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Company Overview.

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1 Company Overview

2 Who We Are CAP-XX is a global leader in ultra-thin, high power prismatic supercapacitors (EDLC) Founded Listed on LSE (AIM) in 2006 CAP-XX supercapacitors provide peak power, energy storage & backup power Core markets are in commercial & industrial electronics, plus emerging automotive apps CAP-XX has manufactured & sold more than 20 million supercapacitors to globally recognised brand name customers CAP-XX has unique technology, driven by in- house R&D & protected by patents

3 Where We Are HQ in Sydney, Australia – Sales, R&D, Applications
PTA & Nationgate, Malaysia HQ in Sydney, Australia – Sales, R&D, Applications Core product & manufacturing technology developed in Australia Product assembly & warehousing in Malaysia Global market coverage via Tecate Group Sydney, Australia Headquarters Manufacturing R&D Sales Agents

4 Patents & R&D Focus 21 patent families; 26 granted; 70 applications; 6 trademarks Extensive know-how. Quick to file, Quick to cull Performance Drivers High Power High Energy Thin & Small Long Life Applications Power: Pulsed Load Energy: Constant Load High Value Product Energy Density Power Density CAP-XX protection Batteries Capacitors CAP-XX Supercapacitors Economic Drivers Reliability Low Material Cost Low Process Cost SMD Technology Low ESR High Voltage High Capacitance Wide Temperature Range 4 4

5 CAP-XX Products

6 What is a Supercapacitor?
Principles: Capacitance is proportional to the surface area of the carbon (A), divided by the charge separation distance (d) C α A / d So as Surface Area , and Charge Distance , Capacitance  C = I * dt / dV ESR = dV / I Energy stored = ½CV2 +ve -ve Nanoporous carbon: Large surface area - + Electrolyte: Ions in a solvent Separation distance: Solid-liquid interface Separator: Semi-permeable membrane Electrode: Aluminum foil Electrical Model: Electric Double Layer Capacitor

7 What Do They Do? The Power Gap
Capacitors Capacitor replacements Battery complements Supercapacitors fill “the power gap” between capacitors & batteries Battery replacements Supercapacitors are energy storage devices. They store far more energy than conventional capacitors, are far more powerful than batteries & can be charged & discharged far more quickly & far more often Batteries In some applications, paired with an energy harvester, fast charger or inductive charger, they can completely remove the need for a battery

8 Stored as static electricity) High Power (releases quickly)
Cap v Scap v Batt Capacitor Supercapacitor Battery Low Energy Stored as static electricity) High Power (releases very quickly) Moderate Energy Stored as static electricity) High Power (releases quickly) High Energy Stored as a chemical reaction) Low Power (releases slowly) The water tank analogy Supercapacitor: Moderate volume Moderate pressure Moderate tap Capacitor: Small volume High pressure Big tap Battery: Big volume Low pressure Small tap Inaccessible energy

9 10 nm thick modified layer with 100 nm diameter features
Why CAP-XX? Nanotechnology, Prismatic packaging, and Clever electrochemistry increase the energy & power density Aluminium Carbon Separator Carbon Aluminium + - CAP-XX parts are Thin, flat, small & light Very high power (low ESR) 100x more power than a battery Best in class of competitors High energy (high capacitance) 100x greater than a capacitor Better than most competitors High voltage & temperature rating Ultra-low leakage & charge current Safe, reliable & long lasting CAP-XX is the only supercapacitor company delivering these features Nanoporous carbon 100 nm oriented fibres 10 nm thick modified layer with 100 nm diameter features Macropores > 50 nm Mesopores nm Micropores < 2 nm 9

10 Energy Density (Wh/kg)
The CAP-XX Advantage CAP-XX Other EDLC Al. Elect. OS-Con Ta Polypropylene Batteries 1.E+03 1.E+02 1.E+01 Power Density (kW/kg) 1.E+00 1.E-01 1.E-02 1.E-05 1.E-04 1.E-03 1.E-02 1.E-01 1.E+00 1.E+01 1.E+02 1.E+03 Energy Density (Wh/kg) CAP-XX has the lowest ESR (0.5 W.cm2) 10

11 CAP-XX Product Line General purpose, G series
(-40°C to +70°C, 2.3V / cell) High voltage/temp, H series (-40°C to +85°C, 2.75V / cell) 4 Package Sizes: 21.0 x 14.0mm (“D”) 20.0 x 18.0mm (“A”) 28.5 x 17.0mm (“W”) 39.0 x 17.0mm (“S”) Dual cell modules (4.5V & 5.5V) Single cells (2.3V & 2.75V) Capacitance from 160mF - 2.4F ESR from just 14mΩ

12 Reliable & Safe CAP-XX products meet international safety standards for: Flammability Over-heating Compression Puncture CAP-XX supercapacitors are completely safe: Do not burn (no fire risk) Do not explode No dangerous outcome if over-charged or over-heated No dangerous outcome if polarity reversed Self protecting: generally fail open-circuit Suitable for use in ATEX, IECEx & Intrinsically Safe devices 12

