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CI Doctoral Specialization Research Seminar Spring 2014.

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1 CI Doctoral Specialization Research Seminar Spring 2014

2 CI Research Seminar Friday April 11 th AGENDA Freewrite Course overview: Syllabus Research group assignments – Select a design – Identify seminal work about and article using the design Committees & Timelines Identity: Scholar of dissertation writing Literature Review: Key Sentences – Feedback – Activity (Looking at books) – Analysis of reference list – Synthesis: Weaving the literature Methods Overview

3 Methods “Presentations” Define the method Identify the foundational work (key scholars) Describe it (procedures for using it) Say when to use it Identify strengths and limitations Find at least one example when used Create a product that you can share with others Due May 2 nd (Case study; interview) Due May 16 th (Focus groups; narrative; surveys)

4 Committee Membership Dissertation Chair – Chief worrier Two GSE committee members One Office of Graduate Studies Representative Identification ideas: How do you find them? Tell them your topic, tenure-track faculty preferred, – Websites (faculty profiles) – Word of mouth (advice from advisors)

5 Characteristics of Key Sentences Written as complete sentences Includes transition sentences Follows a logical argument – Some one could agree or disagree with your argument Moves from general to specific Headings are integrated into key sentences Does not need to be first sentence of paragraph, though may be easier Could be written in the form of questions Go back and forth from key sentences & text

6 Dissertation Reference Library Collect 2 or 3 books about writing a dissertation Refer to them when writing Keep around the house

7 Methods Overview Point in Time Change over Time

8 CI Research Seminar Friday May 2 nd AGENDA Freewrite Methods Section Interviews and Case Studies presentations Community of Practice work: Chapters 1 & 2

9 Methods Section Methods Template – Research design – Participants – Procedures – Instruments – Role of researcher – Data collection and analysis Methods Matrix

10 Tools You Can Use Action Research Action wiki – Matrix models Dissertations – Level of detail Not like a research article Replication Books about dissertation writing

11 Methods Presentations Interviews Case Studies

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