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A tour of new discovery introducing XpertCapture Your ultimate data capturing solution.

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1 a tour of new discovery introducing XpertCapture Your ultimate data capturing solution

2 What is XpertCapture? To Deliver: Real time digital data using various data visualization tools and native format XpertCapture is a integrated system that Capture:  Order  Sales  Doctor Call Report  Field Manager Approval For:  Pharmaceuticals and  FMCG based Sales & Distribution companies Using:  Web Form  Java Mobile and  Android based mobile

3 Who are We? XpertLab BD Ltd is a Registered Software Development Company in Bangladesh Established in Year 2008 With experienced man power in different business domains and Most latest and powerful technologies With Slogan “Quality solutions, your way!”

4 Who are You? You are a Pharmaceutical or FMCG based company Who capture data with help of Field Forces over phone or by moving to Retailers or Chemists Using traditional pre printed paper based order sheets Where data entry operators required to entry them to computerized system to get digital data for analysis and thus Losing your huge time and money for paper, printing and man power.

5 Powers of XpertLab BD, XpertCapture and Yours Together we can win, because XpertLab BD Ltd has knowledge of your business domains and powerful technologies XpertCapture has been developed based on your needs with our knowledge base using latest technologies and it’s ready to serve And you know, you are already late to start for the new journey where your competitors are already on the way So, what you needs to do are Make your decision to update your data capturing mechanism Take a trial or demo to check whether XpertCapture is the system to go Come back to us with your valuable feedback and Believe us that we are ready to add or modify to make the XpertCapture to fulfill your needs

6 Current State /Problem Description Many companies have multiple systems for capturing customer orders or are still struggling with manual processes. This results in higher costs and declining customer satisfaction due to redundant data entry and order errors. The common problems are  Manual order capturing  Ineffective Doctor Call Report  Extra overhead in stationary cost (Paper, printing)  Extra overhead on new product arrival  Data entry operator cost  Ineffective use of field forces  Inefficient and time consuming order capturing  Extra time overhead for data processing  Lack of real time overall data visualization  No real time data report.  No Central Stock Report  No Field Force KPI Report  No central MIS Reporting system

7 Proposed Approach To gain a single, enterprise-wide view of the customer, companies are turning to centralized web based solutions. XpertCapture is a centralized web based capturing solution that allows you to capture order, Doctor Call, sales or any other transactions. It will allow you get the transaction data digitally and immediately. XpertCapture dashboard will show you real time data using various interactive charts and data visualization tools for easy analysis. Based on this data you can easily make your next business critical decision.

8 How XpertCapture will Enhance You

9 Enhancing Your Finance  No upfront cost.  No Installment charge.  No investment in server infrastructures  Use and Pay.  Flexible subscription fees  No Maintenance Cost.  Mobile Operator independent  No monthly fixed internet bill  Lowest internet cost (around BDT 30-50 per month per Field Force) Financial Benefits Features

10 Enhancing Your Data Management  Real time digital data.  Centralized data store.  Integrated DCR (Doctor Call Report)  Approval workflow for Field Manager  Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management  Centralize Stock Reporting  Field Force performance  Doctor performance  Field Force movement tracking.  Field Force visiting history.  Map base geological dashboard  Interactive Dashboard.  Complete MIS reporting  WCF & REST API to integrate with any system. Features Business Benefits

11 Enhancing Your Technology adoption  Latest, most powerful and efficient technologies.  Application targeting low end mobile device start from BDT 3500.  Touch enabled Android apps.  Microsoft Windows Azure environment for application scalability.  GPS based Field Force tracking (Android based app user).  Guided interactive data entry interfaces.  Low bandwidth consuming apps. Technological Benefits Features

12 How we are different We don’t address a part of a solution, we address a complete solution with. Order Capturing Doctor Call Reporting Field Manager Monitoring Stock Reporting KPI Reporting and Complete centralized MIS reporting We are too much concern to reduce the client’s overall cost : By providing lightweight, efficient but powerful solution which run on low cost devices By providing low bandwidth consuming solution which run in minimum internet bandwidth and consume low internet cost. By offering user per month subscription which provides clients an affordable price for our solution By providing server infrastructure and maintenance cost and supports, we reduce client’s server infrastructure, installation and maintenance cost. Differences We are different from our competitors, because

13 Enhancing Your Business We have features for every step of the way 1 Subscribe XpertCapture 2 Use the power of XpertCapture 3 Achieve your business goals

14 Enhancing Your Data Capture The way, data In and Out

15 Enhancing Your Business Flow The way, your business run

16 Key Components XpertCapture Lite : Mobile based application for capturing Order, Doctor Call, Approval and mobile reporting. XpertCapture Core: Web based portal for Field Force Management, basic data management, Web based Order Entry, Invoicing, Reporting and real time dashboard. It also contains the core data service. Additional Features:  Metro Dashboard  Map Based Dashboard  KPI Management  Inventory Management

