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EDISON BOY’S CROSS COUNTRY 2013 Find us on Facebook: Edison Boy’s XC.

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1 EDISON BOY’S CROSS COUNTRY 2013 Find us on Facebook: Edison Boy’s XC

2 COACHES  Head Coach – Brian Brierly  e-mail:  Assistant Coach – Brian Karpman  Assistant Coach – Kevin Russell  Volunteer Coach – Cory Schiltz  Volunteer Coach – Parker Olsen

3 BOOSTER CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS  President – Chris Lewis  Vice President – Ron Gamble  Treasurer – Veronica Thies  Secretary – Becky Hastings  Parent Volunteer Coordinator – Denah Hoard  3 Board Members have Graduating Seniors  Looking for possible 2014 Booster Club Board Members

4 PRACTICE  Practice is Monday – Friday is at Edison at 3:30 pm.  Practice is mandatory (this is a class with a grade).  Same as being absent in class (and will be reported to the office)  Roll sheet is on the web and is updated almost daily  (Under the Points System page).  Saturday practices are at 7 am at Edison.  Only 1 left, 28 September, unless Applebee’s Fundraiser is that day  Kids should have water, warm ups, post workout recovery snack and a watch (shoes would also be wise)

5 SHOES  Speaking of shoes, great places to get them are:  RoadRunner Sports in Costa Mesa (Corner of 19 th and Harbor)  A Snail’s Pace in Fountain Valley (Warner just east of Magnolia)  They price match also!  Online –,  Also time to get racing flats. Can get them at the same places listed about.  Kids will NOT be using them the first two races. We will break them in at practice and get the kids used to running in them.

6 MEETS  Meets are virtually every Saturday, with one exception (League Preview)  Look at the team website for individual meet info. Every meet is listed, and the page is updated each week to reflect the race schedule and times that the boys need to be at the meets  There are no buses to meets, with one exception (League Preview) DateMeetLocationCity Sept 7Great Cow Run Cerritos Regional ParkCerritos, Ca Sept 14 Fastback ShootoutMt Sac CollegeWalnut, Ca Sept 21 Woodbridge InviteEstancia HSCosta Mesa, Ca Sept 25 (Wed)League PreviewCentral Park Huntington Beach, Ca Sept 28 Applebee’s Fundraiser Oct 5Central Park InviteCentral Park Huntington Beach, Ca Oct 12Clovis InviteWoodward ParkFresno, Ca Oct 19OC ChampsIrvine RegionalIrvine, Ca Oct 26Mt Sac InviteMt Sac CollegeWalnut, Ca Nov 2League FinalsCentral Park Huntington Beach, Ca Nov 16**CIF PrelimsMt Sac CollegeWalnut, Ca Nov 23**CIF FinalsMt Sac CollegeWalnut, Ca Nov 30**CIF StateWoodward ParkFresno, Ca

7 UNIFORMS AND SWEATS  New athletes will need to purchase a uniform.  Cost is $40  Cannot compete without a uniform  Returning athletes that need replacements or bigger sizes can also purchase new ones. We will buy back old uniforms for $20 as long as it is pretty good condition and is clean.  Can just buy top or just bottoms if needed for replacements  New teams sweats!!! Total cost is $110 ($65 for jacket and $45 for bottoms) – not a requirement to own, just nice to have.

8 PICTURE DAY  Picture day is Thursday Sept 19  Meet at Squirrel Park (grass belt on Magnolia on way to the beach) by 3:30 pm.  For individual pictures, show up earlier (3-3:15) to get head start and save time  We will go for our run after the pictures

9 BOOSTER CLUB MEMBERSHIP  Booster Club Membership $275 / Athlete  What it gets (things not funded by school):  Funds coaching, Team Trip(s), Insurance, Fees for non-profit  Funds fund raising expenses, uniform and warm-up purchases  Funds team tee-shirts, team bags, awards, etc.  Funds End of Season Team Banquet (2 tickets/membership)  Budget of about $30,000/ season for 50 athletes

10 BOOSTER CLUB FUNDRAISERS  To help keep Booster Club Membership costs low  No one likes it, but it’s necessary.  Charger cards – 4 per athlete @ $10/card  Please do the best you can to sell all of yours  More available if you can sell more than 4  Applebee’s – watch the kids serve and clean up after  Target Date of Saturday, 28 September  E-script – Vons, etc. Money to team from what you already spend  Booster Club Tee-shirts – for order  Team Sweat shirts – for order

11 PASTA DINNERS AND MEET DAY SNACKS  Pasta dinners are usually Thursday nights before meets  Volunteer to host!  Meet days we have a table of snacks (fruits, crackers, bagels, muffins, etc.) and coolers of water and Gatorade.  E-mails are usually sent around the week leading up to the meet to coordinate contributions

12 BANQUET  End of the year banquet is Wed Dec 4  Located in School Cafeteria  Celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the year  Booster Club membership gets 2 tickets per membership  Additional tickets available for purchase

13 THANK YOU  Program can’t run properly without the support of the parents  Thanks for being here and taking the time to make sure the kids are getting what they need

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