13 Reliable & Safe CAP-XX products meet international reliability standards: Vibration (sine) & Shock (half sine, acceleration) Thermal shock & Temperature cycling High temperature & Low temperature Specified environments (eg, High humidity, Low pressure) Load life, Cycle life & Shelf life tests “Life” will usually be defined by minimum C, maximum ESR CAP-XX runs life tests for >8,000 hours (1 year+) “Ageing” rates are defined for multiple environmental conditions “MTTF” is defined by cell failure (due to electrolyte loss) 13

14 Made to Quality Standards
Certifications ISO UL 810A BOMcheck partner Sony Green Partner Compliances Full MSDS available under NDA RoHS, REACH & WEEE compliant Lead free, Halogen free, Conflict-Metal free Sony Ericsson Design for Environment requirements Restricted Substances lists for major OEMs/CEMs 14 14

15 Principal Applications & Markets

16 Applications & Benefits
Supercapacitor functions Customer benefits Peak power (Load levelling) Supplies peak power to the load while drawing average power from the source Backup power (Ride-through) Provides reliable, short-term backup power when the primary source fails Energy storage (Battery-free) Accepts charge from variable/low power sources and supports high power loads Reduces the size, weight, capacity & cost of the battery / power source Improves battery life & run-time, particularly when “old or cold” Enables more features to be used more often or concurrently Protects against accidental power loss or fluctuations Reduces battery replacement & maintenance costs (unlimited charge / discharge cycle life) Enables battery-free applications using quick charge or renewables Extends operating temp range Environmentally friendly & safe Mains power Secondary batteries Primary batteries Fuel cells Solar cells Vibration transducers RF energy harvesters Inductive pads Low power No power Modems POS/PDA Sensors Flashes SSD AMR USB Audio Solenoids High power Secure power

17 Supercapacitor Markets
Consumer Electronics Mobile phones/Smartphones Digital video & still cameras Solid state drives (SSD) e-Book readers & tablet PCs MP3 players & speakers Industrial/Commercial Electronics Portable POS, PDAs & PCs Location trackers & RFID tags M2M condition monitoring (AMR, etc.) Smart home/Smart building Medical & Military devices Security & electronic locks Clean-tech: Automotive Cold cranking; Warm cranking (Stop-Start); Regenerative braking (Micro/Mild-Hybrid) Telematics (e-call, TPM, etc.), DIU/Tracker systems, GPS & Distributed power Drive-train support in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Vehicles & Electric Bikes Clean-tech: Energy/Utility Energy harvesting storage/smoothing: Solar, Vibration; Wind, Thermal, RF Smart grid & grid smoothing UPS & PFC 17 17

18 Small EDLC Applications
Peak power solutions Wireless (PDAs, POS, M2M & IoT apps, AMR, Condition monitors, Location trackers, RFID) LED flash (Phones, Tablets, DSC, DVC, PDAs) Solenoids/Actuators (Electronic locks, Industrial process equipment & Fluid control valves) GPS (Location trackers, Emergency beacons) Audio (USB & wireless speakers) Pumps & aerosols (Drug delivery systems) Secure power solutions SSDs (cache protection) PDAs & POS (drop test & battery hot swap) M2M devices (“last gasp” & “graceful shutdown”) Energy storage Battery-free, Energy harvester powered (M2M networks & IoT, AMR, ESL, RFID, Condition monitors, e-Locks, Smart Building/Home) Inductive & cradle/cable chargers (rapid charge devices & continuous process equipment) 18

19 Large EDLC Applications
Engine starting (cold cranking): OEM solution to extend battery life/reduce battery power After-market solution for flat battery starting Stop-Start battery support (warm cranking): Extend battery life & operating temperature range Enable smaller/cheaper batteries Speed up re-starts (no starter lag) Micro-Hybrid & Mild-Hybrid vehicle support: Recapture energy during braking & coasting Re-use it to reduce alternator load & increase power (supercharger) Full Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid EV, Battery & Fuel Cell EV Large-scale Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) Power Factor Correction for utilities Grid storage & smoothing for renewable energy sources Grid storage & smoothing for fluctuating loads 19

20 Summary CAP-XX has outstanding Technology CAP-XX has outstanding IP
Lowest ESR (0.5 Ω.cm2) & highest power (75 kW/L) in the world Proven SMD technology with all new materials & enhanced specs High energy hybrids (twice the energy) to leap-frog the established competition in markets for large cells/modules (e.g. automotive) Our solutions will be about half the cost of equivalent products in high volume production (0.25c per Farad) CAP-XX has outstanding IP Validated patent portfolio covering both existing & future products, restricting competitive encroachment Hybrid & SMD technologies are patented broadly, offering licensees greater protection & market access CAP-XX has the Know-how and Experience CAP-XX is one of the most respected supercapacitor technology companies in the world, responsible for developing many of the applications now recognised as core markets 20 20

21 For more information, contact:
Tecate Group or visit us at:

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