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Leveraging halo forces to accelerate megabrand growth.

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1 Leveraging halo forces to accelerate megabrand growth

2 Scope of the project Purpose: make you aware of key halo drivers for successful megabrand communication End product: give recommendations how to drive halo for megabrand Standards: relevant case studies, econometrics

3 Agenda 1.WHAT is halo 2.DRIVERS of halo Marketing and comms Executional 3.HOW to leverage halo Implications to scheduling and messaging 4.WHEN to expect halo Scorecard

4 WHAT is halo The incremental sale of a product driven by a marketing activity for another product of the same brand

5 APPLE >50% revenues 0% comms investment

6 McDonald’s #1 selling product 0% comms investment


8 WHY halo happens Because of a connection made in a consumer’s mind between two (or more) products

9 Pre-requirements 1 1 2 2 3 3 Ensure one overall key competence and one equity Do only extend your brand into related categories Do only extend your brand into related categories Ensure sufficient product specification to meet specific category needs

10 Pre-requirements: 1 1 One overall competence and one equity Hair Removal

11 Pre-requirements: 2 2 Related categories Pre ShaveBlades & RazorsSkincare

12 Pre-requirements: 3 3 Product specification Male Hair RemovalFemale Hair Removal Blades & Razors Pre ShaveSkincare Still MHR and FHR are two different worlds…

13 Pre-requirements: 3 3 Product specification Technology Perfection Precision Best shave ever

14 Pre-requirements: 3 3 Product specification Easing foam Smoothness Reveal the goddess in you

15 2. Marketing and communication drivers of halo

16 PAMPERS: direction of halo?

17 PAMPERS: role of UNICEF?

18 PAMPERS: role of Good Night Babies?

19 МИФ: direction of halo?

20 1 st principle: halo works “down” not “up”

21 1 st principle: a) More aspiration = more halo Higher-order benefit product generates halo Halo direction

22 1 st principle: b) high purchase frequency & penetration product drives lower ones Dish Washing Liquid 65% P6M usage Every day 70% of users Laundry Detergent 40% P6M usage Once a week 75% Halo effect

23 2 nd principle: halo correlates w. strong propositions

24 2nd principle: the double-whammy effect Strong and distinctive propositions lead to: –More sales of the initiative (“direct impact”) –More sales of the rest of the franchise (“halo impact”)

25 2 nd principle: halo impact mechanism Strong proposition means more traffic to the shelf = more awareness for the other lines Catch them in-store with other product comms

26 2 nd principle: halo impact mechanism Strong product performance = consumers’ trust and believe in the brand and return to it Use strong propositions as loyalty building tool

27 2 nd principle: implications Spend behind better performing product / concept to build total franchise in the mid- to longer term Use copy test scores to ensure initiative copy has a halo onto the base To bring incremental users into franchise and avoid cannibalization, strive for distinctive proposition and comms

28 3 rd principle: relevancy of proposition b/w driver and receiver

29 3 rd principle: leverage overlap in desired consumer experience and trial barrier Skin CareBody Care Hair Care Overlap in desired consumer experience / barrier to trial = opportunity to deliver the same message / benefit with one communication Moisturizing Desired Consumer Experience for DOVE

30 3 rd principle: “campaignable” emotional benefit delivers halo across all products


32 DOVE effectiveness Halo as % of Direct Volume Dove PCC to AP/Deo43 Dove PCC to Haircare32

33 3 rd principle: implications Match consistency and relevancy of the proposition between halo driver and receiver Identify consistent trial barriers and/or DCEs across categories. –Leverage any commonality (Dove) Look for opportunities (TV, print, in-store, PR, etc) to combine products / categories

34 4 th principle: synchronize to maximize

35 4 th principle: synergies depend on timing Co-feature, co-display, co-merchandise, co- market key relevant products with the hero Synchronize timings of activities –ATL and BTL ROI is even larger if the BTL activity features / promotes multiple lines

36 Use Events / Seasons as a pretext to organize a multi-line event

37 4 th principle: implications Synergize ATL with Co-Display / Co-Feature –Keep the primary focus on the initiative –Other lines are just “piggy-backing” –Keep the display “clean” – don’t add too many lines / products or it will look confusing –If the initiative is about multiple lines/products, make the common theme one of your PoD and/or an event

38 Executional drivers of halo

39 1 st principle: maintain consistent messages within franchise

40 The brand?

41 The advertiser?

42 2 nd principle: execute holistically across sub-brands and campaigns

43 Executional holisticity Holistic branded elements (eg. same selling line, RTB, logos, icons, music) build on each campaign and total mega-brand equity

44 „Because you are worth it!“

45 Spot the difference

46 One consistent campaign approach Hair Care Colour Cosmetics Styling Skin Care Colorants

47 L’Oreal execution 1.The celebrity 2.The format 3.The science story – RTB 4.Tag line 5.Branding / L’Oreal Paris stamp

48 “Beauty is…” new umbrella brand campaign - January 2007

49 “Beauty is…” umbrella campaign

50 New equity rolled out to all categories AugMarFebNovOctSep „Beauty is…“ in all subsequent copies 45“/30“ image TVC 2 weeks standalone Combined Brand Index improved 86 Y06 95 Y08

51 3 rd principle: highlight the brand name in marketing for a particular sub-brand

52 Highlight the brand name in marketing for a particular sub-brand

53 4. HOW to leverage halo

54 How to leverage halo learnings: diff. copy-strategy support models Bundle messages to drive effectiveness / efficiency, but strive for conceptual link 1. Stand-alone support 1. Stand-alone support 2. Parallel vs. sequential support 2. Parallel vs. sequential support Equity / initiative Tag-on / tandem Parallel model: ensure sufficient differentiation of messages (recipient, benefit) to avoid message dilution Sequential model: apply in case of competing messages (strong similarity or contradiction), and to ensure year-round support In any case apply competitive weights per message

55 FEBMARAPRMAYJUN JAN Megabrand communication Grooming range The glue for the portfolio Product Rational RTB Phenom Series Preps Restage Series Skin Care Deodorants line-up Bundle messages to drive effectiveness / efficiency, but strive for conceptual link

56 Bundle message: cross category support with one message Skin Care 20“ Skin Care 20“+10“ Body Care

57 5. WHEN to expect halo: scorecard

58 Successful megabrand comms: scorecard Pre-requirementBrand X Overall key competence and equity fit b/w sub-brands Sub-brand specification within megabrand Halo direction: order of benefits for sub-brands Distinctive and compelling proposition Proposition overlap Desired Consumer Experience / Trial barrier Consistency in messaging: megabrand / sub-brands Executional holisticity and visual identity Ownable holistic brand elements Synchronization of ATL and BTL idea Synchronization of ATL and BTL activity


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