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1 and Marlin Equipment Finance Financing 101 with Marlin Business Services.

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1 1 and Marlin Equipment Finance Financing 101 with Marlin Business Services

2 2 Marlin is a Leader National lender to small and mid-size businesses Offers loan and lease products partnering with a broad array of equipment dealers and re-sellers Sales model focuses on delivering personalized “best in class” service to our channel partners Operations infrastructure designed to handle high volume, low ticket transactions efficiently Proprietary software and data intelligence gathering drives fast credit decisions 216K Customers served 22K Dealer sources Major Equipment Markets: - Copiers/Document Management - Security & Surveillance - Information Technology - Telecommunications Corporate HQ Lease Processing Center Southeastern Office Marlin Business Bank Western Office

3 3 Xccent and Marlin - Pre Delivery Funding - Competitive Finance Program - Customized quoting tools - Expedited Lease Processes

4 4 Why Offer a Payment Option? Understand your customers potential needsOffer a full product and service SolutionAdded value to your proposalEliminate Time in the decision process by making it affordable in the beginning Minimize competitor shopping and lowering your profits

5 5 Why Customers Lease Tax BenefitsNot a Liability on CreditKeep Credit Lines Open

6 6 Leasing Benefits – Know your customer Daycares Not a liability on their credit Keeps credit lines open for payroll, inventory etc Potential tax savings take the full depreciation on the equipment this tax year Offer as Finance option not a lease as the verbiage may confuse them HOA/YMCA’s/Churches/ PTA/PTO A lease can be structured as 0 down to have no immediate cash exhaustion Monthly payment option will appeal to the board as it is more affordable Customizing the payments option as quarterly or bi annually can be easier on their budgets Municipalities/Schools The monthly payment option offered up front can potentially keep them out of a bid process The lease payment can be sold in conjunction with any additional funding programs Payment option will help the Muni maximize it annual budgetary appropriations Less complex then bond financing, grant programs and conventional loans

7 7 Scenarios Offer a 0 down finance option Customize payment to their budget Offer deferred payment options Customize lease to meet their budget need Set up on annual payments Do entire Project now Save customer money Offer short term lease Minimize above and beyond cost Get sale now Grant Annual Budget Need to keep capital Not in Budget until summer

8 8 Standardized Process Marlin accepts credit application via: Credit Application Received Decision Rendered < 2 Hrs Customer Agrees to Move Forward Finance Documents Issued Documents Received by Marlin PO Issued to Equipment Vendor Marlin Receives Invoice Complete Verbal verification Marlin Funds Transaction Signed/Verbal Delivery and Acceptance Marlin will notify the personnel and/or customer (lessee)

9 9 What can we finance ? LaborPBO Surfacing Freight One easy payment option for your customer

10 10 Enhanced programs Help your newer centers get the playground they want now with a monthly payment options Max term 36 months- 20K max exposure Start Up Program Customers who have had a tough couple years need a payment option-marlin can help High Risk credit Deferred payments Annual payments Quarterly payment 0% Financing Competitive pricing

11 11 Next Steps Save leaseErep to browserProactively offer our finance programCall me with any questionPut more money in your Pocket

12 12 Thank you! Jennifer DeLong 303-963-5832 (direct) 888-479-9111 ext 5015

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