17 Key Screens to Get the feelings

18 XpertCapture Lite (Mobile) XpertCapture Lite for Field Force to capture Order and Doctor Call. XpertCapture Lite for Field Manager for Approving Order and Doctor Call and Reporting. XpertCapture Lite Menus:

19 XpertCapture Lite (Mobile) Track Field Force CheckIn and CheckOut time and notify the customer what is his Outstanding amount. Track the order’s Delivery Date, Delivery Shift, Payment Mode, Card No etc. Order Capturing

20 XpertCapture Lite (Mobile) Faster data entry with form style guided interface Faster data entry with grid style excel like guided interface. Order Capturing

21 XpertCapture Lite (Mobile) Super fast and easy searching. Interactive and informative. User Friendliness

22 XpertCapture Lite (Mobile) Multi doctors DCR Entry for group Doctor Call. Track promoted product or brand, RX Seen Products, Seen Products, DCR Shift, Work With and Location information relate to a Doctor Call. Track the Gift information provided during a Doctor Call. Doctor Call

23 XpertCapture Lite (Mobile) Approval of Field Force taken Orders by the Area Manager or Territory Manager. Approval of Field Force taken Doctor Call by the Area Manager or Territory Manager. Field Manager

24 Metro Dashboard: National Summary Provide National Summary of sales on an interactive view which let you look at any part of your data.

25 Metro Dashboard: National Summary Provide both top and details of depot, brand, product, field force, chemist.

26 Metro Dashboard: Company progress Line Shows overall progress line of company’s Order, Supply, DCR and Target acheivement for national or depot for a period of time.

27 Metro Dashboard: Depot wise Comparison Compare the depots performance to enhance their activities.

28 Metro Dashboard: Brand wise comparison Brand wise comparison to get the best sold brand and so on.

29 Metro Dashboard: Brand wise Stock Brand wise and product wise national stock.

30 Real time Dashboard Shows Depot wise and product wise sales with visited and not visited and ordered Chemist on real time auto updated dashboard for a day to get overall status of sales, current stock and field force performance on the day.

31 Map Based Dashboard The inactive map based dashboard provides you a way to dig down the data of your company based on geo location based

32 Reporting: Field Force captured order Order and Order Details captured by the field force on a day or date range.

33 Reporting: Brand wise Summary

34 Reporting Field Force Attendance Provides you the actual attendance of your Field Force by analyzing the Check In History and Doctor Call history.

35 Enhancing Your Analysis: Reports 1.Field Force Day Statement with DoctorCall, Orders and Visited Chemist list for Pharmaceuticals 2.National Distributor wise order and supply 3.National Product/Brand wise order and supply 4.National Top Brand wise order and supply 5.Distributor Field Force wise order and supply 6.Distributor Product wise order and supply 7.Distributor Top 15 Brands order and supply 8.Field Force Chemist wise order and supply 9.Field Force Product wise order and supply 10. Field Force Top 15 Brand order and supply 11. Field Force Attendance 12. Field Force Target Vs Achievement 13. And many more daily, summary and monthly reports Real time faster reporting that helps day analysis

36 Service Package & Additional Features Cost In general, the subscription fee for per user per month is BDT 99. But XpertCapture provides you an affordable offer based on your user number. Our current offer for base package Usersuser/month 1-200BDT 99.00 1-500BDT 95.00 1-1000BDT 90.00 1-1100+BDT 80.00 Additional Featureuser/month Metro DashboardBDT 5.00 Map based DashboardBDT 5.00 KPI ManagementBDT 10.00 Inventory ManagementBDT 10.00 Additional Feature & Cost: Base Package Cost: Base Package includes all the core functionalities for data capturing, reporting and Real time data dashboard.

37 Nothing is Hidden Total billing users count will be all the active & transacted field forces + all the active users who login to the XpertCapture web portal using any workstation for reporting or any other purposes. With this subscription you will get a basic application level support service. This price includes all the application development and maintenance cost and application server, database server and other related maintenance cost. XpertLab BD Ltd stores the clients data on a highly secured database server and maintain confidentiality of the data strongly. But If any client wants to host the application on their own server to use privately and exclusively for security or any other reasons, XpertLab BD Ltd will only carry the application level support and maintenance tasks. All the server related support and maintenance tasks and cost have to be carried by the client. In this exclusive use, there will be no change in XpertCapture price structures.

38 Why are you missing the beautiful transitions? you’ll be late!!! Exciting new transitions Look at the demo, take a trial then decide and be happy.

39 Web: Email, Phone +8801912094120, +8801818761192, +8801711581895 Exciting new transitions Thank You

40 Fact File Something about us Name: XpertLab BD Ltd. Established: 1 st Oct 2008 Slogan: Quality solutions, your way! Contact Address: 180/3, Road 1, Block A, South Paikpara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh Email:, Cell: +8801912094120, +8801818761192, +01711581895 Web:

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