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TOP Server 5 User Configurable (UCON) Driver Training Lauren Conrad.

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1 TOP Server 5 User Configurable (UCON) Driver Training Lauren Conrad

2 Agenda UCON Overview Example Messages Simple Read Transaction Simple Write Transaction Complex Transaction Unsolicited Transaction Resources


4 Why Use UCON? Allows user to easily create a device driver for devices with no off-the-shelf driver solution Is completely integrated into the TOP Server just like other TOP Server drivers Allows user to configure a set of “transactions” through the user interface based on the protocol format required by the device Makes device data available to any OPC DA, OPC UA, Wonderware Suitelink, DDE, or GE iFIX PDB/NIO Client Requires no programming experience Provides access to barcode readers, scales, gauges, etc. Eliminates need for expensive and unreliable alternatives (i.e. custom driver development, manual data entry, interfacing device to a PLC, etc.)

5 Evaluating the Protocol How Complex is it? How is the data presented? How many items will the driver be requesting? How are the packets terminated? How do we connect to the device? Is the device a slave or a master?

6 02 03 00 00 00 01 84 0A 07 06 00 00 00 02 87 0A 30 31 2D 39 31 38 2D 31 0D 0A 30 31 2D 39 31 34 37 4E 38 2D 31 0D 0A 02 30 2C 50 46 2C 46 03 02 35 2A 50 46 2B 09 30 2C 46 03

7 Example Command Formats Read Command Format Read Response Format,,,... Write Command Format Write Response Format

8 Example Protocol Types Binary – Modbus Holding Register Request Hex ASCII – Modbus ASCII Holding Register Request ASCII – Unsolicited Packet Sent from Bar Code Reader – Unsolicited Multiple Data Packet Sent from Inspection System

9 13.56 GPM 13.53 GPM 13.57 GPM 13.56

10 Creating a Project

11 Creating a Read Transaction

12 Read Transaction Summary

13 13.56

14 Creating a Write Transaction

15 Write Transaction Summary

16 Updating the Server

17 Station 1 256.05 °C 44 bar

18 Adding Multiple Tags

19 Creating the Transactions

20 Buffer Pointer 1.Location of buffer pointer after the Read buffer is updated (Byte 1) 2.Pointer position after first seek command (Byte 5) 3.Pointer position after first move command (Byte 6) 4.Pointer position after second seek command (Byte 11) 5.Pointer position after second move command (Byte 12) 6.Pointer position after third seek command (Byte 19) 7.Pointer position after third move command (Byte 20) 8.Pointer position after fourth seek command (Byte 24) 9.Pointer position after fourth move command (Byte 25) 10.Pointer position after fifth seek command (Byte 27) 11.Pointer position after fifth move command (Byte 28) QuantityProduct NameProduct CodeUnits Unit Price

21 Transaction Summary

22 Tag Group

23 65,456 lbs. 52,435 lbs. 60,347 lbs.

24 Creating an Unsolicited Channel Enable Unsolicited mode by checking the box Receive timeout- the amount of time the driver should wait for the unsolicited message to come in Dead time- allows TOP Server to re-synchronize itself with the device(s) after receiving a message with an unknown key Key length- tells the driver how many characters to use as transaction keys (must be the first characters in a message) Log unsolicited message timeouts- places a message in the event log when the "Receive timeout" period expires while receiving an unsolicited message

25 Creating an Unsolicited Device Wait Time- how long the device waits for an unsolicited message before triggering the _UnsolicitedPcktRcvdOnTime system tag

26 Adding Unsolicited Tags

27 Creating Unsolicited Transactions

28 Unsolicited Transaction Summary

29 Unsolicited Tag Group


31 Online – Driver specific page: – Support tab:

32 Contacting Software Toolbox Support Questions? – Phone: +1 704 849 2773 – Email: – Fax: +1 704 849 6388

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