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HELPING HANDS, INC. P.O. Box 45094 Baton Rouge, LA 70895 For Info: call (225)315-9680 or mail Donations to address above The Counties of Southeastern Liberia:

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1 HELPING HANDS, INC. P.O. Box 45094 Baton Rouge, LA 70895 For Info: call (225)315-9680 or mail Donations to address above The Counties of Southeastern Liberia: GRAND GEDEH, RIVER GEE AND MARYLAND Mosquito Nets, clothing

2 1st grade class with 75 kids. Please help us give these kids more class rooms and supplies. We need a volunteer teachers for the free school in this community, Liberia

3 5th and 6th grade class Teacher Paul H. Koffa standing in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia. Because of the long civil are, their ages above actual 5 th &6 th grades levels so we intend to give them free computer training class to prepare them for some skills needed today. Please we need supplies, computers to give these kid better future.

4 A Blind Girl Miss. Esther Vah in Maryland County. Please make a donation for this girl.

5 Assembly of God Mission school 1st and 2nd grade class in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh, Liberia, needs include educational materials, k-5 grade. We are under taking a public Library project for the community. We need books and computers. Please help us make the community the blessing power of kid education.

6 Alexander in blue and Miss Weah bending down getting drinking water from the creek. There is a need for a safe drinking water.

7 For the community, we extend our project to the Assembly of God school in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh, Liberia (1 st grade 75 students). As you can see, the kids need more class rooms and other educational materials. They need food and clothing too.

8 Both Old and Disable mothers that are in need of help in Maryland County. It is a wonderful thing to be bless by someone out of the goodness of God. Feed the Hungry, Cloth the poor and make the count the blessing of God. Please help us meet the needs by your donations.

9 Calvary Temple students in Fish town, River Gee, Liberia. Please help us to give these kids a better school building and other educational materials k-5 Grade. We are undertaking a free meddle school project as a release to the poor parents who have no income to feed a child before paying for school and supplies. Make your Donations and even own a project, volunteer.

10 A Day Care Class in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh, Liberia. We need food, educational supplies, clothing and toys. Please help us make these kids get better future.

11 This disable girl who have not walk since birth her name Mama Maryland County. Please make donation for this child. She need education and basic human needs and care.

12 Disable lady. She need your help please. What the Lord put in your heart and hand to bless her. She needs extra care but and family have no income so that posed a problem for them.

13 Disable people in Fish Town, River Gee County, Liberia. They need things as wheel chairs, and other items for Disable people. Please help us feel the blessing of God and have the hope of belonging in this community of our one world one people.

14 This community Drink this Creek water. There is a need of a safe well water.

15 Disable lady in Maryland Video will tell you more

16 Older People need help for food medication etc.. In Maryland

17 Our Representative Rev. Mason having game with kids

18 Game with kids Cont. Need school/education

19 Our Representative with kids at Grace Temple(Church of God) School, Pleebo, Maryland, Liberia. Please help us with a Bus/van to pick Kids up. We need food, supplies, textbooks and other educational games for kids k-5. At homes we need toys and other home games

20 Rev. Mason with Hon. Daniel Johnson River Gee/Superintendent office He appreciate the works of Helping Hands and promised all security for our staffs

21 Dwelling homes in River Gee County. Please help us to provide home for this community. Since the civil war, because of no income, families are unable to rebuild their homes and are just living in these day to day. Imagine how it will be by you blessing this community with free homes. Please help and make a donations for the building projects for this poor community. You can also be a volunteer.

22 Female farmers in Pomuken Town in Maryland County, Liberia. Because of the civil war, the ladies are the bread winner. They tools: axes, cutlasses, hoes, and seeds: rice, potatoes,.. Tomatoes, eggplants, … to feed families

23 Female Farmers requesting for farming tools in Maryland County, Liberia

24 Garlty Elementary School teaching staff

25 John David Town Elementary school Putu Tiama Town, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia. Please help us to provide a free school for this community. These kids really need education as hope for their future. The parents have no income and help from any where that will enable them to provide even the basic human needs. Make a donations for this community and family. We have discovered lot of needs in this community since the civil war. Please we need your help.

26 These kids are without wearing in River Gee County, Liberia. Please we need your donation of clothing, Food, education and other basic human needs. This kids in this community need education but the parents have no income so they have no school. Please donate to our projects for this community and family. See the result of civil war.

27 Living Word Elementary and Junior high school Day Care Class, Zwedru, Grand Gedeh, Liberia Please help us to feed these kids, educational materials and children toys for the center and at homes of their parents.

