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Premio Windows XP Sales Training By Calvin Chen Technical Director.

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2 Premio Windows XP Sales Training By Calvin Chen Technical Director

3 Agenda  Windows XP Overview  Key Features  Home Edition and Professional  WPA and SLP  How Does WPA Works?  SLP Overview  Launch Dates  Summary

4 Windows XP Overview  Windows XP (WXP) is Microsoft’s successor to Windows 2000 (W2K), which, in turn, replaced Windows NT  WXP is built on W2K foundation for stability and reliability  WXP merges the consumer and business operating system into one code base  In the past, Windows 9x/Me was designed for home/consumer use; while W2K was geared towards the business/corporate segment  But 9x/Me and W2K did not share the same foundation; this made it difficult for Microsoft and IT people to effectively support and maintain

5 Key Features  Improved user-friendly interface that is more task oriented  Windows File Protection system protects critical system files from being damaged or corrupted by other programs  Fast user switching feature; allows multiple users to share the same computer  Latest version of Internet Explorer 6.0, Windows Media Player (WMP), and Windows Messenger  Remote Assistance (Home) and Remote Desktop (Professional)  Redesigned Help & Support Center for troubleshooting guides and tips

6 Home and Professional  Two versions of WXP: Home Edition (XPH) and Professional (XPP)  Both share similar features, but with some very important differences  The KEY difference is XPH CANNOT join (login to) an NT, W2K, or Novell server! Home is meant to be used in a workgroup network (peer to peer) environment  Remember that 9x/Me/NT/W2K does NOT have this restriction!  So if the user is going to use XP in conjunction with a server, make sure you use XPP! Windows XP Professional features – Windows XP Home Edition features –

7 Home and Professional  Other key differences are:  XPH is for one CPU only; XPP can support up to two CPUs  XPH does not have file encryption to protect sensitive data and files  XPH comes with Remote Assistance; XPP comes with Remote Desktop  XPH does not have multi-language support Windows XP Comparison Guide --

8 WPA and SLP  WPA is Windows Product Activation and SLP is System Locked Preinstallation (only available to OEMs)  WPA is Microsoft’s tool to combat casual software piracy  SLP BIOS locks WXP to a specific manufacturer machine  WPA locks the Product Key to a single machine by its hardware configuration  If SLP fails, then WPA will automatically be enabled

9 How Does WPA Work?  The grace period for WPA is 30 days  A unique Product Key (PK) is required for each installation of WXP  When an user gets a WXP system, he or she will have to enter the PK during initial setup, and WXP will ask if the user wishes to activate now or later  The user can activate via the internet (if they have a net connection) or through a toll free 800 #  If the user defers to later, the grace period will begin once WXP is booted to the desktop for the first time; an activation reminder will appear, counting down the remaining days left

10 How Does WPA Work?  WPA works by generating a hardware hash value by examining the various system components; the hash value is like a digit fingerprint for the system  Exactly which components Microsoft examine is a secret; but most likely it looks for unique items like the network card network ID, CPU serial number, etc.  WPA will then combine the PK and hash value into an installation ID value for that machine  This installation ID is then send to Microsoft WPA server (via net or through a phone call)  And WPA will not send any personal data to Microsoft; it will not scan your hard drive for any illegal installed software  Once activation is complete, it will not periodically send any data to Microsoft

11 How Does WPA Work?  At the server side, Microsoft checks the PK value and see if that PK have been used before, and is it on the same machine with the same hardware hash value?  If the PK has never been activated, then it activates it and the process is complete  Activating via the net takes less than 30 seconds  Activating via the phone requires the end user to read the installation ID to Microsoft and they, in turn, will give the user the activation #; which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes

12 WPA Questions  So does this mean the user cannot change ANY component in his or her system?  No, Microsoft will allow incremental changes such as upgrading memory, CPU, video cards, etc.  But if you’re doing a major overhaul (changing motherboard, NIC, hard drive, video card, etc) then you may have to reactivate via the phone  As long as it’s reasonable, Microsoft will not give users a hard time about re-activation Visit this URL for more details --

13 SLP Overview  Microsoft offers OEM an alternative to WPA  This is similar to our current BIOS locked CDs  Activation is bypass as long as WXP is installed or reinstalled to a Premio computer  During each WXP login, SLP will check to make sure our Premio OEM string is embedded into the BIOS  If it finds the string, then everything proceed as normal  If the string is not there, then WPA will be enabled

14 Launch Dates  WXP official worldwide launch date is October 25, 2001  But we can start shipping systems with WXP as earlier as September 24, 2001  For the September 24, 2001 launch, we may be using WPA  We are working on a SLP solution with Microsoft, which should be completed by October 25, 2001  We are finalizing the Premio branded WXP CD artwork now; JDE part numbers will be announced at at later date

15 Conclusion  Know the key differences between WXP Home and Professional  Understand how WPA and SLP works  The official worldwide launch date is October 25, 2001  Lastly, take the Microsoft WXP Online Sales Training:  Lastly, take the Microsoft WXP Online Sales Training:

16 The End

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