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ELearning at UCM 2008 12 09 Gerald Henzinger. Agenda Where are we right now? Our Client What is planned.

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1 ELearning at UCM 2008 12 09 Gerald Henzinger

2 Agenda Where are we right now? Our Client What is planned

3 Where are we right now? Platform KEWL in Pemba – Up- and download area. – Participating within AVOIR. Iniciative with CED – Starting a Pilot with CHISIMBA – Upload all documents, which are digital available. SUGIK – Masters in GIS. – Blended learning with presence and online learning. – Using Moodle.

4 Where are we right now? HIV Education – Capacitybuildingproject with Volunteers. – Using flash. FEG – Has a Server, never been used.

5 Our Client – October 2008 Capacity of our clients to run e-learning Interrogation of 429 Persons. Comparision of rural and urban students. Hardware – Electricity – Computer use – Printout – How long to go to the next place where internet. – Internet on the cellphone – Quality of the connection Software – Email, Google, Internet, Excel and Word

6 Our Client - Electricity CED: 29% don‘t have electricity Urban regions: nearly everybody has electricity

7 Our Client – Computer Use CED: 25% never use computer. CED: 75% use computer once or less a week. Other Faculties use more than 50% computer every day.

8 Our Client - Printing Tecnical and economical 50% – 50% CED is a little better.

9 Our Client – Time to get to Internet CED: 60% don‘t know or has more than 2 h to go. 27% has to go less than 30min. Urban Faculties have 60% less than 30min to go.

10 Our Client – Internet on Cellphone Most never use internet with cellphone

11 Our Client – quality of connection CED: 56% don‘t know. For 30% it is slow Urban Faculties: ca. 75% the connection is slow

12 Our Client - Email CED: 25% can use email properly Other Faculties: 75%-90% use email

13 Our Client - Google CED: 60% has no or small knowledge Other Faculties: nearly 100% knowledge

14 Our Client – Excel, Word CED: Better knowledge than Email and Google.

15 Our Client - veces a facultade esta cheia...(MED) facultade ha muitas problemas dos computadores e internet que e muito lento e sao poucos... (MED) …os computadores demoram muito…(MED)...nao tenho possibilidade de imprimir, pois para imprimir tenho que andar muito...(TUR) não domino (CED)...e um triste estudante do 3 ano, não conhece o não tem Dominio de programas e o propio computador... (CED) 3 horas de tempo com a corriente electrica (CED)

16 Our Client - Conclusion CED: – 25% know Email – 27% have to go less than 30min – 13% have good connection. – 60% have electricity in house. Some has just a few hours a day. – Coordenators of CED see right now a capacity of 3% doing E-Learning. Need of capacitybuilding. Need of improve connectivity.

17 What is planned 2009 – Master in Tourism. – Master in Computer Science. – CED: Pilot with the first year. Connectivity – Getting a dedicated line from TDM. – Fixed IP Adress. – Email Server. Inhouse – Improve labs.

18 What is planned - Chisimba Participation with the AVOIR Project Comfortable Instable Concerns about the future of Chisimba. Alternatives?

19 Conclusion Faculties are not pulling on one string. Our Clients and Teachers need capacitybuilding. Connectivity has to be improved. Future of Chisimba is not predictable.

20 Thank you! Questions?

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