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Parker Automation 402/403XE Introduction. Parker Hannifin Corporation.

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1 Parker Automation 402/403XE Introduction

2 Parker Hannifin Corporation



5 Webster, TX Trilogy Port Washington, NY Bayside

6 Electromechanical Division – Irwin, PA Facility (Daedal)

7 Introducing the 402/403XE Series

8 What is the 402/403 XE series? Value priced actuator for medium payloads –(<150 lbs) Ideal for hard disk manufacturing, high tech markets, life sciences, lab automation, and also pneumatic replacements applications

9 402/403 XE Basics Highly integrated linear rail/screw positioner –Two cross sections (HxW) 402XE – 23x50mm (no cover) and 36x57mm (cover) 403XE – 30x60mm (no cover) and 45x80mm (cover) –Extruded and machined steel base 402XE – 75mm to 225 mm stroke 403XE – 60mm to 655 mm stroke Steel body allows for cantilever –Precision rolled ballscrew 402XE – 5mm or 2mm lead 403XE – 5mm or 10mm lead

10 Rigid Steel U-Channel Body Provides structural rigidity for minimal deflection. Flexible Motor Mounting Options Provide a variety of motor drive options including servo and stepper motors Precision Ball Screw Drive Train Provides smooth motion with high accuracy and high mechanical efficiency. Integrated Precision Screw and Guide Bearing Provide a low profile, high accuracy, smooth motion, and robust adjustment free design over the life of the actuator Packaged Adjustable Limit Sensors Provide adjustable stroke lengths, easily connected, and reduced cables to manage in an aesthetically appealing manner. Optional Hard Cover Clear anodized Provides protection from contamination falling into the positioner.

11 402 /403 XE Series Precision Rolled Ballscrew –5mm, 2mm lead options (402XE) –5mm, 10mm lead options (403XE) +/-5 um repeatability –Accuracy ~ 15 um

12 402/403 XE Bearing Highly Integrated Linear Bearing –Single Carriage –4 point contact for equal loading in any direction

13 402/403 XE Optional Hard Cover –Similar to 404XE –Protection from large contaminants –approx. ~IP20

14 402/403XE Mounting “Down through” style –Repeatable mounting pattern –Utilized in both the 402 and 403 (Not identical) –Allows user to bolt unit down within the footprint of the actuator body instead of making the unit wider with toe clamps.

15 402/403 XE Motor Options Stepper Motor Options –LV/HV17 –LV/HV23 Servo Motor Options –SM23 –SM16 Prepped for these motors or Included

16 402/403 XE Limits Home and Limit Sensor Option –Parker Global Sensor –24VDC operation –NPN / PNP –NO / NC options –Packaged into limit switch housing with connector terminal –Same sensor as HD and LP actuators

17 Compared to 404XE 404XE 403XE 402XE 404XE403XE402XE Width95mm60mm50mm Height47.3mm30mm23mm Max Travel700mm655mm220mm Repeatability20-30 micron+/-5 micron Straightness20-30 micron15-25 micron15 micron Load Capacity135/270 lbs425 lbs261 lbs Max Speed1440 mm/s810 mm/s490 mm/sec Leads5, 10, 20mm5, 10mm2, 5mm

18 Compared to 401/402XR 402XR 403XE 402XE 402XR403XE401XR402XE Width57.1mm60mm40.9mm50mm Height57.1mm30mm49.5mm23mm Max Travel600mm655mm300mm220mm Repeat (+/-)12 micron+/-5 micron5-12 micron+/-5 micron Straightness20-30 micron15-25 micron20-25micron15 micron Load220 lbs425 lbs110 lbs261 lbs Max Speed1440 mm/s810 mm/s500 mm/sec490 mm/sec Leads5, 10mm 2, 5mm 401XR

19 4 travel options 2 Drive styles (2 or 5 mm) Connectorized or Hard wired limits Flexible motor mounts or include the SM16 or HV23 Hard cover and Clean Room options XY assembly for system solutions

20 Same as 402 except: 8 Travel options 5 or 10 mm lead screw SM232 motor option included

21 Lower Cost of Ownership vs B.Y.O. Buy a screw – Design time, Find a Screw, Find Competitive Priced Screw, Time for Quote Response, Revisions ~ $250 Buy a motor – Design time, Find a Motor, Find Competitive Priced Motor, Time for Quote Response, Revisions ~ $150-$700 depending on Stepper or Servo. Buy limit sensors – Design time, Find Sensors, Find Competitive Priced Sensors, Time for Quote Response, Revisions ~ $80 Buy bearing set – D.T., Find Bearings, Find Competitive Priced Bearings, Time for Quote Response, Revisions ~ $150 Stock everything after receipt - $30 Machine body - $70 Machine motor mounts - $50 Annodize components - $60-150 depending on your lot charge Pick the job BOM complete and report shortages - $20 Assemble your components - $35 Test and debug design capabilities - $120 = $ 1015 - $1635

22 Lower Risk option than B.Y.O. One Point of Contact to expedite orders One Company to look to for support (no finger pointing) One item to stock (less exposure to inventory issues) Worldwide Support from Parker for machines shipped anywhere (on the globe) Custom Systems, Plates, Solutions utilizing Parker’s Engineers What is the positioners repeatability spec? How many do you have to build to have a 95% confidence level in this value? What happens if your low cost bearing supplier has a quality issue with their overseas imports?

23 Questions?

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