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OCIO Leadership Series December, 2012 The “C” Player Plan.

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2 OCIO Leadership Series December, 2012 The “C” Player Plan

3 The “C” Player Use Topgrading techniques to manage your succession When grading identify peoples passion and talent (s) Why bother, just look at the person and choose, right?

4 Takeaway: Make decisions, Develop People, Perform WHY NOT? Why am I a Manager?

5 What Plan? 75% of top 100 global company top HR execs say promoting from Performance Appraisals or gut feel result in disappointments and failures You make your decisions on the “A/B” players and are reluctant to say “C” If you have the luxury of a trusted working team-ask for help Maybe your teammates know of skills/talents that will help a “C” become a “B” or maybe even an “A” by doing a different job or having a different manager (Redeploy)

6 IDENTIFY-ASSESS-EVALUATE Why worry about the “C”? They are doing their job Who loses when you don’t take action? If you have coached-provided development and feedback-redeployed, what next? Chronic underperformer doesn’t quit! Time to replace!!

7 Performance Gaps Summary  Discuss with the person the gaps in performance that you see  Determine if their life depended on it could they perform  If the answer is no then job redeployment or job engineering is in order  If the answer is yes then additional training/development should be scheduled and agreed upon

8 Review 1.Complete your Human Capital Management Plan 2.Develop plans for your “A/B” players 3.Review the performance gaps in your “C” players 4.Redeploy or Replace

9 Next Session

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