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Next generation high performance instrument for measuring Luminance and Chromaticity of light sources.

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1 Next generation high performance instrument for measuring Luminance and Chromaticity of light sources.

2 A complete range of instruments
Accuracy CS-1000A/S/T Spectroradiometer CS-200 Chroma Meter with spectral engine CS-100A Three filter type of Chroma Meter Price

3 CS-200 - Main features Wide measuring range: 0.01 to 20,000,000 cd/m²
High accuracy: Spectral fitting method assures close matching to CIE sensitivity curves Portability: Compact Lightweight Battery powered Optional accessories: Close up lenses ND filter Calibration plates for object mode Angle Finder Soft case 3 Measuring angles: 1° , 0.2° , 0.1° Small area measurement (0.1mm) PC software: Standard accessory Professional version optional Wide application range: Research & Development Quality assurance Various functions: Synchronized Measurements Selectable measurement speed USB connection to PC Large LCD display Data storage

4 Composite Y sensitivity created
CS High accuracy due to spectral sensor Spectral sensitivity of the CS-200’s 40 sensors Composite Z sensitivity created by calculation Composite X sensitivity created by calculation Composite Y sensitivity created by calculation

5 CS-200 - Spectral fitting method
Peak wavelength : 430 nm Peak wavelength : 435 nm CS-200 utilizes a photo diode array with 40 sensors Output data is corrected by adding coefficients for each sensor and wavelength position

6 + = + = CS-200 - Spectral fitting method Target function
Compensation factors Sensor 1 = 0 Sensor 2 = 0 Sensor 3 = 0 Compensation factors Sensor 1 = 0.7 Sensor 2 = 0 Sensor 3 = 1.3 Compensation factors Sensor 1 = 0.4 Sensor 2 = 0 Sensor 3 = 1.6 Composite sensitivity

7 CS-200 – CIE colour matching functions
Spectral fitting method provides precise matching to the sensitivity of human eye and results with superior inter instrument agreement. CS-200 specification: f1 = 1% (Class L is 2%)

8 Spectral sensitivity Why is matching to CIE Vλ curve (f1) that important? Photometric value is specified by the area of radiant energy which is covered by the Vλ curve. Ex. Illuminant A All the red area Ex. LCD Green area

9 Spectral sensitivity

10 Spectral sensitivity – Example LEDs

11 Comparison of measurement result (CS-1000A – CS-200)

12 Comparison of measurement result (CS-1000A – CS-200)

13 Comparison against conventional filtered colorimeter
Conventional tristimulus colorimeters ■LCD White ■LCD Red ■LCD Green ■LCD Blue ▲PDP White ▲PDP Red ▲PDP Green ▲PDP Blue ◆LED White ◆LED Red ◆LED Green ◆LED Blue CS-200 □LCD White □LCD Red □LCD Green □LCD Blue △PDP White △PDP Red △PDP Green △PDP Blue ◇LED White ◇LED Red ◇LED Green ◇LED Blue Luminance Chromaticity

14 CS-200 – Colour management network
Absolute accuracy and superior inter instrument agreement allow building of colour management networks without using physical reference objects or user calibration

15 CS-200 - Wide measuring range & excellent repeatability
Low luminance like 0.01 cd/m² can be measured Ex.: Contrast measurements High luminance up to 200,000 cd/m² can be measured With 0.1° aperture up to 20,000,000cd/m² Optional ND filters expand the range (1/10 & 1/100) Ex.: Projector lamps, high pressure lamps, … Repeatability (Standard light source A) cd/m² Lv ±0.03 cd/m² ±1digit --- (2 s / SLOW) 1-2 cd/m² Lv ±2 % ±1digit xy (2 s / SLOW) 2-4 cd/m² Lv ±2 % ±1digit xy (2 s / SLOW) 4-8 cd/m² Lv ±2 % ±1digit xy (2 s / SLOW) 8-200,000 cd/m² Lv ±0.2 % ±1digit xy (2 s / SLOW)

16 CS-200 – Relation of repeatability and measurement speed
Meas. Time Integration time Repeatability Measurement range Ly xy Super fast 0.65 sec 300 msec Slow * 2 cd/m² ±0.03 cd/m² ±1digit --- Fast 1.2 sec Slow *2 1-2 cd/m² ±2 % ±1digit 0.008 Slow 3.2 sec 1300 msec 2-4 cd/m² 0,004 Super slow 12.4 sec 5200 msec Slow / 2 4-8 cd/m² 0.002 Auto 1.2 sec or 3.2 sec 300 msec or 1300 msec ---- 8-200,000 cd/m² ±0.2 % ±1digit 0.001 Manual 1-60 sec (1 sec step) Measurement time: Actual time required for measurement (integrating time ×2+shutter open/close time + calculation time) Integrating time: Time sensor is measuring light (exposure time) Auto mode switching levels: FAST -> SLOW: Below 20 cd/m² SLOW -> FAST: 40 cd/m² or above

17 CS-200 - Selectable measuring angle
Three build in apertures provide measuring angle of 1°, 0.2° and 0.1° Quickly selectable by slider switch on instrument Small area like  0.1 mm can be measured CS-200 Measuring area of  0.5 mm Optional close up lens No.122 Measuring area of  0.3 mm Optional close up lens No.107 Measuring area of  0.1 mm

18 CS-200 - Selectable measuring angle
1° aperture Middle & large size LCD, PDP, EL display Light source like lamp or back light 0.2° aperture Small size LED parts Instrument panel Switch panel 0.1° aperture Very small size or distant Pixel of LCD or PDP… Brake lamp Signal lights

19 CS-200 – Synchronized measurements
Emission period The emission period can be set by inputting the numerical frequency value (40.00 to Hz) (The measuring period is an integral multiple of the emission period (for periods longer than 300ms) Measuring period

20 CS-200 – Object colour measurements
With the optional white calibration plate CS-200 can be used for object colour measurement Selectable 2˚ and 10˚ Standard Observers

21 CS-200 – Eyepiece adjustment

22 CS-200 – Large display with backlight

23 CS-200 – Colour space display
Lv x y Lv u’ v’ Lv T ⊿uv X Y Z Dominant wavelength

24 CS-200 – Absolute and difference display

25 CS-200 – Peak and valley calculation

26 CS-200 - Truly portable instrument
Compact 95mm (W) * 127mm (H) * 330mm (L) Hand-held Light weight 1.8 kg (without battery) Battery powered or AC adapter connection AC-Adapter is standard accessory 4 AA size batteries

27 CS-200 Application examples
Displays Aircraft cockpit Traffic lights LED displays Brake lights Switch panels Instrument panel Lamps

28 CS-S10W standard data processing software
Standard accessory of CS-200 Extremely user-friendly For R&D as well as for QC Supports light source and object mode Data list Box tolerance setting Pass / Fail function Export to i.e. Microsoft EXCEL Interval and averaged measurements Upload & Download of targets Upload of samples User calibration

29 CS-S10W professional version data processing software
Optional accessory of CS-200 Additional functions to standard version: Additional modes Contrast, RGB, RGB & Contrast Single or multiple measurement points Diagrams as well as data list Chromaticity diagram (Lv xy, Lv u’v’, L*a*b*), Trend graph, Pass/fail, Uniformity, Contrast judgement, Image (sample or target) Polygon tolerances Customizing of screen and reports Template function

30 Thank you for your attention!
Next let’s have a look to the instrument and the software

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