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Nagios XI 2012 Mike Guthrie Twitter: mguthrie88 Projects:

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1 Nagios XI 2012 Mike Guthrie Email: Twitter: mguthrie88 Projects:

2 20122 New Feature Highlights Improved Configuration Management Nagios Business Process Intellgence (BPI) v2 Scheduled Reporting Bandwidth Usage Report Bulk Configuration Modifications Escalation Wizard Notification Settings Deployment Bulk Renaming Capacity Planning Audit Logging

3 20123 Nagios CCM (Core Config Manager) Based on the NagiosQL project Front-end completely rebuilt UI more responsive. Better performance Improved feedback and usability Easier learning curve Object->group and Group->object relationships visible Test services commands from the UI View Plugin Documentation from the UI Search feature on all pages Static Configurations can be managed from the UI

4 20124 Nagios CCM (Core Config Manager)

5 20125 Nagios BPI v2 AJAX based updates refresh the data without a page reload. Uses DB backend for faster performance. BPI Groups can be automatically generated and synced with existing host groups and service groups. Improved permissions scheme. Only Admins can modify groups. Nagios contact permissions honored. Sort by problem “weight” for a quicker drill-down. Group states now determined be health percentage instead of problem counts. Optionally account for “handled” problems. More information in checks as to why a group is in a problem state. Cached data for huge performance improvement with BPI checks.

6 20126 Nagios BPI v2

7 20127 New Reporting Highlights Scheduled Reporting - allows regular PDF reports to be emailed. Executive Summary Report – Combines Availability, Top Alert Producers, Alert Histogram, and Latest Alerts into one report. Bandwidth Usage – Tracks bandwidth usage on routers and switches for quarterly, monthly, and daily usage. Audit Logging – Tracks system events, configuration changes, and user actions in the XI interface

8 20128 Capacity Planning Report Utilize one of several algorithms to create data projections Calculate dates for expected values, and vice versa Nick Scott: Advanced Data Analytics For Nagios

9 20129 Bulk Modification Tool Change a single config value for a list of hosts and/or services Add a contact or contact group to a list of hosts/services Remove contact or contact group from a list of hosts/services This tool should not replace templating or proven tricks for large configuration management like service->hostgroup relationships. Handy tool to use with XI config wizards

10 201210 Bulk Modification Tool

11 201211 Notification Settings Management Customize notification messages, settings, and timeperiods and deploy them to users and/or contact groups Lock notification settings for non-administrative users Reset the default notification settings for all users Create and save templates for notification settings Requires XI users to have valid notification settings to deploy successfully

12 201212 Notification Settings Management

13 201213 Bulk Renaming Tool Rename hosts or services while retaining historical data.

14 201214 Escalation Wizard Creates escalation chains for a selection of hosts or services The challenges of this wizard: Creating a configuration that will always pass verification, particularly for service escalations. Services can be assigned to 1 host, many hosts, or hostgroups. The ideal wizard will look completely different for users who utilize single host->service definitions, vs service->hostgroup definitions. Pair an escalation definition with a CCM “Config Name” and “Service Description”. Creates more escalation definitions, but configs will always work, and bulk creation is still maintained.

15 201215 Escalation Wizard

16 201216 Additional Components with 2012 Actions – custom host/service actions Nagios Operations Center (NOC Screen) Metrics- compares similar metrics Mass Acknowledgment- handle problems in bulk Latest Alerts – Summarized alert table BBMap – Data visualization for status Minemap – Data visualization for status Hypermap – Interactive status map Autodiscovery – scan subnets, export lists Alert Heatmap – Data visualization for alerts

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