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Xyting Corporation Company Background & Credentials.

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1 Xyting Corporation Company Background & Credentials

2 Corporate Focus Global Sales Sales Distribution Networks Technology Licensing Business Development

3 Corporate Milestones Incorporated 1993 Sourced product for Hong Kong Telecom 1993 Xy-Cut patent 1993 InterDigital Contract 1994 Mitsubishi Electric Contract 1998

4 Territory Sales: Successfully done business in almost 20 countries on all continents except Antarctica Technology: Primary focus on the U. S., Korea, Greater China and Israel

5 Partial List of Corporate Clients InterDigital Communications - U.S. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation - Japan Aerielle, Inc. – U. S. Micro-to-Nano Technologies - Korea Plexus Multimedia - Singapore Go-CDMA – Hong Kong Vasucorp, Inc. – India

6 Partial List of Distributors Mitsubishi Electric Samsung Electronics Siemens Hong Kong Telecom Telecom Australia New Zealand Telecom

7 Licensing Agreements Xy-Cut Kipp RFID I-Level Aerielle, Inc. MobileWise Go-CDMA

8 Technology/Application ASIC/all electronic products RFID/retail products Mixed signal System-on-Chip(SoC)/controls FM transmitters/consumer electronics Wireless devices/cell phones 3G wireless/mobile telephone systems

9 Technology/Application Middleware software/financial Global networks/emerging operators 10-Gigabit Ethernet/enterprise networks Wireless Power Distribution/mobile devices DAB/radio broadcasting systems CDMA(2.0 to 3+G)/CDMA networks

10 Mobile Platform Market Focus Laptops (MobileWise, Aerielle, Plexus, I-Level) Cell Phones (MobileWise, InterDigital, Plexus, Go-CDMA) PDA’s (MobileWise, Aerielle, Plexus) MP3 Players (MobileWise, Aerielle, Plexus) CD/DVD Players (MobileWise, Aerielle, Plexus) Radios (MobileWise, Aerielle, Plexus)

11 Xyting Representatives A proven team of sales professionals Record of telecom and computer sales Employers include Bell Laboratories, AT&T, MCI, Infineon, Oki, Zilog, AMD, Telstra, and Mitsubishi Electric

12 Xyting Representatives U.S. - 5 Japan -1 Hong Kong -1 Australia –1 International network of individuals and companies for technology and sales

13 Major Accomplishments $37M licensing and technology transfer agreement between U.S. and Korean companies In just over 3 years, taking sales of start-up company from zero to over $7 Million Presenting U.S. wireless product to telecoms of 13 provinces of China

14 Major Accomplishments Setting up 5 distributors for sales in 6 countries in only 5 months Producing revenues of over $100 Million Saving almost 50% on multi-million dollar network capacity purchase

15 Outsourcing Benefits Time-to-Market Reduced Costs Efficiencies of Xyting’s network No annual benefits No recruitment costs No termination costs Reduced Liabilities No commitments on employment

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