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Locating Information Resources ENG 120 Mortola Library.

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1 Locating Information Resources ENG 120 Mortola Library

2 Objectives  Use reference tools to locate background information and statistics  Locate books pertaining to your topic using the Pace Library Catalog.  Find articles on your topic in library databases.  Cite resources correctly using MLA documentation style.

3 Finding Reference Tools  Database of online reference books: Gale Virtual Reference Library  Search the Pace Library Catalog by keyword for “[subject] and encyclopedias”  If you are unsure of the subject area, try a general source like Encyclopaedia Britannica.

4 Reference Tools  Suggested resource: CQ Researcher Can provide you with basic information. Can help you focus your research topic. Can lead you to other useful books and articles. Can sometimes provide statistics.

5 Search Tip: Boolean Logic  Combine concepts using the Boolean operators AND and OR  Use AND to combine concepts and narrow your search women AND combat  Use OR to search for synonyms or related terms women AND (combat OR military)

6 Finding Books: the Catalog  Keyword searches target entire records in the library catalog. women and combat  Subject searches target only the Library of Congress subject headings assigned to materials. Search terms must match subject headings exactly. Women and the military United States – Armed Forces - Women

7 Finding Articles: Library Databases  Provide access to articles (citations, abstracts and/or full text) published in periodicals.  Databases are subscription products available on campus or from home with your MyPace Portal username and password.

8 Databases to try  Academic Search Premier  Research Library Many full-text articles May need to use to locate articles not immediately available  OmniFile All full-text articles

9 MLA Citation Style  MLA (Modern Language Association) style is generally used in the humanities.  See the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (on reserve at the Mortola Library Reference Desk) for more information, or visit the guide to Citing Resources on the Library home page.

10 MLA Citation: Article from a Library Database Author(s). “Item Title.” Journal Title volume number. issue number (if available). (Date): Page number range. Database name. Web. Access date.. Tolson, Nancy. “Making Books Available: The Role of Early Libraries, Librarians, and Booksellers in the Promotion of African American Children’s Literature.” African American Review 32.1 (1998): 9-16. JSTOR. Web. 5 May 2009..

11 Questions? Mortola Library Reference Desk: (914) 773-3505 Library Home Page:

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