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Visualise | communicate | ENGAGE instantatlas | Product Overview.

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1 visualise | communicate | ENGAGE instantatlas | Product Overview

2 Powerful, light-weight data visualisation and graphical presentation tool Produce presentation quality reports as atlases, profiles and performance dashboards Used in a range of different areas principally Research & Intelligence publishing and Performance reporting instantatlas visualise | communicate | ENGAGE

3 Generate report with geography of choice Designer & Style sheet Editor Publisher Excel Data Manager Apply design Maps + Publish Design Populate instantatlas Access Data Manager Templates + How to Generate an Instant Atlas Report

4 Version 4.2 Publisher Design & Style Editor Batch Publisher Templates (SVG & Flash) Single Map Double Map Area Profile Performance Profile Funnel Plot Points & areas, categorical and numerical data, link to resources Data Manager Single Excel Data Manager workbook to cover all Templates Access Data Manager License structure End-user and Commercial Instant Atlas Version 4.2 Components

5 Pricing Breakdown Single seat Licence: £ $ Publisher660 1300 Designer & Style Editor820 1620 Templates 490 – 820 960 - 1290 Data Manager0 – 350 0 - 682 Annual Maintenance 15% of Licence Annual Support 10% of Licence Typical spend4250 7540 Licence per seat 1062.50 1885 Maintenance & support Total 5312.50 9425 Instant Atlas Pricing Overview

6 Add value Eye-catching, interactive reports that add value to your data Save time Quick and easy to implement-Ready to use out of the box Publish a stand alone dynamic report in just a few minutes You don’t need any special technical knowledge 3 in 1- Report, Presentation and Share Unlimited and flexible deployment Create as many reports as you like CD, email, intranet/extranet/internet Portable Return on Investment Instant Atlas Return on Investment

7 visualise | communicate | ENGAGE Instant Atlas End of Presentation

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