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CA Modules Eugen Stefan.

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1 CA Modules Eugen Stefan

2 Table of Contents Introduction CA Modules Overview How to Order

3 Introduction

4 Poltys Inc., - Over 16 years partnership with Panasonic
with Factory TAPI Driver, CSTA Test tool, VM console, PA Server, CSTAMUX …. Poltys knows Panasonic PBX, especially reliable CSTA interface with Sales Companies Panalat, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, India, MiddleEast, Russia…. Poltys knows Panasonic PBX reseller capability Poltys knows Panasonic structure. Long term Panasonic application partner as a PSDN Gold Member Has tightly integrated application with Panasonic PBX Nurse Call integration: integrated with System Wireless Phone Call Center Application: integrated with built-in ACD function

5 Business Productivity
Call Center Solutions ACD Monitoring and Reporting Queue Wait Time Announcer Dial Out Notification and Call Fraud Protection Call Recording CRM Integration Business Productivity Conference Bridge Speech Auto Attendant Appointment Reminder Inbound/ Outbound SIP IVR Call Accounting Healthcare Direct Care Connect – Nurse call system integration with Panasonic Phone system Direct Care Monitor – Monitoring and reporting

6 New functionality for the Panasonic CA provided by Poltys
as CA Family product Tight integration Dec 2012 ACD Reports Conference Bridge Outbound Dialer Appointment Reminder Auto Attendant New functionality for the Panasonic CA provided by Poltys Panasonic CA and Poltys CA Modules create an unified application suite CA Modules are derived from existing Poltys applications CA Modules use the propriety Panasonic CTI I/F for a seamless integration with CA and PBX Languages available for the GUI English German Spanish Key Concept Panasonic Family Product Affordable to sell by Panasonic Dealer

7 CA Modules Product Positioning
New capabilities added to the Panasonic based solutions Appointment remainder Auto Attendant Outbound dialer Cover missing functionality in the Panasonic based solutions Simple ACD Report Conference Bridge Industry Appoint. Reminder Auto Attendant Conference Bridge ACD Reports Outbound Dialer New Vertical Markets Health Care Practitioner l Service Oriented Business Automotive Schools Compete in Existing Markets Informal Call Center SMB Office Small Doctor Office, Collection Agencies

8 Business Benefits New opportunity of selling Panasonic systems
Upgrade/ replacement of existing equipment Multiple points of contact with the customer Increase application sales revenue Maintenance services expansion

9 CA Modules Overview

10 CA Modules Functionality
Poltys CA modules can be launched from CA V4 screen with easy one-click operation, then provides effective five functions. 1. ACD Reports Provides Call Center reporting features, adding ACD Call Center specific functionality CA V4 Click Poltys CA Module 2. Conf Bridge Adds audio conference capabilities to the CA Pro and CA Supervisor Clients 3. Appt. Reminder Places outbound calls to customers and when the call is answered, plays specific message 4. Auto Attendant Connects the caller to the intended recipient by speaking the name or by entering the extension number, using speech recognition technology Select a function 5.Outbound Dialer Automatically places calls to a predefined list of phone numbers and connects the called person to the agent as soon as the call is answered

11 CA Modules Installation and Operation
Simple and easy installation and operation Unified installer Simple per seat floating license Some CA modules use Poltys Appliance (low cost server) Start CA Modules GUI using existing Poltys start button from CA Poltys CA Module unified GUI from CA and jump to each function Similar concept as for Voice Mail Assistant

12 Poltys CA Conference Bridge Module
Connects internal and outside participants in multi-party voice conferences Benefits Reduces costs on multi-party calls Secure calls Reduces travel costs Features Multi-party, multi-speaker conferences Maximum 48 conference rooms Total of 96 simultaneous attendees per system Easy to configure ad-doc conference Add/ Kick out/ Mute attendees during the conference Integrate with Microsoft Outlook 2012 calendar Ideal Customers Corporate Organizations Inter-company, worldwide training Auctions via telephone Organizations that take regular referendums/votes

13 Poltys CA Conference Bridge Module
Connects internal and outside participants in multi-party voice conferences Conference External/ Internal Callers Meet-me/Dial Out Integrated with Microsoft Outlook scheduler SIP CA + TDE/NCP/NS1000 Poltys Conference Bridge Appliance Outside Conference Participant r Agent CA Client Call Every Entry in the List Outlook plugin

14 Poltys CA Appointment Reminder Module
Places outbound calls to customers and when the call is answered, plays specific message Benefits Reduce no-shows Make Better Use of Your Appointment Slots Save The Time of Staff Regular / Periodical checkup remainder Features Plays pre-recorded messages or can use Text to Speech technology If the call is not answered it retries, if an answering machine answers, it leaves a message. Can leave messages in different languages Creates Call Completion Reports and Call Logs. Ideal Customers Doctor/Dentist Offices Any Service Business Appointment Confirmation Emergency Notifications School to Parents Notifications Car Dealer

15 Poltys CA Appointment Reminder Module
Automatically Call Customers and play Reminder Message Call every customer in the List If Call Answered - Play message If No Answer – Retry later SIP CA + TDE/NCP/NS1000 Poltys Appointment Reminder Appliance Call Every Entry in the List Call answered- Pay message No Answer – Retry later Customers

16 Poltys CA Outbound Dialer Module
Automatically places calls to a predefined list of phone numbers when the agent status is “available” Benefits Helps maximize revenue opportunities Improve Contact Center Productivity, agents spend more time talking than dialing Features Calls the numbers one by one as soon as Agents becomes available Busy or no answer numbers are retried The outbound dialer eliminates the customer search and dial time that the agent normally does Agents are presented with calls as their status changes to available Outbound call list can be shared via CRM databases between multiple Agents Import/ export call list from/ to external CSV file Ideal Customers Collection Agencies Patient Check-Up Appointment Confirmation Lead Generating Telemarketing Political Campaigns

