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By Itushihab and Gilberto

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1 By Itushihab and Gilberto
Malcolm X By Itushihab and Gilberto

2 The Beginning Malcolm X was born May 19, 1925.

3 Birthplace Malcolm X was born in Nebraska in the city of Omaha.

4 Early Life Malcolm X left school after 8th grade. When a teacher told him that his aspersions of being a lawyer were for no relishes soul for a black person.

5 Family life His father died when he was thirteen. Malcolm had 9 siblings. And two half sisters also two half brothers.

6 Important Fact Malcolm X said he was going to organize
a black nationalist organization. That would try to heighten the political consciousness of African American.

7 Most well known for He was well known because he was an African American Muslim minister, Public speaker, and human rights activist.

8 What I learned I learned that Malcolm X had a hard time in life.

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