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י'/ניסן/תשע"ז MOTOROLA in the Water & Irrigation Control Market for over than 25 Years MIR MIR MIR MIR IRRInet.

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2 י'/ניסן/תשע"ז MOTOROLA in the Water & Irrigation Control Market for over than 25 Years MIR MIR MIR MIR IRRInet ICC SW IRRInet XL

3 IRRInet XL - System Concept
י'/ניסן/תשע"ז IRRInet XL - System Concept ICC Piccolo RTU Store & Forward IRRIcom IRRInet XL FIU IRRInet XL Field Unit IRRInet XM Piccolo XR

4 י'/ניסן/תשע"ז IRRInet XL Field Unit Basic unit

5 IRRInet XL Field Unit Piccolo Interface Unit CPU Low-Power Radio
3AH Backup Battery Available I/O Modules: AC I/O, DC I/O, S.C., Analog I/O 24V AC Transformer Piccolo Interface Unit

6 IRRInet XL Field Unit Consists of: CPU
Up to 3 I/O modules: AC I/O, DC I/O, Single Cable, Analog I/O Power supply module Radio and/or line modem Operates also as Field Interface Unit (FIU) Operates with: conventional UHF/VHF TETRA Spread Spectrum RS232 RS485 TCP/IP (LAN) Leased line Dial-up Wi-Fi (WLAN) Fiber Optic interface GSM\GPRS interface

7 IRRInet XL Field Unit IRRinet XL controls :
500 Outputs (valves, pumps, relays etc.) 500 inputs (including 250 water meters) 500 irrigation programs 100 fertilizing pumps 100 filter batteries IRRInet XL may control and monitor reservoirs, pumps, valves, water meters, water pressure, water level, flow sensors, temperature, humidity IRRInet XL has unique condition programs for local process The IRRInet XL communicates with the central unit and field units (IRRIcom, IRRInet XL,Piccolo XR ) with one or two radios IRRInet XL has a unique Single Cable (S.C.) module which controls Piccolo RTUs The IRRInet XL is designed to operate in rough environment conditions (-30 to +60°C)

8 Store & Forward Application
Node Store & Forward feature may be utilized to pass information from IRRInet to IRRInet throughout the system IRRInet XL allows radio Communication between IRRInet-to-Central and IRRInet-to-IRRInet, using existing units as nodes in the network Area 1 Area 2

9 IRRInet XL - Single Cable Concept
Up to 3 Single Cable modules Up to 189 water meters Up to 63 Piccolo RTUs on one 2 X 1.5mm cable Up to 10km cable length

10 Piccolo RTU and Single Cable Advantages
Operates via 2 X 1.5mm cable from IRRInet single cable module Controls one solenoid and receives two digital inputs Up to 63 piccolo units on one cable Up to 10km cable length IP65 plastic box housing No energy is required in the field. The single cable module provides the energy to operate solenoids and to receive back information data Optional Lightning Protection Unit (LPU) is available for the Single Cable module (better and advantageous protection ) latched solenoid electronic board A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 1 + -

11 PIU – Piccolo Interface Unit
Piccolo-XR Radio Piccolo-XR

12 The Piccolo-XR RTU is a small sized unit consists of electronic board packed in an IP68 sealed waterproof plastic housing The unit operates up to 4 solenoids and receives up to 8 inputs (depends on the model). The Piccolo-XR has also the options of analog I/O The Piccolo-XR communicates via low-power radio to IRRInet-XL and other Piccolo-XR units for a distance of approximately 3 km Up to 256 digital inputs, 256 digital outputs, 32 analog inputs and 32 analog outputs of Piccolo-XR are supported per IRRInet-XL unit Power: external 6VDC battery Ambient Temperature -30 ºC to +60 ºC (-22 ºF to +140 ºF) I/o options : solenoid output + 1 digital input 2 solenoid outputs + 2 digital inputs 4 solenoid outputs + 4 digital inputs 8 solenoid inputs 1 analog input 1 analog output

13 Piccolo-XR Communication Network
IRRInet-XL Control Center The Piccolo-XR units may communicate with the central IRRInet-XL and with each other. This unique feature allows to communicate over large areas.