28 Male Farmers in need of farming tools from Pomuken Town Maryland County, Liberia.

29 Mother Davis with her two disable girls: Mamie and Betty. Please help this mother care for her disable kids. Your donation will make the mother and kids experience the blessing of God.

30 Male Farmers in need of farming tools from Pomuken Town Maryland County

31 Mother Elizabeth Williams-100 years old while Mr. William Deimiso is 80 years old both are sister and brother and are sick

32 Mother Wah need medical care

33 Mr. France Davies in wheel chair in Fish Town.

34 Mud school in Maryland Teacher Miss. Mercy Washington standing. Please help us build a better school for these kids. As you can see, these kids educational materials that will keep them busy in the center(class), food, clothing and other basic human needs. Safe drinking water and clinic are included in our project for the community. Please help us and make you donations

35 Old People seeking for food, medication, farming tools etc... Please help us to meet the needs.

36 Oldma Jimmy is 82 years old he is setting before his house sick and just live by the compassion of person like you to make a donation to him. Lost family in the civil war and no one to care for him in is later day. so please make a special donation to him and put smile on his face.

37 Putu Pennokon Community Clinic Grand Gedeh Co. Liberia, in need of medication and other supplies. Mr. Mark Wah the clinic Director make this request of supplies and so please want your to help with medical equipment for the clinic. We are also seeking volunteers for the clinics and Hospitals that short staffs in Southeastern Liberia.

38 Rev. Mason and Mrs. Hinneh the Principal of Grace Temple School, Pleebo, Maryland Co. Liberia said she need help for her students: food, supplies and clothing for the kids.

39 Rev. Mason helping Alex Johnson to beat rice.

40 Rev. Mason having a game with the kids in a small village in Maryland County, Liberia where there is no school since the civil war. So we planned to build them a free school and others projects for the community as a mean of giving the kids and parents hope for kids future. Please make your donation for this community.

41 Rev. Mason in little village holding little Esther with her food before her. These kids want to learn but no education center. Please make a donation for our educational and other projects for this community and families.

42 Rev. Mason holding little Vah Cooper his mother Grace Cooper is setting and very sick. Can you help to provide medical help for her.

43 students at Nyegwaken mission school, Dokliken, Maryland Co. Liberia. They need free Textbook and other school supplies. Please help us and make donation to these children. They are the future for the community and the nation, Liberia

44 students of Calvary Temple, Fish Town need educational materials, clothing, food and better school building. The community also need safe drinking water and farming tools.

45 Our Representative, Rev. Mason setting with these older people in a little village in Maryland County who lost their kids to the civil war child soldiers recruit and have no youth for the village. For this cause, we intend to give them education center and clinic as a way of removing their depression and hopelessness as the see school children and patients come to the centers.

46 Our Representative Rev. Mason is standing near a palm-nut table. She sell these in other to feed the family in Liberia. She need some help for market.

47 Nyegwaken Mission school students in class need better chairs, supplies and other educational materials.

48 Our Representative Rev. Mason walking with others volunteers on 4 hours bush road to reach some of the towns. No more street because of the civil war. The community really need lots of help. How do you think you can bless the community and families. Here the projects list: education, clinics(health), Agriculture to enable feel their families, road to farm and market, and water well. Please make a donation and even volunteer you service or own your project for this communities. We need your help please.

49 River Gee County Day Care school with Rev. Mason in photo with Martha in white while Yatta in blue the two teachers, The need food and educational materials for the kids.

50 Sick people in Maryland County. The big thing every person need is care. Please help us to care for these sick elderly people. They have no income, nor any relative has income. Please make your donations for these elderly people.

51 The lady is a Refugee from Ivory Coast she drawing drinking water from the creek in Klowonoken, Webbo, River Gee Co. Liberia. Safe Drinking water is needed for the community.

52 The Staff of Grace Temple School, Pleebo, Maryland Co. Liberia The Principal is Mrs. Verunica D. Hinneh in Yellow

53 These are all disable people in Maryland. Hangry, hungry and sick. They need help please.

54 These kids eating palm-nut for their whole day meal. They are hungry for food education but parents have no mean of supporting their family since the Liberians civil war took almost 14 years and left the kids without future. Please make a donation for these kids: feeding, education, clothing and other basic human needs.

55 These kids need a future(education) No school for the town. (You can help). Please donate to these children education and other basic human needs. Their parents have no income. As you can see, they need your help please.

56 This is the creek the community drink from take bath and wash their cloths. I want you to see for yourself. It is good thing to provide safe drinking water. A water well with hand pup with provide the safe drinking water. Please help us to give the community water wells.

57 Students setting in class at Nyegwaken Mission school in Maryland County need better class rooms, food and educational supplies. Make you donations for these kids please.

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