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XT30/XT50 Basic Training System Overview. How will this help you?

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1 XT30/XT50 Basic Training System Overview

2 How will this help you?

3 Objectives After completing this course you will be able to: 1) Understand the basic features of the panel. 2) Understand the different system options. 3) Understand how to access various system menus. 4) Pass the necessary exams required for your DMP XT30/XT50 System Overview certificate.

4 The Ultimate Objective After completing this entire XT series training course, y ou will be confident and competent in your ability to successfully install and program this panel tomorrow.

5 Where we started Atlas Security –Founded 1962 DMP –Founded 1975

6 Course Navigation This course is setup with several navigation buttons giving you the option to jump around inside each section. The navigation buttons work as follows: The home button takes you back to the beginning of each section. The information links to a particular piece of information in a section.


8 XT30/XT50 Description 12 VDC –Battery backup Burglary, Fire and door control

9 On-Board Zones On board zones with – 1K EOL Class B –3.3K EOL

10 Keypad Data Bus Keypad bus support Supervised versus unsupervised support Multiple device support

11 Expansion Zones Supported devices – panel dependent Unique addressing –One address = 4 zones XT30=32 expansion zones XT50=48 expansion zones

12 Annunciator Outputs Onboard outputs and location Several output options for assignment Switched ground output

13 860 Relay Module –To provide relays for outputs 1 to 4 Includes ONE relay Power for unit 3 hole pattern

14 Central Station Communication Built in dialer, Ethernet and GPRS Communication types


16 How do I…? Use the special keys Use the command and back arrow key Use the select keys Access the user menu Perform a sensor reset or turn outputs on/off

17 User Menus Menu driven interface Functions similar to an ATM

18 Special Keys –Keys used to navigate the menu

19 Command Key Command key –Move forward through menu –Also used to enter information

20 Back Arrow Key Similar to backspace –Erases last character –Also takes you to previous menu

21 Select Keys Function like ATM keys Different options display above them Multi-use keys Also for accessing user menu

22 Menu? No Yes* Accessing the User menu Code/Authority based

23 Sensor Reset Resets latching devices Displays progression

24 Outputs On/Off Control outputs

25 How do I…? Add a user code Add or change a user code with the Icon

26 User Codes Add, delete and change codes

27 Adding A User Adding a user 30 user codes - XT30 99 user codes - XT50

28 Adding a User Four digit code 16 Character User name

29 Adding A User Method on adding a user –Standard or Master –Scheduled or Limited (XT50 only)

30 System Options Three system options are available –All/Perimeter –Home/Sleep/Away –Area

31 All/Perimeter 2 Areas Applications:

32 Home/Sleep/Away Three areas Extra area for ‘Sleep' arming

33 Icon Keypad Add a user Button 4 + your code + user number +user code + level

34 Delete/change a user Button 4 + your code + user number +user code + 0000

35 Area Up to 6 Areas Residential/Commercial application


37 CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the XT30/XT50 Overview course.

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