14 Piccolo-XR I/O Capabilities
Solenoid Outputs Water Meter Inputs Analog I/O

15 IRRIcom AC & DC Remotely controlled RTU from IRRInet/IRRInet XL FIU
External 1-4W standard UHF/VHF radio Power Save Mode. Power is provided only to the circuits and elements activated by the application program. This unique capability is reducing battery/solar pannel sizes

16 IRRIcom Basic Hardware Capacity: DC model: 12 DC latched outputs
AC model: 12 AC outputs 4 dry contacts (digital) inputs Expansions: 12 outputs+4 digital inputs 18 digital inputs Future I/O expansion: 4 analog inputs+1 analog output+3 digital inputs

17 IRRIcom Software Capacity: Communication Capabilities: 50 outputs
50 inputs 20 main lines 100 programs 50 groups 10 virtual meters 20 fertilizing pumps 20 fertilizing farms 300 conditions (by three condition types) Communication Capabilities: RS232  RS485 Line Radio Connecting up to 16 IRRIcoms via line, for up to 10km cable length

18 IRRIcom Power Source: External 12VDC (DC model) or 24VAC (AC model)
Internal 4.5V DC (3 standard C-Type 1.5V batteries) Internal power source for external radio Extra Features: Selecting solenoid’s operating voltage (6-20V in DC model) Selecting input pulse width ( mSec)

19 IRRIcom Future Operation Modes:
Remote Mode - slave of IRRInet XL or another IRRIcom Stand-alone Mode - the IRRIcom operates a preset program – no radio is required Auto Mode - switching from remote to stand-alone mode Stand-alone & Remote Mode - the IRRIcom runs its own programs and may receive commands from an IRRInet XL or another IRRIcom

20 ICC XL- IRRInet Control Center
SCADA software package Fully graphical software 5 password levels New interrogation concept Graphics screens for field elements status (on-off elements, levels, pressures, flows, quantities, temperatures etc.) Multi-lingual software (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and more)

21 ICC XL – an Open System Windows 2000/XP Professional compatible
Compatibility with IRRInet/IRRInet XL/XM units Controls up to 999 IRRInet field units “Open architecture” system - provides easy files and database transfer (ODBC* interface) Client/Server System many users may operate the system concurrently, using several computers connected through modem and/or TCP/IP. *ODBC - Open Database Connectivity Microsoft database programming interface that provides a common language for Windows applications to use in accessing databases across a computer network.

22 ICC – Networking Method
ICC Client Dial-up MODEM IRRInet FIU ICC SCADA Client Radio Communication Between IRRInet Units ICC Server TCP/IP (LAN) Through dial-up

23 23

24 24

25 25

26 Local Area Network (LAN) System Concept
Regional Center A ICC Server IRRInet XL FIU LAN (TCP/IP) IRRInet XL Field Unit 3 Regional Center B Field Unit 4 RS232 Field Unit 1 Field Unit 2

27 Mixed System Concept Store & Forward System Piccolo XR RTUs IRRInet XM
Central PC IRRInet XL FIU No. 1 RS232 Piccolo RTUs Single Cable Line IRRInet FIU No. 2 Field Unit IRRInet XM RS485/232 IRRIcom Store & Forward System Piccolo XR RTUs

28 Upgrading Existing IRRInet System to IRRInet XL  IRRInet XM
Replacing the Super CPU with CPU420 Downloading system software to the CPU420 IRRInet XM IN A SHORT PROCESS ALL IRRINET XL FEATURES ARE IN YOUR EXISTING IRRINET SYSTEM

29 Scorpio - Radio Controlled Unit
8/16 outputs, 2/4 inputs Operates 24V AC and 24V DC latched solenoids Local programming (by keyboard) Communication to IRRInet/IRRInet XL via external radio

30 Scorpio With External Radio
External 1-4 Watt conventional UHF / VHF radio Two Scorpios can be connected with RS232 sharing one radio Wall mount installation Standard BNC connection for external antenna Power source: 230V AC 115V AC 12V DC Low power consumption

31 Impact - Radio Valve Operates one solenoid Powered by 3 standard
AA 1.5V batteries Includes a built-in UHF/VHF radio receiver Internal antenna Avoids trenching and cables installation Minimizes lightning damage risk

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