. Touheed) – Software Project Management (Dr. Wasim / ?) All core courses must have a STRONG programming component. Theses should have both research and development focus.

8 Mandatory but Non-Credit Courses Research Methodology (3 Credit Hours) Technical Writing (1 Credit Hour) Communication Skills (1 Credit Hour) The last two courses are to secure the IBA brand name. We just want to make sure that when our students graduate, they are at par with the MBA students in terms of communication, writing and other soft skills.

9 Electives/Specialization Track Database/Information Systems (SAP-I and II are included in this track) Web Engineering Theoretical Computer Science Networking Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence Distributed Computing

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