17 Poltys CA Outbound Dialer Module
Automatically call customers in list using the agent phone when the agent status is “available” Call every customer in the List When the Call is Answered pop up screen for notes Agent writes call notes CA + TDE/NCP/NS1000 Call Every Entry in the List Call answered- Pay message No Answer – Retry later Customers Call Eveage Agent CA Client Outbound Dialer Module

18 Poltys CA ACD Report Module
Provides reporting features to CA Supervisor, enabling agent and group history analysis Benefits Provide ACD Reports for increased Productivity, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction) No server required Features Collect ACD statistics regularly from CA Supervisor Build Reports by month/day/hour/day of week and group for a selected time range Group Report Statistics Total number of calls Average Answer Time Overflow Calls Lost Calls Max Waiting Calls Longest Waiting Time in Queue Agent Status Report ACD Statistics Login Time Not-ready (break) Time Busy Time Working After Hours Call Time Ideal Customers Help Desk Supervisor, Customer Support Supervisor, Sales, etc. Telemarketing Supervisor

19 Poltys CA ACD Report Module
CA + NCP/TDE/NS1000 Customers Inbound/Outbound wer – Retry later Agent CA Client Call Every Entry in the List Call answered - Pay message No Answer – Retry later Inbound/Outbound/Intercom CA Supervisor + ACD Reports Module Supervisor + Group and Agent Status Reports Hourly/Daily/ Monthly/Custom Dates Export PDF/CSV/EXCEL Print

20 Poltys CA Auto Attendant Module
Connects the caller to the intended recipient by speaking the name or by entering the extension number, or perform actions depending on CA presence state Benefits Helps companies reduce their overall operating costs Performs Call Routing Efficiently Features Enabled, customer speaks the name of the party he wants to talk to Get the CA client presence status, play the associated greeting and perform the specific action Call is transferred automatically to the appropriate person if available Outside caller can request a call back and leave a callback number Auto Attendant will popup a window with the callback requests and if it is accepted, the callback number is automatically dialed Ideal Customers Law firms Accounting firms Product & service businesses

21 Poltys CA Auto Attendant Module
Automatically Answer Calls, Recognize Name, Transfer to Extension or Voice Mail Answer All Calls Play Custom Greeting Message(s) Recognize Name or dialed extension Transfer Call to appropriate extension or Voice Mail SIP CA + TDE/NCP/NS1000 Poltys Auto Attendant Appliance Customers No Answer – Retry later Agent CA Client Call Every Entry in the List Inbound Calls

22 How to Order

23 Order Process CA modules are added to the Panasonic Price List
Order are placed to Panasonic Sales Company and for each Part number an Activation Code is supplied Activation Code is used by Dealers to log into the Poltys licensing portal ( to activate the SW parts and initiate HW delivery Activation Code is generated by Poltys and has the order details encrypted in 16 alphanumeric characters in the following format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

24 Poltys Appliance (server)
Poltys provides pre-installed appliance Server for easy to setup Conference Bridge, Appointment Reminder and Auto Attendant CA Modules are preinstalled on Poltys Appliance Benefit for Customer – Easy to support remotely, easy to replace Benefit of Dealer - Easy to install, configure and connect to PBX Appliance Specifications Capacity Description Micro Chassis Intel D2700MUD 2.13 GHz Dual Core Atom D2700, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD Drive Appliance dimensions: 9” x 8” x 2.5” Packed: 13” x 11” x 4.5 “ Packed Weight: 6lb Conf. Bridge up to 24 SIP participants or App. Reminder + Speech AA up to 8 SIP ports Desktop /Mini Tower Low profile 1U, 19” rackmount Quad Core 3.2 GHz I7, 4GB RAM, 250GB enterprise level HDD, X8STi Supermicro motherboard, Low profile 1U, 19” rackmount chassis Appliance dimensions: 19” x 15” x 3.5” Packed: 22” x 19” x 7 “ Packed Weight: 16lb Conf. Bridge sever 24 participants (max 100 participants) App. Reminder + Speech AA over 4 ports (max 48 SIP ports) Tower/19’ Rack Mountable Note: This are minimum requirements for each appliance. Other versions may be supplied upon availability

25 Poltys Licenses CA Module License on Client Side (CA User PC)
Poltys Appliance ACD Reports Yes No appliance Conference Bridge Not needed (Poltys licenses are required.) Appointment Reminder (Poltys Licenses are required.) Auto Attendant Outbound dialer

26 Panasonic Activation Key Needed
CA Module CA Activation Key SIP Phone Activation Key ACD Reports Yes (CA Supervisor user) No Conference Bridge (CA Supervisor or CA Pro user) Appointment Reminder (CA Supervisor or CA Operator or CA Pro User) Auto Attendant Outbound dialer

27 Marketing/ Training/ Support
Product Leaflet Use Case One page description regarding on how customers use the solution Sales Presentation Product description, features, licensing, benefits to customer, how to position, how to sell Technical Training Materials Product Manuals You Tube Videos Sales Training Seminar Four hours WEBEX sales force training (English only) Technical Training Seminar Four hours WEBEX training for the technical staff (English only) Note: All Materials are in English, German and Spanish

28 CA Modules Install Kit Download
One installation kit for all Poltys CA Modules (CAModules.exe) downloadable from website  Fill in Customer Info and click on OK button Click on Download CA Module Trial link Go to Each CA Module comes with a 60 days trial license

29 Contact

30 Contact Poltys, Inc. 3300 N. Main Street, Suite D
Anderson, SC USA US: +1 (864) Canada: +1 (905) UK: +44 (0) RO: Web: Sales: Support:

31 Thank You!

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